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Top Things To Do In Davie, FL

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Things To Do In Davie, FL

Davie is a town that’ll give you the charms of a Texas city in South Florida
Davie, FL | Photo Credit – William Murphy

In the Miami Metropolitan Area, Davie is a town that’ll give you the charms of a Texas city in South Florida. Founded by Tamara Toussaint and Jake Tannebaum in the early 1900s, it is situated in Broward County of the state of Florida of the United States of America.

It is only half an hour’s drive away from popular tourist destinations in South Florida like Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

What is Davie Florida known for?

Equestrian sports, rodeos and country western dancing, historic buildings like ranches and other Western establishments are common sightings here. Cinephiles and golf lovers may recognize Davie’s Rolling Hills Golf Course as the film location of the movie ‘Caddyshack’.

What is there to do in Davie Florida today?

Below is a list of numerous local attractions in Davie in Florida. It’ll help you make an easy travel guide during your visit.


Flamingo | Photo Credit – cuatrok77

The Flamingo Gardens is a tropical garden of 60 acres. It is a great place for people to enjoy animals, greenery and of course, flamingos.  The Flamingo gardens are one of the oldest botanical gardens in the state. It was founded as an orange grove. Now, the garden has impressive attractions like Florida’s largest orange tree, 21 ‘champion’ trees, and a peculiar hammock of 200-year-old Live Oak trees.

It is one of the best things to do in Davie in South Florida if you want to spend some quality time at a family-friendly place. The gardens are a tropical oasis surrounded by one of the largest metropolitan areas of the US.

The sanctuary part of the Flamingo Garden is called the Everglades Sanctuary. It exhibits an extensive collection of Florida’s indigenous wildlife like panthers, eagles, bobcats, alligators, peacocks, otters, etc. 

The other exhibit is called the Wray Botanical Collection. And it is home to over 3,000 native, tropical, rare and exotic, and subtropical plants and trees.

It also features well-marked trails that lead to each distinct area. It has free parking. Visitors can also have access to various rentals available here for hosting numerous private and corporate events.


Established in 1918, Old Davie School is a historic school. It is the oldest extant school in Broward County destinations. It is now open to the public (since 2008) as a place that withholds both the historic school and history of the area.

The Old Davie School exhibits artifacts that showcase stores from the past about the pioneer settlers etc. Visit this place to know about life and activities like farming in the 1920s. 

The building of the Old Davie School was designed by the architect Geiger. Right next to the school is the Viele House of the 1930s, the Pioneer House, a replica of a 1908 early settler’s shack. All of these are historic house museums that only add charms to the heritage of Davie.


Red-Bellied Woodpecker Taken at Tree Tops Park in Davie, FL
Red-Bellied Woodpecker Taken at Tree Tops Park | Photo Credit – Maureen Leong-Kee

Tree Tops Park is a public park in Davie which was established in 1980. It is a family-friendly recreational space that was originally planned to become a golf course. This scenic park is 243-acre land where visitors can enjoy various recreational activities.

Tree Tops Park also features nature hiking trails and horseback riding tracks where visitors can indulge in the activities of their choice. Other fun things that guests can do here include canoe waterways, paddleboards, walking, and jogging trails, and even a few archaeological sites for the historian in you.

The park is an easy access point for entry into the Pine Island Ridge Natural Area, and Tree Tops Park is interlaced with equestrian and footpaths for guests to enjoy. 

Other attractions of the park include picnic areas, campfire rings, playgrounds, marian, observation tower, picnic shelters, and rentals. Boating, fishing, bird watching & wildlife observation are also people’s favorite things to do at this green marshland park. 

The park is located near another popular spot, Pine Island Ridge Natural Area.


Flamingo Road Nursery | Photo Credit – sunshne954

The Flamingo Road Nursery is an outdoor farmers market and nursery that provides on-site gardening and pottery equipment etc. Its most popular attraction is Butterfly Pavilion. Butterfly Pavilion provides an opportunity of getting up close and personal with the notorious and beautiful Monarch Butterfly. It is one of the best things to enjoy here.

The pavilion exhibits a butterfly-friendly ambiance year-round. Because of the nursery’s sustainable gardening practices, the butterflies flourish. Visitors can very easily catch a breathtaking sight of these colorful creatures flying randomly. 

It also hosts various interactive events around the year some of which are seasonal flowering events. Check their website to know about the events happening here at the time of your visit.


One of the key points of Davie is that it gives you Western vibes in South Florida. That is why sightings of ranches and rodeos are very common here. One such ranch farm is Marando Farms and Ranch. It is another family-friendly place where you can indulge in various fun and interesting activities.

Kids and adults who like animals can enjoy their time here at the farm’s large petting zoo which is home to numerous rescued pets and animals. Because it’s a ranch, hay and pony rides are also available here. Regular events based on some festivals’ theme keeps happening here monthly.

