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Things To Do in New Port Richey, Florida

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Things To Do in New Port Richey

things To Do in New Port Richey
New Port Richey | Photo Credit – marada

New Port Richey is an exciting American tourist city, located in the state of Florida. It is accompanied by the Gulf Coast towards its North and Tampa Bay. You must visit New Port Richey if you like discovering new beaches. 

This town is an urban center that offers exquisite cultural and social explorations as well. When here, you can visit provincial parks and attend cultural fiestas with your friends and family. It is the perfect city to visit during your weekend getaway in Florida! 

Beachcombing at Anclote Key

things To Do in New Port Richey
Beachcombing | Photo Credit – Christine McIntosh

You must head to Anclote Key to begin your visit to New Port Richey on an exciting note. This place is accessible only via boats and makes for a very romantic trip. Head to Anclote Key if you are tired of the city and wish to explore an island in the Gulf of Mexico. 

During your visit, you can take a stroll along the beach as the sunsets. This place is popular among collectors. You ought to find the most gorgeous and pristine seashells on the beaches here. The shuttle boat service operates from the Tarpon Springs area in New Port Richey, accessible for all. 

Kayaking at the Werner Boyce Salt Springs State Park

things To Do in New Port Richey
Werner Boyce Salt State Park | Photo Credit – B A Bowen Photography

If you are looking for a natural retreat, Werner Boyce Salt State Park might just be your calling! The park is diverse and packed with adventures. You will be able to see marshes, beaches, lagoons, and mangrove forests, all in one place. 

All visitors should spare a few days to explore this natural reserve properly. This delightful park is the home of several unique plants and animals of the region. You can spend time watching birds, foxes, turtles, and snakes among other animals. The joy of watching flora and fauna in their natural habitat is unparalleled. 

Once you have explored the region, you can take a seat back and relax. Kayaking in the lagoon is the best way to rejuvenate at the Werner Boyce Salt Springs Park. Visiting families and groups often bring their own food and drinks to have a picnic in this scenic park. 

Celebrate with the local community at the Chasco Fiesta

things To Do in New Port Richey
Chasco Fiesta Parade | Photo Credit – Jeff Miller

Vacations are one of the most incredible ways in which we can make new memories. A trip to Florida is best when enjoyed with local fervor and spirit. Chasco Fiesta is a joyful celebration of Native American culture, hosted exclusively in New Port Richey.

According to local history, the fiesta was initiated as early as the year 1947. The festival is held on the spectacular shores of the Pthlachascotee River. People from all across the state visit the fairs and stalls put together by the city’s local community.

If you attend the festival, you shall be able to witness celebratory parades and live entertainment by local performers. There are several handicraft sales at the festival as well. It is a great event to attend with your peers for a refreshing cultural experience. 

Fishing at the Tampa Bay Charter

things To Do in New Port Richey
Tampa Bay | Photo Credit –joiseyshowaa

Tampa Bay is said to be the home to the best tackle fishing in the world. The locals and natives of the region visit the Tampa Bay charters regularly to procure fresh fish for their consumption. You can head to the waters and try your own luck at fishing local specials!

There are many professionals who work in the region. They will help you in figuring out when and where you can fish for the best results. What’s more, during your visit you can also seek the guidance of a fishing guide. They will take you on a tour around the many fishing charters of Tampa. 

Giant tarpons, snook blasts, redfish, grass flats, gator trouts are some of the many rare delights that you can catch a glimpse of. There are many unique ways in which the locals attempt to catch fish in the area- from using baits to throwing jigs. 

After you have explored the waters, you can head down to St. Pete Beach at the bay. This is the perfect place to relax after your fishing adventures. You can also crack a good deal for fresh king mackerels that are sold in the markets at the beach. 

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Enjoy roller coasters and jump scares at the Busch Gardens

things To Do in New Port Richey
Busch Gardens Tampa | Photo Credit – Jeremy Thompson

You cannot miss a visit to the Busch Gardens theme park during your stay in New Port Richey. It is emblematic of Florida’s exciting theme parks and outdoor entertainment extravaganza. You can begin by exploring the amusement park in the region with your friends and family.

