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15 Best Things To Do In Chania, Greece

by Pankaj Upreti
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Let’s find out what you must do in Chania if you decide to stay here, though there are too many things you can do in Chania depending on the time you have.

Private tours to Chania villages to a full-day tour to Gramvousa Island . There are many exciting destinations in Crete, you just have to be sure where to stay in Crete this time, Anyways once you visit Crete you would always come back.

For now, let’s find out some of the best things to do in Chania and list the short day trips. If you decide to stay in a different Neighborhood check out best things you can do in Crete for some inspiration.

We have listed quite a few but there is so much more to do in Chania.

1. Go Check Out The Venetian Harbor Area

Venetian Harbor, Chania, Crete | Photo Credit – anilah

Once you land in Chania go and relax. Once you feel fresh, go out and take a stroll around the old town.

You should be ready to take lots of beautiful pictures in the wonderful narrow streets of Chania town.

Chania’s old town street is busy and it is full of people exploring different bars, cafes, and restaurants serving delicious

Cretan food from breakfast to dinner.

You can grab some delicious food items from a little street shop or sit down and sip some coffee at any local coffee shop.

Tip – We would suggest stopping by Boheme Cafe at Chalidon street, taste some homemade salad, especially tuna salad.

2. Take A Walk To The Lighthouse & Watch The Beautiful Sunset.

Things to do in Chania
Chania Lighthouse Sunset | Photo Credit – TimOve

Don’t miss out on an evening walk from Venetian harbor seafront to Chania lighthouse built around the 16th century, charge

your camera for some beautiful sunset clicks from lighthouse.

It will take you about 20-25 minutes to reach Chania lighthouse point, enjoy the splendid landscape and view of Chania

town on the way to the lighthouse.

We suggest wearing flats to make it a comfortable walk and don’t forget to carry some good red wine, you will fall in love with

the view. It’s unforgettable  to watch the sun disappear slowly and leave behind the beautiful sky.

Tip – Carry a water bottle as it may not be possible to buy a water bottle on the way.

3. Visit Daliani Street

Once you have experienced a splendid sunset view and a nice walk to the Chania lighthouse, head toward Daliani Street

which is around 15-minute walk from the Lighthouse.

Daliani Street is a small pedestrian style street which offers many amazing dining options and is a great place to meet locals

and enjoy some delicious food after a long walk.

This walking street is beautiful especially after evening, it’s romantic at night with lighting on every old building creating a

great atmosphere for a lovely dinner with some local Greek wine.

Tip – We can suggest checking out Oinopoieio for grilled and Greek food. It is located at Hatzimihali Daliani street, try spinach salad and grilled vegetables to start with for the main course, try the special lamb which is prepared in wine. The restaurant has outdoor seating with Free WiFi.

4. Historical Tour Of Chania

Chania old town | Photo Credit – Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho

We live in a modern age. We have almost everything in a few clicks and it makes our life a lot easier.

However, sometimes we wonder, what would it be like if we didn’t have everything we have now. How would we organize our

lives, how would we see friends and participate in public life?

Sometimes we can hear people say that they are not for this time and that they would rather have been born a couple of

decades ago. Spend some time visiting Chania Old town and historical sights, best to take a guided tour .

The past is always idealized and we now have the opportunity to go back a couple of centuries through the tours that are

organized. Find the one that suits you best and step into the past. The present will await you when you return full of new experiences.

5. Cathedral Of Eisodion Tis Theotokou

Things to do in Chania
Cathedral of Eisodion tis Theotokou also known as the Temple of Eisodion
Photo Credit – Nelo Hotsuma

Also known as the Temple of Eisodion located at the end of Halidon Street, the walls of the church talk history which takes

you back to the 13th-century.

The church is worth the visit to the Old town of Chania because you will get a better sense of why it makes such a

harmonious whole. The doors of the church are open to all believers with appropriate clothing.

It is generally desirable to have clothes that cover the knees, for women it is longer skirts, and for men pants. Women usually

need to cover their heads with a headscarf, but sometimes it is not necessary.

The temple celebrates the feast day of Eisodion on November 21st which is also a declared holiday for Chania.

6. Do You Love Wine? Explore Olive Oil & Wine In Chania

olive tree of Vouves things to do in Chania
Ancient Olive tree of Vouves, Chania, Greece
Photo Credit – Johan Wieland

Who does not love wine and food prepared in organic olive oil made from olive groves in Chania, spare a day from your trip

and explore Chania wine and olive oil through the countryside.

Do it yourself or book a private or group tour to make it even more interesting, indulge yourself in some informative tour

while in Chania.

You can rent a car in Chania and do it by yourself but that needs a little research and driving some rural countryside roads,

it’s fun and an unforgettable experience.

Explore the olive tree of Vouves, Anoskeli winery, drive through Deliana gorge and spend some time learning about the cave

where Saint John lived back in the 16th century.

If you are lucky you might be able to see farmers harvesting them, taste high-quality olives and wine at Anoskeli.

If you are in Chania and it’s the month of August, don’t miss out on wine festivals in different Chania villages.

Tip – Don’t forget to stop and taste delicious local food.

7. Take Part In Chania Traditional Festivals & Music Events

Understanding culture and tradition is not for everyone, some people are more interested in relaxed lazy life at the beach,

good dinner at night and some party time, many explore local attractions and spend time strolling around the city.

If you are one of those who want to spend some time between locals and if you love music events and festivals you should be

planning your trip to Chania accordingly.