This is the reason why it is also a popular spot among families looking for a quick weekend getaway. The attractions of the farm include an organic market, farm-to-table cafe, milkshakes, smoothie, and juice bar.



The Fort Lauderdale Florida Temple is the 143rd dedicated temple in the operation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Apart from being a place of religious importance, it is also popular for being a place of marvelous architecture. It has well-kept grounds.

The temple has an area of only 30,500 square feet but the temple grounds comprise 16.82 acres of land. This land features well-manicured gardens with towering palm trees, water features, etc. 

In 2012, the Fort Lauderdale Florida Temple installed a statue of the angel Moroni. The statue sits at the top of its spire. Guests are advised to attend the temple’s service to explore its modern architecture fully. There are a lot of hotels and other staying options around the temple. 


The Vista View Park is a large 272 acres of land that features green grounds, gardens, meadows, forests, and rolling hills. It also has basketball courts, an airstrip for electric remote-controlled planes and glider pilots, two playgrounds, fishing docks, and an equestrian corral.

Other activities and facilities of the park include picnic shelters, paved pathways for walking, running, inline skating, and biking. There are also abundant nature and horseback riding trails here.

One of the more popular attractions of the park and the best things to do here is its twin hills. These hills are one of the highest spots in Broward county. You can enjoy beautiful views of the downtown streets of Fort Lauderdale and Port Everglades to the east and breathtaking views of the Everglades to the west from here.


One of the best things to do near Davie is to visit Billie Swamp Safari
BILLIE SWAMP SAFARI | Photo Credit – Robin Wendell

One of the best things to do near Davie is to visit Billie Swamp Safari. Here you’ll get an opportunity of observing cypress forested swamps via airboats. Spend your time by watching fauna like turtles, raccoons, alligators, and local fish, in their natural habitat.

You might also end up catching a few colorful birds in your camera. Native animals like water buffalo, ostriches, wild pigs, and bison, etc. can be seen while riding through the wetlands on a swamp buggy.

You can cool off here after your tour at the Herpetarium to watch the Swamp Critter Show or the Snake Show. These shows happen here every day in the evening. Book yourself a ride by logging onto their websites.


People of every age are fascinated with the sky. This is the reason why Buehler Planetarium & Observatory is a popular local attraction. It is the place where visitors come to learn about the stars and planets in the sky. Also known as the Broward College Observatory, it uses a powerful telescope by which guests can see various planetary objects with immaculate detail.

The observatory also hosts public observation hours every Wednesday. It is one of the best free things to do in Davie. Many other events and talk shows are organized here from time to time.


This museum targets kids and children of all ages and aims to make them aware of experiencing art in a variety of senses, including sound, texture, and sight. It has many exhibits for that purpose. It has a 55,000 sq feet Gold LEED-certified building. 

The museum also has a gift shop and hosts multiple events and talks around art for children year-round. Even though it is centered around kids, the Young At Art Museum is also popular among adults and families with kids.


Horse riding | Photo Credit – Malcolm Manners

For a quality horse riding experience in South Florida, visit Bar B Ranch. The ranch hosts day camps popular among families with kids. The ranch also offers guided tours on horseback of the scenic area around the property and gives rentals to the willing visitors. 

Horse riders of every age and level will find suitable horses for themselves here.


Davie’s main tourist destination, Bergeron Rodeo Grounds is not only a popular rodeo arena but also a popular destination hosting numerous multifaceted activities. The Grounds also host concerts, circus, horse shows, dog shows, car shows, airboat shows, etc. It was founded in the 1940s.


South Florida’s one of the top destinations for gambling and other night activities, Seminole Hard Rock Cafe and Casino hosts many popular local and international celebrities year-round.

Situated between scenic Fort Lauderdale and Miami, this place is a tourist hotspot throughout the year. It is also popular for having places dedicated to shopping, concerts, live entertainment, clubs, restaurants, etc.


Like all popular tourist places, Davie, FL also has a lot of shopping and dining options
Sawgrass Mills Mall Sign | Photo Credit – NNECAPA Photo Library

Like all popular tourist places, Davie, FL also has a lot of shopping and dining options. 

Davie is home to Sawgrass Mills Mall which is the largest retail shopping place in the country. From fashionistas to beauty enthusiasts to sports lovers, there is something for every type of shopper here. Vienna Cafe and Bar and Krystof’s Kafe in Davie are people’s favorite dining places

Is Davie Florida Safe?

According to Neighborhood Scout, the chances of becoming a victim of any crime in Davie is 1 in 35. So it is as safe as any other place, provided you keep your guards up.

Another important thing to remember is to make sure you go through the government’s guidelines for the Covid-19 pandemic before making a plan to visit the town.

Is Davie Florida a good place to live?

Davie is one of the best places to live in South Florida. The residents here enjoy a suburban feel and they generally have their own homes. Another important feature of this town is that it is home to a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks.

There is an abundance of basic amenities like shopping malls, markets and schools, and colleges and learning centers here. Residents tend to lean liberal.

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