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The Best Things To Do In Sitia, Crete

by Pankaj Upreti
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Things To Do In Sitia, Crete

Where do you prefer to go on vacation, to lesser-known places or those that are considered the most popular tourist destinations? Would you rather choose a smaller city that offers almost all the facilities as well as larger ones, or would you still prefer to be in the center of events?

One of the cities you should pay attention to if you want to spend your summer in Crete is Sitia. This city is considered one of the smaller, but equally special as all Mediterranean cities.

Here we have list of best things to do in Sitia, Crete. Checkout which tourist attractions you can visit and we will be glad if you choose this city to visit.

Photo Credit – chripell

1. Archaeological Museum

When you come to a new city, what do you want to see first? Of course, these are probably the beaches and services offered by the resort. Especially if you are in Greece, the choice is not easy.

The beaches are well arranged, access to them is easy, and the water is clean and transparent. Is there anything more beautiful than the view of the turquoise blue sea on a sunny day?

To get acquainted with the culture of your hosts, it would be good to visit one of the many museums in Crete. This is an opportunity you should take advantage of because Crete is an island with a rich tradition. Many preserved objects are in the Archaeological Museum. Everything is sorted by collections, so you can easily find your way around, and admission is free.

2. Via Beach

The first associations with the sea are golden sand, calm sea, and of course – palm trees. You know that feeling when you get closer to your destination, the excitement grows and you can’t wait to see what awaits you.

You know that you are close when you see the sea through the plane window, and on the land, a green area that you know will provide you with shade during the hot summer days. Or when you approach by car, the smell of salt is felt in the air, and tall trees are thinning in front of your eyes.

There are palm trees in all cities on the sea, but only Sitia has a whole forest of natural palm trees. It is the only one of its kind in Europe and is located right next to the beach of the same name. It is considered the most famous tourist destination in Crete, so next time go on a tour.

3. The Folklore Museum

The tradition of one nation is reflected in all the customs and habits that make their way of life special. Sometimes different peoples may have similar habits and lifestyles, but this is manifested in a different way.

The Greek people have an extremely rich tradition when it comes to games, dances, and music. It is known that the Greeks have long paid great attention to music and nurtured this kind of art. If you are interested in learning more about it, then the Folklore Museum is the right choice.

It was made almost half a century ago in the neo-classical style. You can look at handicrafts and clothes that women made by hand decades ago. There are also a lot of items that made the making process easier for them

4. Sitia Beach

If at one point you thought you would make a mistake if you chose Sitia as your future destination, we have to tell you that you are wrong. This town is small but so charming that it will enchant you at first sight. Residents take care of it and you will surely talk for a long time about how everything is clean and tidy when you return home.

This is something that surprises tourists the most, as, despite the large crowds, everything can be arranged. The first beach we recommend you visit is the Sitia beach. It is sandy and well located, so it will be easy for you to find it. You will be happy to be right here because everything is at your fingertips.

5. A Walk Through The City

Things to do in Sitia Crete
A Walk through Sitia | Photo Credit – alljengi

Do you know what the magic of smaller cities is? These are mostly places that are not very well known, so similarly, fewer people visit them because they have not heard of them. But those who have discovered them, gladly return to them and always give them an advantage over popular tourist destinations.

Where it is crowded, you will hardly be able to rest as you planned. That is why Sitia is an ideal place, and we recommend that you visit the entire city in the first days of your stay.

In the evening, after dinner, take a leisurely walk around the city. You will notice how relaxed people are and you will want to keep at least a little of that feeling when you return home where everything is busy.

6. Paralia Chionas Beach

Another beach was on our list of things to do in Sitia. And this is not without reason, on the contrary. Paralia Chionas caught our attention because at first glance it looks totally deserted, but that is far from the truth.

This place is not known to a large number of people, but locals do and often come here. The reason for that is that they can enjoy the clear sea and sunbathe in peace. They say that the sun is much stronger here and that the color is received faster.

The beach is open and therefore it would be good to have an umbrella and sunscreen because you will definitely want to spend a few hours in this little paradise.

7. Kazarma Fortress

Things to do in Sitia Crete
Kazarma Fortress | Photo Credit – Martin Sillaots

Crete is an island that has had a very turbulent past throughout history. Many conquerors wanted to become the master of this island, and when you look at what kind of beauties it has, then we are not surprised.

All this left traces on the island, and we can see it best if we look at the numerous buildings from the period of Turkish or Venetian rule. One of them is Kazarma Fortress.

It was made seven centuries ago and the Venetians were responsible for that. They ruled Crete at the time, and the Venetians even destroyed much of the fortress so that the Turks could not use it. Fortunately, parts of the fortress remained intact and are now used for other purposes.

