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Visit College Park Church, Indianapolis

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College Park Church, Indianapolis

College Park Church, Indianapolis
Indianapolis | Photo Credit – Josh Hallett

If you believe in Jesus and want to spend your time in Indianapolis in a way that brings you closer to your faith, we recommend you to visit College Park Church.

Belief of College Park Church

College Park Church believes in the message in the gospel and works with the aim of propagating it amongst people. They do so by their various events which are held from time to time

Events at College Park Church

One of the key features of College Park Church is its events which are organized with the aim of helping people feel connected with God. These events are based on different themes and are fun to attend. Here are some of the events which you must look out for:

Worship-Based Prayer Night

This event is held once in every month where believers are invited for a session dedicated to worship and prayer. You do not need any prior registration for this event.

Journey in Mission( JIM) Night

This event is held on the second Monday of every month and is led by Pastor of Global Outreach Nate Irwin. It focuses on dispensing knowledge about missions. This time the event will be held virtually from 6:55 PM- 8:30 PM.

Discover College Park( Live & Digital)

This event will be led by Lead Pastor Mark Vroegop and will focus on developing a bond between the attendees and the church. This would be a great event to clear your doubts with respect to College Park Church. It is also an opportunity to create life-long bonds with fellow believers. The event will be held on March 14th from 11:20 AM to 12:20 PM.

Besides these events, College Park Church organizes a number of events from time to time. Make sure that you stay updated with the recent developments by visiting here.

Membership of College Park Church

If you like the work done at College Park Church and it brings you peace, you can sign up for membership with the. This will enable you to bond with other like-minded people and come close to understanding Jesus.

Before signing up for the membership, you are required to attend their sessions, which happen on the second Sunday of each month. The sessions are held both live and digital, so you can choose the one that works best for you.

Contact of College Park Church

2606 W 96th Street, Indianapolis,

IN 46268


What else is there to do in Indianapolis?

If you are looking for places to visit in Indianapolis you will be faced with a lot of options. In such a case, it might be difficult to make a sensible choice. To avoid this, read Unique things to do in Indianapolis, which will enable you to discover places that are bound to bring you joy. We hope you have fun discovering this beautiful city. 

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