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What To See At The Mission?

by Pankaj Upreti
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The Mission

The Mission District in San Francisco
The Mission | Photo Credit – Paul Sableman

Mission District in San Francisco is one of the best tourist places to visit in the city. The place is home to the Chicano/Mexican-American community and is home to a number of entertainment options. From restaurants to boutiques, there is a lot to discover in this place.

We recommend you indulge in a self-guided tour of the neighborhood and let your heart lead your feet to discover some of the best places that you will visit in San Francisco. While you are taking a walk in the neighborhood, we have some suggestions that you can keep in mind. Read on to know more:

What is there to see at The Mission?

We have shortlisted few things to see at the Mission.

Grab a bite of the famous Burrito

The Mission is known for its exquisite restaurants that serve Mexican food. This is an ideal place to try out some authentic Burrito. While there are a number of places that you can explore, we recommend you to check out La Taqueria, Taqueria Cancun, and Taqueria El Farolito.

Explore the nightclubs

The Mission comes alive at night because of its nightclubs which are a delight to visit. Here, you can eat and drink to your fill and dance till you drop.

Some of the clubs that you should check out are- the Knockout and ABV. These places are ideal to visit with your friends for a splendid time and we highly recommend them. 

Channelize the bibliophile in you at the bookstores in The Mission

If you love reading then you must take out some time to visit the bookstores in the neighborhood. Here you will find almost every book in your to-read list. We recommend you to check out the famous bookstore Dog Eared Books.

The ethos of the place will keep making you come back for more. You can read more about the bookstore by visiting their official website.

Indulge in some vintage shopping

If you like Vintage clothes then The Mission will not disappoint you. This place is home to a number of stores that sell vintage clothes. While you can browse the stores yourself and settle for the one that suits you best, we recommend you to check out Afterlife Boutique and Wallflower.

Stay at the Inn San Francisco

Known as “a grand Victorian lady”, this place is one of the best to stay at The Mission. The Inn San Francisco comes with a number of amenities that will make for your smooth stay at the Mission. This is one of the most recommended hotels at The Mission.

Other places to visit in San Francisco

If you are planning a trip to San Francisco, we recommend you visit the 15 best things to do in San Francisco. This will enable you to figure out 15 must-do things in this beautiful city to enjoy yourself to your fullest. 

Alternatively, if you are short of time and looking for some direct suggestions, we would recommend you to visit Golden Gate Park and, Lombard Street.

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