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Things to do in Sonora

Sonora is a city in the Tuolumne County of California
Sonora, CA | Photo Credit – Craig Howell

Sonora is a city in the Tuolumne County of California. It was founded during the California Gold Rush. Sonora is known to be a tourist hotspot so you can be sure to find some really great attractions while you are here. A major attraction for people visiting Sonora is the nearby Yosemite National Park.

This article will help you make an itinerary for your next trip to Sonora. The city has a lot to offer and you will find all those things listed here. A great place for a holiday, Sonora will win you over with its quaint atmosphere and vibrant culture. Keep on reading this article to find out all about the best things to do in Sonora, California.

Dragoon Gulch Trail

Dragoon Gulch Trail in Sonora, CA
Dragoon Gulch Trail | Photo Credit – Shylah Anderson

Explore the beautiful Oak woodlands around Sonora by taking the three-mile Dragoon Gulch Trail. This trail is one of the best things to explore in the gold rush town of Sonora. The Dragoon Gulch Trail not only offers stunning views of natural beauty, but you can also take a look at the town of Sonora and its picturesque landscape from here.

This part of California is famous for its mountain ranges, and Sonora’s Dragoon Gulch Trail will definitely not disappoint you. Take pictures of huge mountains, unique flora, and fauna and find babbling brooks running throughout the trail. There are opportunities for hiking, both for novices and professionals. You can pick a route that you like best. Cyclists may also make the best of the Dragoon Gulch Trail.

The Dragoon Gulch trail is located at 680 Woods Creek Drive, Sonora in California.

Columbia State Historic Park

Columbia State Historic Park | Photo Credit – David Berry

The Columbia State Historic Park is very much unlike what you might expect from something of its name. It is in fact a town in itself, with bars, restaurants, and places to enjoy peppered all around it. It has a lot of historical value for nearby Sonora and California because it was part of the Gold Rush and unlike other places like it, it has been preserved as it was originally. A day trip to the town from Sonora can be a great highlight of your trip here.

Enjoy a stroll by following the Main Street of the Columbia State Historic Park and take a look at the preserved architecture of the Gold Rush. This is not only a great history lesson but the town in itself is quite beautiful to look at for any aspiring traveler. Check out buildings you would have a hard time finding elsewhere such as old firehouses, blacksmith shops, and saloons.

A great time to visit the Columbia State Historic Park is on Saturdays and Sundays when a free tour takes you around this historic location.

Find the Columbia State Historic Park at 22708 Broadway Street in Columbia, California.

Taking the Moaning Caverns Tours

The Moaning Caverns Adventure Park is yet another really great day trip from Sonora. These are the largest caverns of their kind in the whole of California. The Moaning Caverns are located just 20 minutes away from Sonora, so they are well worth the visit and the drive.

To explore the Moaning Caverns, you must sign up for any of their two guided tours. One of them is called the Spiral Tour and the other is known as the Expedition Tour. They leave every day from 10 AM to 4 PM.

At only $20 per person, the spiral tour will take you into the caves where you will descend 165 feet via staircases built within the caves. It is a 45-minute tour and the most famous of the two tours. Be sure to book your tickets for it online as there can be some rush.

The other tour is the Expedition Tour, which is suited for adventure enthusiasts. It is a bit longer than the Spiral Tour at three hours and costs $95 per person. Follow your tour guide who will take you repelling and through networks of tiny caverns within the cave system. This tour can be a great and fun way to engage in adventure, so if you want to do it then be sure to book tickets in advance.

The location of the Moaning Caverns is 5350 Moaning Cave Road in Vallecito California. Find out even more about them by following this link to their official website.

New Melones Lake

New Melones Lake | Photo Credit – Bureau of Reclamation

This scenic and breathtaking attraction is one of the most visited ones in Sonora, California. Enjoy the picturesque shore of the New Melones Lake that alternates between the colors of green trees and the orange sand. There are a lot of things to do and see here at New Melones Lake, especially during the summer months. Enjoy boating, fishing, camping, and more such activities while you are spending a day at this lake.

