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15 Best Things To Do In Paris

by Pankaj Upreti
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Things To Do In Paris

So, have you ever been to Paris before? If Paris is on your bucket list, keep reading this article. We have prepared proposals for 15 best things to do in Paris. One of the most beautiful European cities, and for many, it is an association with romance.

Paris is often called the “city of love” and when you visit it, you will see why it is so. So, it is a favorite choice of travelers and it is not easy to choose just a few things to see when it offers a lot.

We have selected the attractions that you should visit in order to leave Paris full of impressions. We’re not going to write specifically about Disneyland, because we know you’ve already put it on your wish list.

1.   The Eiffel Tower

Things to do In Paris
The Eiffel Tower | Photo by Pedro Szekely

The Eiffel Tower is a symbol of Paris. He appears in all the movies, in the photos and you just have to visit him. This landmark is a tourist attraction and over 5 million people a year visit it. The Eiffel Tower was the largest building in the world for four decades. Some Parisians thought it was ugly and needed to be removed. And today it is a symbol of France and a masterpiece of world architecture. As you can guess, everyone wants to visit it.

That’s why you need to prepare for the crowd and wait in line. So, it would be best to set aside one day as there are no rules when it will be your turn. There is a lookout on the second floor and you can choose to go only there. If you choose to go to the very top, the price will be ten dollars higher. And when you arrive, you will see that it is worth it because you get Paris in the palm of your hand.

2.   Montparnasse Tower Panoramic Observation Deck

Things to do in Paris
Photo by Paul Gaudriault

The view of Paris from the Eiffel Tower is enchanting. This is where you can make the most beautiful photographs. There is almost no couple in love who visited the capital of France and don’t have a photo from the Eiffel Tower.

However, there is one place overlooking all of Paris and the Eiffel Tower. This is the Montparnasse Tower Panoramic Observation Deck. It’s a downtown skyscraper. The price of the ticket is cheaper and there is not much crowd because people generally do not even know what kind of view it offers from there.

Adults pay around $ 18, and it is possible to buy a day & night ticket. So it includes two visits in 48 hours.

3.   Triumphal Arch

things to do in Paris
Triumphal Arch | Photo by: Fan D.

Another symbol of Paris that you should visit is the Triumphal Arch. This monument is located in Charles de Gaulle Square. It was built as a monument to the fighters for France, mostly those who fought in the Napoleonic Wars.

It is considered a national monument. This is the second largest triumphal arch in the world. The first is located in North Korea. The Triumphal Arch in Paris is located at the eastern end of Avenue Champs Elysees.

This is the widest and most prestigious avenue in all of Paris. If you are a cycling fan, then you know that every Tour de France ends right here. The route changes every year, but the goal is on the Champs Elysees.

4.   Louvre

The Louvre Museum is one of the largest and most famous museums in the world. It is located on the right bank of the Seine. The museum owns almost 400,000 items. The French are proud to have such a valuable museum collection in their country. They include antiques, paintings, sculptures, and art objects by the most famous authors.

There is a glass pyramid in the central courtyard, and the museum is built in the shape of a horseshoe. The construction of the Louvre was a wish French President Mitterrand. You can visit six sections. They contain Egyptian, Oriental and Greek antiques.

And the paintings, sculptures, and art objects. The ticket price is around $ 15, and for those under 18, admission is completely free.

5.   Notre Dame Cathedral

15 Best Things To Do In Paris
Notre Dame Cathedral | Photo by: David Merrett

Notre Dame is a Gothic-style cathedral located on the banks of the Seine. For many years it was one of the tallest buildings in Paris. It is a building of great importance for France. There was a fire last year that caused huge damage.

Preparations are still underway for the renovation of the facility. Last year, the whole world watched the symbol of Paris disappear in flames.  The most important thing is to preserve the spirit and value of this object.

When you are in Paris, stop by and see the remains of a magnificent building.

6.   The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris

15 Best Things To Do In Paris
Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris | Photo by: Carl Campbell

One building you can visit is the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris. It is located on the Montmartre hill in Paris. It represents the second-highest point in the city, and the first is the Eiffel Tower. The role models were St. Sophia in Istanbul and the Church of St. Mark in Venice.

If you reach the highest dome, you can see up to 40 kilometers in the distance. The Sacré Coeur Basilica is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Paris. It can also be reached by cable car, which makes climbing easier for many passengers. The interior is filled with frescoes. These are mostly motifs from French history. From the steps of this church, there is a view of Paris.

7.   Montmartre – the bohemian district of Paris

Montmartre represents the northern and highest part of Paris. If you are wondering what Paris looked like in the past, here is the answer. Montmartre managed to preserve the spirit of the past. The appearance of Paris from several centuries ago is faithfully preserved in this part of the city.

This place was in the past the center of artistic and bohemian life. The situation is the same today. You can see many restaurants and theaters there. Monet, Cézanne, Rimbaud and many other famous artists spent time here. You can do the same today. All you have to do is book a table, order a bottle of quality French wine and socializing can begin.

