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Exhibitions In Indianapolis Children’s Museum

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Indianapolis Children’s Museum

The Indianapolis Children’s Museum
The Indianapolis Children’s Museum | Photo Credit – Stevan Sheets

The Indianapolis Children’s Museum is the largest children’s museum in the entire world and is one of the best places to visit in Indianapolis. Spread across an area of 472,900 square feet, the museum is home to around 120,000 artifacts that come from all over the world.

The collections have been divided into three sections: the American collection, the cultural world collection, and the Natural World collection. This is a perfect place to visit with your young ones as here they will have the chance to learn in a novel fashion. The museum has a number of exhibits that will keep them entertained throughout and will help them to learn while having fun.

Exhibitions at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum

Indianapolis Children’s Museum is known for its exhibits which are organized all round the year. These exhibits are theme-based and will help you navigate a particular theme in all its nuances.

Before you decide to visit the museum, we would recommend you to check out their program so that you may orient your visit as per your exhibit preference.

Permanent Exhibits at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum

The Indianapolis Children’s Museum is home to fifteen permanent exhibitions.

Take Me There: Greece

This exhibition is designed to introduce the children to the culture of Greece and is one of the most visited exhibitions in the museum.

American Pop

This exhibit is designed to explore the world of American pop, which includes TV, movies, music, fashion and more. It investigates how the American pop culture is formulated and our contribution to it.

This is one of the contemporary exhibits of the museum and we recommend you to check it out on your visit to the museum.

Power of Children

This exhibit is designed to introduce the children to the life stories of some of the most significant historical figures like Anne Frank, Ruby Bridges, and Ryan White.

Stories from Our Community

This exhibit will introduce the children to the art of observing and listening by the method of storytelling.


Dinosphere | Photo Credit – Stevan Sheets

Step into the world of dinosaurs with a visit to the Dinosphere. Here you will feel like you have stepped back in time to meet this extinct species.

Beyond Spaceship Earth

Beyond Spaceship Earth | Photo Credit – Steve Baker

This is a perfect exhibit for children who are interested in Science. At this exhibit, children will have the opportunity to learn about astronauts and their day-to-day duties.


Another exhibit which is designed for children who are invested in Science. In this exhibit, children will be encouraged to use science to understand and explore their day to day life.

Barbie You Can Be Anything

If your child is interested in barbies, this is just the place for them. Here they shall be introduced to the world of barbies in an unconventional way.

Fireworks of Glass

A one of a kind exhibition where you shall discover over 3,200 pieces of blown glass, which are five stories high. The work is created by Dale Chihuly and is a marvel to behold.

Treasures of the Earth

From exploring the mysteries of the Egyptian tomb to discovering the treasures from the ocean, this exhibition is designed for kids who are enthusiastic about solving puzzles and learning through them.


This exhibition is designed for kids who are five and below. In this exhibition, they are encouraged to learn through sounds, sights, and touch.


One of the most fun exhibits in the museum, where kids can take a spin on the historic carousel and have a jolly time.

Lilly Theatre

Take out some time to visit the Lilly Theatre where you shall be able to catch some seasonal plays. This is one of the most entertaining thing to do at Indianapolis Children’s Museum and we highly recommend it.

Hours of visit

The museum has different hours of visit as per the season. We recommend you check out their schedule before planning your visit. In order to know more about their hours of visit, check out here.


The museum is located at 3000 North Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208.

Shop at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum

A visit to Indianapolis Children’s Museum would only be complete by taking home a relic with you. The museum gives you the opportunity to explore this possibility with their Store, which you can access either at the museum or online.

Donate to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum

If you like the work of the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, you have the chance to help their cause by making a donation to them. There are a number of ways through which you can show your support. You can either donate a monthly sum or make a one-time payment. Check the details here. Your small donation can go a long way in helping the museum sustain itself. 

Other places to visit in Indianapolis

If you are interested in visiting museums then a visit to Indianapolis will thrill you to the core.

If you like art then you must take out some time to visit the Indianapolis Museum of Art, where you will have the chance to see some amazing artifacts that have been curated from all over the world. To know more about checking out The Indianapolis Museum of art.

Apart from museums, there is a lot to do in Indianapolis. From zoos to escape rooms, there is a lot that Indianapolis has to offer to the wanderer’s soul. To know more about these options, visit Unique things to do in Indianapolis or the 15 best things to do in Indianapolis. This article will help you to discover some of the unique things that you can do in Indianapolis in order to have the best time. 

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