After you have had your heart full of exciting rides, you can head to the scare zone. This area is built for an adventurous horror experience where ghosts, skeletons, and creepy monsters will scare you in dimly lit gothic rooms. For the faint-hearted, Sesame Street is an equally entertaining part of the park that you can visit.

It is possible that you might like the place so much that you might want to visit again. Busch Gardens offer an annual pass, also known as the fun card, which will allow you to enjoy regular visits to the park throughout the year. 

The park holds several exciting events like musicals, wine tasting, fireworks shows and so much more from time to time. With the help of the card, you will get a chance to get a taste of everything the place has to offer!

Enjoy a stroll at the Sims Park

things To Do in New Port Richey
Sims Park | Photo Credit – Jeff Miller

The Sims Park in New Port Richey is one of the most popular places to picnic in the region. It is a favorite among tourists and locals alike. The park is ornamented with evergreen trees, well-groomed trails, and gorgeous scenery.

Sims Park is popular for its “super playground”. Children love spending time at their elaborately built wooden playground which has a game to offer for every child. Moreover, the park has the Orange Lake, dripping in beauty- for this and many other reasons the park is also known as ‘Enchantment Park’.

There is a River Walk at Sims Park that makes for a delightful visit. You can click pictures or enjoy a sunset here. If you enjoy live performances, then you must keep an eye out for upcoming concerts and shows in the area. Sims Park is a popular site for film shootings, concerts, and more. 

The wooden playground at Sims Park is accompanied by a fitness center and splash pad as well. The area is also home to the West Pasco Historical Society Museum and the Peace Hall historic church. These locations make the park an exquisite part of the local community at New Port Richey.

Kayaking is a great way to relax at Orange Lake. The park staff has created a very accessible kayak launch pad so that people with disabilities can come on board without any difficulty. There are several tables for family picnics as well. You can come to the region during one of its many exciting festivals like the Cotee River Seafest or the River Lights Boat Parade

Delicious beer at the Cotee River Brewing Company

things To Do in New Port Richey
Cotee River Brand | Photo Credit – Jeff Miller

What would a trip to Florida be without delicious handcrafted beer! Cotee River Brewing Company has set the standard for top-quality brews in New Port Richey. They arrived in the region in 2018 and happen to be the first of their kind here.

The brewery is a relic from the past. Owners of the brewery have decorated the place with displays that date back to 100 years, chronicling the history of the place. This place has become essential to the local community at the Pithlachascotee River, locally known as the Cotee River. 

Their specialty is the Fresh Wheat Beer, a combination of wheat beer and herbal tea obtained from the local tea place- Whiton Tea and Gifts. They offer at least 8-10 different kinds of original and locally sourced beer at all times. Red Ale, Porter, Stout, Wheat Beer, and Blonde are common among others. 

They work in collaboration with Aspirations Winery to produce their own in-hour sangrias. This winery is based in the Clearwater region of Florida. In addition to this attention to detail, the brewery also hosts live entertainment on Fridays and weekends! Catch a round of karaoke or stand-up events, live here at the Cotee River Brewery. 

Tea at the White Heron

We seldom imagine sophisticated tea rooms when we think of Florida. However, the White Heron Tea & Gift shop has brought this unique experience to New Port Richey. They put together an elaborate tea, where visitors can enjoy delicious tea from all over the world.

The White Heron endeavors to recreate the experience of visiting a relaxing spa or resort. This is the perfect place to indulge in fancy snacks, desserts, and of course, tea! 

The tea shop owner is currently on her way towards getting certified by the World Tea Academy, whilst already being a Tea Etiquette Consultant. This is the perfect place to host showers, birthday parties, or meetings even. The staff is friendly and will make sure you have a satisfying experience. 

Live Theatre at the Richey Suncoast Theatre

Richey Suncoast Theatre | Photo Credit – Jeff Miller

The best way to know quickly about a community is theatre. The Richey Suncoast Theatre is a window into the world of live entertainment and performance of New Port Richey. The theatre company is run by hundreds of volunteers who are a part of the local community.

The theatre is historic, built in the year 1925. It was named after the famous silent era actor- Thomas Meighan and used to be called Meighan Theatre. Ever since, this space has been the center of several educational events, dramatic performances, leadership events, and art exhibitions. 