8.   Moulin Rouge

15 Best Things To Do In Paris
Moulin Rouge | Photo by: Sean X Liu

This is a famous cabaret from the 19th century located in Paris. It quickly became a popular tourist destination and people from all over the world came to watch the shows. The program was different, mostly musical performances.

On its roof, there is an imitation of a red windmill. Above all, a recognizable symbol. Many artists performed at the Moulin Rouge and became famous. It was immortalized by the painter Henri de Toulouse Lautrec.

And more than half a million people visit the Moulin Rouge every year. He is known all over the world. You probably watched the movie, starring Nicole Kidman. In addition, this is a good idea to take a look before visiting.

9.   Cruising

15 Best Things To Do In Paris
The Seine River at Night | Photo by: Jorge Láscar

Parisians and tourists agree on one thing. One of the most popular ways to see Paris is to cruise the Seine. There are two variants. And, you can choose to cruise during the day or at night. If you want to see all the most important buildings, then we suggest a daily variant.

If you are for a slightly more romantic variant, then choose a night cruise. Prices range from about 60 to several hundred dollars so it’s affordable. Depending on the accompanying content you choose, the price differs.

And, if you want a good view, choose a place along the edge of the boat. If you are in the mood for a slightly more intimate atmosphere, there is also a possibility to rent a boat just for you and your loved one.

10.  Mazarin Library

15 Best Things To Do In Paris
Mazarin Library | Photo by: Rémi Mathis

This is the oldest public library in France. If you are a fan of reading and like books, this is the place for you. For example, until the French Revolution, it had about 60,000 books. Later, that number was increased because a lot of books from the aristocracy and the clergy were seized. It contains a collection of valuable books.

And here is a copy of Gutenberg’s Bible, the first printed book in Europe. In the beginning, this was the personal library of Cardinal Mazarin. Fortunately, it is open to the public today, and you can enter. So, during the visit, it is possible to choose a guided tour. There is also a virtual tour option. So you can choose the option that suits you best.

11.   The Orsay Museum – better than Louvre?

15 Best Things To Do In Paris
The Orsay Museum | Photo by: Shadowgate

The Orsay Museum is one of the most famous in France, as is the Louvre. Similarly, both are known worldwide. It is located on the left bank of the river Seine. Two years ago, it was declared the best museum in the world.

And you must be wondering how that was possible when the Louvre was in the competition? Who can really say that he visited the Louvre completely? So, we usually have a day or two, and that’s not enough.

And, now you know that is why Orsay was in the lead. It other words, it is much more accessible and easier to tour. Maybe that’s why he took the first place. However, visit it and after that, judge for yourself.

12.   Tuileries Park

15 Best Things To Do In Paris
Tuileries Park | Photo by: Ed Webster

Not far from the Louvre, there is the famous Parisian park Tuileries. And, this is a favorite place of Parisians during spring and autumn. It is one of the cult Parisian picnic spots. Summer is the time when many tourists visit this park, and that is why Parisians sometimes avoid it.

It is very crowded at that time of year, so they choose other places to rest and hang out with their family. Tuileries Park is a place for a peaceful walk. If you want to relax after a long day, come here. And can have a picnic in the park.

Just don’t relax too much, and lose your stuff and sight. There are always pickpockets in public places that will take advantage of your moment of inattention.

13.   Le Marais – The best falafel spots in the Paris

Did you know that you can try the best falafel in Paris? There are restaurants that specialize in this dish and if you are looking for them, we have good news. There are great restaurants in the Marais district, in the old Jewish quarter of Rue des Rosiers.

You can take a walk in the evening and eat along the way while exploring the city. We definitely recommend that you book a place in a restaurant you like and sit down for dinner. And you can’t go wrong because everyone has a good reputation.

The food is quality and the food is fresh and delicious. Even if you don’t like falafel, after trying it in Paris, you will change your mind. We promise!

14.   Center Pompidou

15 Best Things To Do In Paris
Center Pompidou | Photo by: zoetnet

On our list of the 15 best things to do in Paris, there is another place where you can enjoy the panorama of Paris. For just $ 5 you can visit the Center Pompidou. From the sixth floor of this magnificent building, there is a view of the city.

This place will attract your attention with its appearance. For instance, what is inside is even more fascinating. Works of art from different periods are waiting for you to visit them. Unique design and style that speaks for itself.

A lot of people who have visited the Pompidou Center have only words of praise. Fans of this kind of art were delighted. Those who were not close met something new.

15.   Paris Food Tour

15 Best Things To Do In Paris
French Fancies | Photo by: John Mason

We have already suggested where you can try the best falafel in town. However, French cuisine is rich and varied. That is why we decided to present to you another good way to get to know French culture. You can try much more than cheese and wine.

They are an indispensable part of French cuisine. Culinary specialties that have been on the French menu for centuries. Dishes that you have heard exist but have not tried. Do you know where the softest and most delicious croissants in the world are made? In Paris. And that’s why you should take the opportunity and try them.

At the end of the tour, for a conclusion, you will be full and richer for one new experience.

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