If you are in Chania between July to the end of September don’t forget to checkout multiple cultural events Chania

municipality organizes, you can enjoy traditional dance performances, theaters, and music concerts.

Outdoor music events, great food and an awesome view of the full moon is not to be missed if you are really planning to visit


8. Explore Splantzia District On Segway

Once you have explored the streets of the harbor, it’s time to discover less touristy and unexplored parts of the town-


Splantzia is incredible, away from the main attraction the harbor but still filled with many historical attractions worth your visit.

Get on your segway and explore churches and Turkish monuments, visit the church of Agios Nikolaos which was a former

mosque and make some beautiful pictures inside of the monuments.

If you feel hungry you can enjoy a selection of the Mediterranean and Greek food in the most historical building of


Tip – We recommend to taste Mediterranean chicken, Prawns, and Stuffed Courgette flowers if you stop by this beautiful Tavern

that opens around 6 PM, try making an advance reservation.

9. Check Out Local Shops

Chania market
Chania Local Market.
Photo Credit – JB

Spending your day at The Agora is a wonderful idea, shopping, eating, and buying gifts, art and, craft, cheese, and souvenirs

for back home is all you can do at The Agora market.

You’ll find locals and tourists hanging around as this is the most affordable market in Chania, your visit to Chania is

incomplete without visiting The Agora, Shopping is a part of your trip and it can be best done at The Agora.

There are good enough places to sip some Greek coffee and grab some lunch from the traditional Chania menu.

Tip – We recommend buying some Greek mountain tea. There are different types, and legends say that the gods on Olympus also drank it.

10. Visit The Lesser know But Peaceful Tabakaria District.

Take your camera and head toward Tabakaria in the evening, best if you reach there before sunset, there is not much tourism

as this area is still not very known, the area was known for leather factories in history and is completely destroyed.

This place is really beautiful to spend some time peacefully and have some delicious dinner at sunset.

Try to get a table close to the beach and enjoy some fish at Thalassino Agri.

This restaurant is no less than a secret in Chania. Order some fried calamari with french fries and tzatziki salad.

A glass of cold beer or wine before sunset would also come in handy. Your senses will be grateful for the atmosphere you give them.

11. Monastery of Agia Triada

Things to do in Chania
Monastery of Agia Triada, Chania
Photo Credit – Nelo Hotsuma

Akrotiri – has some interesting places; don’t miss the Agia Triada Monastery.

It’s such a beautiful place. This is one of the Orthodox monasteries you want to visit even if you are not a believer.

It is interesting that there is a museum in the complex next to the monastery.

If we translate the name, this monastery is called “Holy Trinity”. It was built by two brothers from the Venetian family

Zangareli, and there was a church on that place before.

The monks from this monastery produce olive oil and wine themselves, and you have probably heard by now that one of thebest wines you can try is exactly the one that is produced in monasteries.

Why this is so, we do not know, but try and see for yourself.

12. Explore Chania Beaches

Things to do in Chania
Beach of Elafonisi | Photo Credit – Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho

Chania beaches are one of the best and we are sure every one of us love this kind of beaches.

We guess that’s why we plan to visit an island. Chania has wonderful soft sand beaches, it would be a long guide book just on

Chania beaches so we are not getting into it.

We wish if we can go back and explore all hidden beaches around someday. Meanwhile, you can consider getting this

wonderful book Blue Crete to find more hidden beaches around Crete.  Just to name few you should not miss

Elafonisi Beach

Paleochora Beach

Glyka Nera Beach

Potamos Beach

Agia Marina

Whichever one you choose, you can’t go wrong because each one is magical in its own way.

Do you have your favourite yet?

13. Archaeological Museum Of Chania

things to do in chania
Archaeological Museum, Chania | Photo Credit – Hyspaosines

When we go on vacation, each of us has different visions. Some just want to lie on the beach, others want the holiday to be

active, so they would like to see something different every day.

If you are going with your family, then you need to take into account the needs of all members.

One of the suggestions on how to spend a quality afternoon is a visit to the Archaeological Museum.

The museum is not typical as we are used to but is located within the walls of the old Venetian monastery of St. Francis.

Throughout history, this building has been both a mosque and a theater, but also a military warehouse.

There are plenty of reasons to knock on their door, and the guides will take care of the rest.

14. Kastellie Hills

Fans of active holidays will be delighted to visit Crete and recount their adventures upon returning home.

One of the places you should visit when you are in Chania is Kastellie Hills, a district located on a hill south of the port.

If you love mysteries, then this is the place for you.

You will notice that this is a natural fortress, but if you ask the locals, they will tell you that it has been additionally protected

by walls since Hellenistic times.

There must have been something valuable stored there then, wasn’t there?

You will also notice the walls from the sea, but when it is already allowed, go inside and inquire about the past of this place.

You will have a good story when you return home.

15. Take Sunset Boat Trip To End Your Day In Chania

chania sunset boat trip
Sunset boat trip from Chania harbour
Photo Credit – Fredrik Rubensson

Do you like romantic movies? You know that almost every one of them ends with the main characters leaving embracing after

all the obstacles they have gone through together.

They fought for their love and found their place under the sun. There are also those whose end is not happy, so one of the

main characters is left alone. But what they have in common is that sunset scenes are often shown.

Do you think this is a coincidence? Come on, find one man who doesn’t enjoy the stillness of the day and all those colors that

overflow the sky. And you can end the day like that, on a boat, sailing towards the open sea. If you don’t know how to surprise

a loved one, here are ideas that will leave them breathless.

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