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Visit Bayfront Park

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Bayfront Park

Bayfront Park, Miami
Bayfront Park | Photo Credit – maryandmac

Spread over an area of 32 acres, the Bayfront Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city of Miami. This urban park has a lot to offer to its visitors and we recommend you to visit it.

To know more about the adventures that await you at Bayfront Park, read on:

What is there to do at Bayfront Park?

Characterized by its open space which is next to Biscayne Bay, this is an ideal place to visit for a day-out trip with your friends and family. Here are some activities that you can do when at the park.

Indulge in some outdoor activities

 The Bayfront Park is an inviting space for people from all age groups. If you like spending some time in the open-air, you can simply take a stroll on the bayfront and enjoy the serene air. If you are into sports, go biking on the park’s grassy areas.

Shop, till you drop!

Bayfront Park is an ideal place for shoppers because of its proximity to Bayside Marketplace. Here you will find a number of unique stores where you can shop to your fill.

Not just this, the mall also has a number of restaurants that serve exotic international cuisines. To know more about the thrills that await you at the Bayside Marketplace, Check here.

Check out the monuments

The Park is also home to a number of monuments that you must check out. Here you will find sculptures by the famous 20th-century sculptor, Isamu Noguchi. Some of the sculptures which you must check out are- Challenger Memorial, the Light Memorial, and Slide Mantra.

Make sure that you also keep an eye out for the statues of Claude Pepper, Julia Tuttle, and Christopher Columbus.

Go wild with the rides

If you are visiting the park with children, we suggest you spend some time at the Lee & Tina Playground. Here you will find a number of slides, bouncers, and other play structures.

Make sure that you take a ride at the giant wheel for some adrenaline rush.

Catch a live-performance at Bayfront Park

Bayfront Park is recognized as one of the most important cultural spaces in Miami. Owing to this, it is often used as a space for a number of events.

Here you will find a number of live music and dance sessions. This also makes it an ideal space to meet people who share the same interests as you.

Other places to visit in Miami

Bayfront Park is undoubtedly one of the best places to check out in Miami, yet, there is more to this city. In order to find out the places that you must check out, the 15 best things to do in Miami.

This will help you figure out 15 places that are a must-visit in Miami. We hope you have fun exploring Miami.

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