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Things To Do In Grand Bend

Sunset at Grand Bend ON
Sunset at Grand Bend ON | Photo Credit – AL.Eyad

Grand Bend is a spectacular coastal city in Ontario, known for the largest fireworks display to celebrate Canada Day. This city is the perfect getaway for an adventure enthusiast who is looking for exciting outdoor activities like paragliding, parasailing, and skydiving. 

Apart from the adventure activities, the city is also famous for its art and culture and is home to many art galleries and museums. Also, read our latest blog, Things To Do In Richmond Hill.

Read ahead to find out a detailed list of all the fun things that you can do in Grand Bend.

Grand Bend Beach

If you are planning to visit Grand Bend, then the first place that you should go to is the famous Grand Bend Beach. This wonderful beach and recreational resort is the perfect place to start your vacation and witness the beauty of the place. Grand Bend has earned a reputation of being one of the best beach towns in Canada and rightly so. We would highly recommend you to visit this place and enjoy the beauty of the blue waters and sandy beaches. There are a number of water sports that are available at the beach and you can also go swimming in Lake Huron.

Timings: Open all days a week. You can find out about the seasonal timings and other relevant information on their website here.

Things to do: visit the beach and enjoy the picturesque views of Grand Bend. Spend a relaxing day sunbathing and trying out various water-based activities.

Pinery Provincial Park

Lake view Pinery Provincial Park
The Pinery Provincial Park | Photo Credit – Pat (Cletch) Williams

Pinery Provincial Park is your one-stop for all the adventure activities that you are planning to do in Grand Bend. This unique Park has a number of great facilities that will keep you hooked throughout your visit. There is a large coastal area where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the horizons and special camping sites that allow you to set up your picnic tables and bonfires. 

Apart from this, you can also go hiking on the forest trails or enjoy a boat ride by easily renting one for yourself. All in all, this is a perfect place to go when you want to be in the lap of nature.

Timings: Open all days. 8 am to 10 pm.

Things to do: go for a day trip to the Pinery Provincial Park and plan picnics, sightseeing, and other recreational activities. You can also go hiking, boating, and fishing on the beaches.

Dark Horse Estate Winery 

This brewery located in Grand Bend is a perfect spot for a small outing. Ontario is famous for its handcrafted special beers and it is a must to try a new brewery every time you visit any city. Grand Bend’s most famous place is the Dark Horse Estate Winery which offers a great way to explore the local lifestyle. 

They have special taprooms and bottle shops where you can try a variety of new drinks. Apart from this they also have a unique concert venue where they host a number of live events and performances. We highly suggest that you have a look around this place and explore the nightlife. 

They also have special cafes and food outlets that serve delicious food specially tailored for the winery. Also, don’t forget to take a small trip to their vineyards and explore the process of wine-making.

Timings: Monday to Saturday- 11 am to 11 pm. Sunday- 11 am to 9 pm.

Things to do: go for a small road trip and explore the local life. Attend their live events and enjoy the vibrancy of this city.

To find out more information about the timings and latest events visit Dark Horse Estate Winery.

Grand Bend Motorplex

Ontario largest Drag Race Event at Grand Bend Motorplex
Drag Race | Photo Credit – Jack_IOM

Grand Bend Motorplex is a sporting facility that is home to Ontario’s largest Drag Race Events. While you are on your vacation to Grand Bend, make sure to take some time and visit this energetic place to catch a glimpse of some races. Grand Bend Motorplex is also considered an outstanding location for day trips and weekend adventures. 

This multipurpose sporting facility provides various great options for you to enjoy. You can watch car races or bike and go-kart races. There are also great cafes and food courts where you can grab a quick meal. 

Timings: Open all days a week. 

Things to do: Plan a day trip or even a weekend trip to Grand Bend Motorplex. Attend their events and races. Find out more information about their facilities and other programs here.

Pinery Market

Pinery Antique Flea Market Grand Bend
Pinery Antique Flea Market | Photo Credit – Sue Thompson

This Market is the local farmers’ market of the Grand Bend area. This vibrant market has been a favorite destination among visitors for over 50 years. Apart from the regular farm products, this place has so much more to offer that you will be amazed. From antique goods and artworks to bakeries and cafes, this place is one of the best ways to spend your Sunday in Grand Bend. 

They also organize a number of live events and music shows which are a wonderful spectacle to watch. Also, keep an eye on the various festivals that they organize from time to time. Their most famous events are the ‘Bark-toberfest’ and Ice Cream Festival, which are a must-see if you are visiting the Pinery Market. 

Timings: Sundays. 9 am to 4 pm.

Things to do: spend a small outing with your loved ones at the Pinery Market. Explore the area and shop for unique items and farm products. Also, attend their live events and enjoy the local cuisine.

Sunset Arts Gallery 

Sunset Art Gallery is an amazing space dedicated to art and culture and features the artworks of the local Contempo artists and provides them a great opportunity to display their works. They organize special Gallery tours with the artists themselves to give you better information about the art and the process. It is a great way to spend your day in Grand Bend and we highly recommend that you visit and explore the local culture and heritage while you are here.

Apart from the guided tours, they also offer special events and interactive programs that are loved by all.

Timings: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 11 am to 5 pm.

Things to do: visit the galley and explore the local art of Grand Bend. Take a guided tour with the artists and find out more about the city and the culture. For bookings and information about their schedule, visit Sunset Arts Gallery. 

Address: Grand Bend, ON N0M 1T0, Canada.

Lambton Heritage Museum 

This charming place deserves a visit if you ever find yourself in Grand Bend. Lambton Heritage Museum is one place that packs a lot. From thousands of photographs, books, and archival documents, to a range of textiles and historical artworks, this place celebrates the history of Canada like no other. 