This is a unique proscenium theatre, stunning in its effect. It can seat around 328 people at a time and has several distinct areas- box seats, balcony, and the main floor. You can rent the space for private concerts, recitals, weddings, funerals, and other activities.

Camping at the Jay B Starkey Wilderness Park

 Starkey Wilderness Park | Photo Credit – mbarrison

New Port Richey has the perfect terrain for hiking, biking, and camping. Jay B Starkey Wilderness Park is one of the most sought-after camping grounds in the area. The camping area for this park is surrounded by many adventurous trails that you can explore during your stay.

The park is home to exquisite trails, covered in the unique flora and fauna of the region. In addition to its scenic landscapes, the park offers a wide variety of other outdoor spaces as well. You can enjoy a round of volleyball, horse-riding, basketball and more during your camping. 

If you wish to enjoy some time in a cabin, the park has arrangements for that as well. You can rent built-in tents, cabins, or camping grounds- depending upon your needs. When here, you can explore the bike trails that go on for more than 7.3 miles. There are designated areas for rollerblading and jogging as well. 

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Explore the stained-glass architecture of Saint George Greek Orthodox Church

New Port Richey has it’s very own Greek OPrthodox Church- Saint George’s Church. It is a very integral part of the local community in the region. The church conducts many festivals and hosts many events for the community. 

The most striking feature of the church is the iconography in its paintings. Gorgeous stained-glass paintings and illustrated silver plates adorn the entire church. There are many hand-painted murals and paintings that you will be awe-inspired by at this church.

A great way to engage with the local community of New Port Richey is by joining Friday night dinners at the church. They offer a wide variety of dishes, ranging from American to Greek cuisine. After you have visited the community, you can pay your respects at the altar. The locals believe that the bones of the great Saint George are buried at this Church. 

Paddling at the Salt Marshes of Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park

Gulf of Mexico | Photo Credit – G. Lamar

Salt Springs State Park is home to the exciting salt marshes and mangroves of Northern America. This state park has many tidal creeks, expansive marshes, and waterways that will leave your jaw-dropped. There is no better way to enjoy the Gulf of Mexico! 

In addition to water adventures, the park also has a Springs Trail that traverses through the Flatwoods of the region. During your hike, you can rest in the oak hammocks that are spread around the area. There are many gorgeous springs, sinks, and waterfalls in the area that you can enjoy with your friends and family. 

There are many displays with detailed records of the history and significance of the region. You can take a stroll along the park to uncover its many historic sites. There are several bird viewing points across the salt park as well. Some trails are specifically designed for you to be able to see certain birds- like the wading birds’ trails and eagle trails. 

You can ride a kayak or paddleboat to Durney Key. The marshes prohibit people from reaching the beaches of the park. However, a short boat ride can help you reach the beaches of Durney Key. You are bound to have an adventure-packed stay at the Salt State Park of New Port Richey. 

Playtime at the Florida Sports Coast

Florida Sports Coast | Photo Credit – Fen Labalme

Florida Sports Coast is one of a kind. This is the place to be if you enjoy outdoor adventures, good food, and rejuvenating indoor stay. This is a sports complex, built for the rest and recreation of the people of New Port Richey.

There are several sports activities you can choose from. Scalloping, golf, water adventures, fishing, and many more activities that you can explore. Some members of your group can also head to the shopping complex of the area. 

In addition to sports, Florida Sports Coast is home to several bars, breweries, and restaurants. You can grab a fresh meal right beside the scenic location of the coast. For your overnight stay, you can pick from a wide range of hotel accommodations as well. 

Visit the Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks

Tarpon Springs is often known as the sponge capital of the world. This iconic location has a unique history that is more than a century old. Strapon Springs used to have a large Greek population that would cultivate natural sponges. They grew them so that they could absorb water from the Gulf of Mexico. 

Nowadays the Tarpon Springs Sponge Market also has its own fish market. You can pick up exotic fish, straight from the waters. You can enjoy watching professional fishermen catch large quantities of fish at the shores. 

This is a great place to visit if you enjoy Greek cuisine. You can enjoy a meal at any of the traditional restaurants in the region to enjoy a mix of urban and old cultures. 

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