8. The Kornaria Festival

We are happy to see that the buildings from the past have been preserved and are being taken care of. It is just an indicator of how much a nation cares about its past and nurtures tradition.

The question is always how to find a new purpose for these buildings? Should they be preserved only as a monument or given a new role? One good example is the Kornaria Festival held at the Kazarma Fortress. Such a large number of tourists, but also locals once a year have the opportunity to visit this place.

Manifestations are of a different character, so we can talk about different performances, art exhibitions, and other events. It takes place in July or mid-August, so if you visit Sitia at that time, stop by.

9. Toplou Monastery

Things to do in Sitia Crete
Toplou Monastery | Photo Credit – alljengi

Many believers choose to visit Greece precisely because there are many monasteries and churches. Religious tourism is developed and pilgrims from all parts of the world visit this country, and Crete is one of the islands where they gladly come.

Here you can find monasteries that are several centuries old, and one of them is Toplou Monastery, which dates back to the 15th century. The fate of the monks who lived here has always been difficult. The monastery is in such a position that it was subject to earthquakes, but also to frequent attacks by invaders.

It contains a valuable collection of Byzantine icons, but also books and portraits and monks who served in this monastery.

10. Nautical Week

It has always been human nature to compete. The good thing is if we see it as an opportunity to improve ourselves, our skills and qualities. Although people often make mistakes when they think they need to beat someone else.

The point is that they manage to improve themselves and compete with themselves every day. However, there are also those types of competitions that nurture beautiful and tribal values.

One of them is a boat race in which you can participate if you are in the city in the last week of June. Then there is Nautical Week which is held in the port of Sitia. If you are not interested in competition, there is always the option to watch from the shore. There are also plenty of traditional dance events, so if you’re more for the dance, you can join.

11. Black Hole

Things to do in Sitia Crete
Photo Credit – Black Hole Bar Facebook

What did you first think when you read this proposal? Maybe something about astronomy? That sounds like it at first glance, but this is something much better.

What could make you happier on hot summer nights than a cold cocktail? You will admit, few things sound so good. Maybe two cocktails? And if you have chosen Sitia to be your destination this year, then we have a good suggestion.

Black Hole is a bar where you can try the best cocktails in that part of Crete. Of course, there are other drinks on offer, so you can choose whatever you want. In any case, the service at this place is at a high level, and the staff will fulfill your wishes.

12. Richtis Gorge

Things to do in Sitia Crete
Richtis Gorge | Photo Credit – Shadowgate

Have you ever had the desire to visit the jungle? To spend some time with yourself, in nature, and find spiritual peace? Of course, it is, every man strives to be in balance with himself and that is perfectly fine.

What if we told you you could go to the jungle and go back and sleep in your apartment the same day? Richtis Gorge is under state protection and that is completely understandable because this place is unbelievably beautiful and significant for the whole of Crete.

To reach the waterfalls located inside the gorge, you need to walk about 6 km. In some cases, the tour can be extended to 10-12 km, depending on the route your guide chooses. Trust and when you arrive, the effort will pay off

13. Zorbas Taverna

If you have embarked on an adventure and visited Richtis Gorge, then after a long and strenuous walk, you should eat something. Although you are certainly overjoyed and excited about your endeavor and touring the canyon, your body needs energy.

One of the places we recommend is Zorbas Taverna. If you’re tired and can’t think about where to have dinner, stop by here.

The restaurant is located near the sea and has a beautiful view, you will easily find it. While you wait for food, order a glass of wine, and enjoy the sunset breaking on the surface of the sea.

We recommend that you try their cheesecake as well. It will be a nice end to a full day.

14. Sitia Sultanina Festival

As you may have noticed, there are a lot of festivals in Crete. Mostly during the summer, but there are both in the spring and autumn.

Greeks like to organize ceremonies. It was like that in the past, it is like that now, and we hope that it will be like that in the future as well because they are phenomenal in that. There is always a reason to celebrate. Events are often organized that aim to celebrate life as if they need a bigger reason to celebrate.

The event that caught our attention was the Sitia Sultanina Festival. It is held in mid-August each year and lasts for three days. It is prepared as part of grapes and a special variety after which the festival is named.

15. Where to drink the best coffee?

Only naive people will say that it doesn’t matter where you sit and drink coffee. Those who like to enjoy a cup of the hot beverage know that it is important where and with whom they drink coffee, especially if it is the first, morning one.

Let it be your little ritual for a better start to the day. There is one place we want to recommend to you, and if you are a fan of boho style, then this is a winning combination.

Kafe is a place that exudes a warm and pleasant atmosphere. You feel at home, and in addition to coffee, you can also order fresh juices and sandwiches. An ideal place to take a break before moving on to explore the city.

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