It is a stunning museum to explore with more than 25000 artifacts and over 10000 photographs that depict the history of Lambton County. Make sure to visit this place and get an immersive experience. 

Timings: Wednesday to Saturday. 11 am to 4 pm.

Things to do: Plan a visit to the museum and discover various hidden gems of the Lambton Heritage. Take guided tours and attend some of their events and programs. To get more important about the tours and events visit Lambton County Museum. 

Address: 10035 Museum Rd, Grand Bend, ON N0M 1T0, Canada.

Grand Bend Fishing Charters

The Grand Bend Fishing Charters is the most exciting way to experience the best of this coastal city. Located on the shores of the might Lake Huron, this city provides various great options to enjoy the sea. One of the most famous ones is by going on a fishing trip in the middle of the sea. The fishing Charters offer exactly the same. They provide guided fishing Charters and promise a safe and secure experience amidst the sea. You should totally check them out and book a trip with them whenever you visit Grand Bend. 

Timings: April to September. 

Open all day.

Things to do: go fishing with professional coaches right in the middle of the great Lake Huron. This is a perfect spot for a day trip or a fun weekend. Find their tours and packages here.

Huron Country Playhouse

People watching live performance at Huron Country Playhouse
Playhouse | Photo Credit – Erik Mclean

The Huron Country Playhouse is a performing arts center in Grand Bend and a perfect place to spend your evening. This theatre has everything that you need for a chill evening. From Broadway shows, musicals, and drama to stand-up comedies and annual festivals, this theatre has the finest lineup for people of all ages. 

There are various other facilities that are provided by the theatre. You can find various cafes and food outlets where you can grab a quick bite and a really pretty gift shop which is perfect for souvenirs. 

Timings: to book your show and find out their latest schedule, visit their website Drayton Entertainment and attend a live show on your trip to Grand Bend.

Grand Bend Parasail

When you are visiting a town like Grand Bend, there are never enough options to explore the magnificent beauty of this town. But we have compiled such a list that will include almost every possible way that will make your trip a memorable one. For all of you who are looking for adventures, we bring to you another famous attraction, the Grand Bend Parasail. 

With the safest, secure, and professional coaches you can plan your parasailing trip on Lake Huron and have an adventure of a lifetime. 

They have various packages to offer and their services will exceed your expectations. You can also film your entire ride and they will help you do the same. It is one of the most perfect ways to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of Grand Bend and Lake Huron. 

Timings: you can book your package with them on their website- Grand Bend Parasail and get more information about the safety measures and other exciting events. 

We would highly recommend you to go there and enjoy the picturesque views of Lake Huron.

Starlite Drive-in Theatre 

This classic place is the best way to spend your night after a day-long trip to various places of interest in Grand Bend. The Starlite Drive-in Theatre is a movie theater established in 1958 that screens new releases and other popular movies every night.

You can enjoy all of this with the comfort of your own car. 

This is also a great way to spend some quality time with your family and friends and has an amazing fun night while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. 

Timings: they screen two movies every night and the tickets are to be purchased on the spot. Make sure you reach the destination well in time for a good spot.

Find all the other information on their website here.

Paddingtons Pub Eatery

Wine | Photo Credit – Denise Mattox

The perfect way to explore any new city is by trying out their local cuisine and visiting the famous restaurants. That is why, we bring to you our next pick, the Paddingtons Pub Eatery located in the heart of the city.

This famous restaurant is a must-visit restaurant for trying out great local cuisines and wine with an outdoor setting and serene views.

Make sure to go there and have a meal while having a relaxing time with your group. Also, don’t forget to try out their desserts.

Timings: Tuesday to Saturday. 11 am to 9 pm. Sunday- 4 pm to 9 pm.

If you are planning to visit Canada, make sure you read our post Best Things To Do In Canada. Also, don’t forget to check out nearby cities in Grand Bend like Brampton, Toronto, and Sarnia.

Read more about these cities in our blogs, Things To Do In Brampton and Things To Do In Toronto. 


What is the best time to visit Grand Bend, Ontario?

The summer months, from June to August, are the ideal time to explore Grand Bend. The beaches are packed with people swimming, tanning, and engaging in water sports as a result of the warm, sunny weather. Grand Bend has a number of festivals and events during the summer.

Are there any outdoor adventure activities available in Grand Bend, Ontario?

Yes, Grand Bend offers outdoor adventure activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding, jet skiing at the marina, hiking in conservation areas, and fishing in Lake Huron.

What cultural experiences and events are happening in Grand Bend?

Grand Bend offers cultural experiences through events like live theater performances at Huron Country Playhouse, exploring the local art scene, and attending festivals and markets.

Where can I find the best local cuisine and dining options in Grand Bend?

You can enjoy the best local cuisine in Grand Bend by visiting restaurants near the beach, exploring the downtown area for diverse dining options, and trying out the Grand Bend Farmers Market.

Are there any scenic hiking trails or nature spots in Grand Bend?

Yes, you can explore scenic hiking trails and nature spots like the Ausable River Cut Conservation Area and Pinery Provincial Park, offering lush landscapes and serene riverbanks.

What are the top water sports and recreational activities in Grand Bend?

Grand Bend offers a range of water sports and recreational activities, including boating, kayaking, jet skiing, and fishing on Lake Huron, as well as swimming and relaxing on the beach.

How can I explore the art and craft scene in Grand Bend, Ontario?

To explore the art and craft scene in Grand Bend, visit the vibrant art district, where you can find paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and pottery created by local artists.

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