In order to visit New Melones Lake, you must either go to one of their recreational areas. Tuttletown or Glory Hole. There are a number of activities to enjoy at these recreational areas as well as many hiking trails and scenic locations as well.

A day trip to New Melones Lake will be free as a visitor and will cost you $20 to $40 if you plan on camping here overnight. Enjoy beautiful scenery and hike along the lakefront trails to spend a really awesome day at New Melones Lake.

This is certainly going to be one of the best things you will do in the city of Sonora, CA.

Find the New Melones Lake at Reynolds Ferry Road in Sonora, CA.

Wineries and Taprooms at Sonora

There are a number of great options for enjoying wines in the city of Sonora. There are multiple locations where you can have a glass of the best wines, as well as a jug of the most delicious beers, made right here. This section of our post about the best things to do in Sonora will explore places like these. Keep reading below to find out about the best taprooms and wineries in the town.

Indigeny Reserve

Find this lovely orchard just 10 minutes away from Sonora town. This place is quite famous and believe it or not, it is also one of the top attractions in Sonora. Enjoy a great forest setting as you sip some of the best wines of the region at the Indigency. They not only make wines, but also make ciders, vodkas, and other stuff.

This attraction is particularly great to visit if you have spent a day sightseeing and taking in all the attractions that Sonora has to offer. Relax at their outdoor patio as you enjoy live music. There is also the tasting room that you must not miss while you are here. A visit to the Indigency Reserve tasting room is absolutely free.

Their opening hours are 10 AM to 4 PM from Monday through Wednesday and 10 AM to 5 PM from Thursday through Sunday.

Find them at 14679 Summerns Lane in Sonora, CA.

Sonora Tap Room

This great location is great for enjoying craft drinks. You will be able to find it in Downtown Sonora. The building of this taproom is a historic red brick building. Their menu is small but quite refreshing. It also keeps changing so you should ready yourself for a surprise while you are here. This place is really great for a relaxing evening after a day of sightseeing. The Sonora Tap Room is not a place where you can go for food so it might be a good idea to line up a restaurant trip before or after a couple of hours at the Taproom.

The Sonora Tap Room not only has a menu that rotates but is also open at different hours during different days. It remains closed on Mondays and opens up from 3 PM to 10 PM from Tuesdays through Thursdays. Friday hours are 3 PM to 12 AM while Saturday the pub opens from 12 PM to 12 AM. On Sundays, you can find a drink here from 12 PM to 8 PM.

The address for the Sonora Tap Room is 1 East Linoberg Street in Sonora.

Mark Twain’s Cabin

Mark Twain’s Cabin | Photo Credit – Amit Patel

This Cabin is the place where the famous writer wrote his story about the jumping frog. This story began his career as a writer and as we all know, he is quite famous today. Consequently, many people like to top off their visit to Sonora by visiting this cabin at least once.

It is true that this is kind of a hidden location and many tourists miss it as it is not usually listed on the tour guides that they have read. Also, the cabin is a replica of the original and was built in 1922.

The cabin is located at 20777 Jackass Hill Road in Sonora California.

Tuolumne County Museum

The Tuolumne County is famous for many things. Come to the Tuolumne County Museum and learn even more about this region. The building of the Tuolumne County Museum used to be the site of the Tuolumne County Jail. The details of the old building have been preserved including the memorabilia as well as the outdoor patio which used to be the prison yard.

There are many exhibits here that tell you all about the history of Tuolumne County and its diverse areas. There are many artifacts and antique pieces at the museum that have been arranged according to their geographical significance.

Do visit the Tuolumne County Museum for a great day trip while you are in Sonora. This can be one of the highlights of your trip here. The Tuolumne County Museum is located at 158 Bradford Street in Sonora.

Veterans Memorial Hall and Military Museum

Take a trip into history by coming to visit the Veterans, Memorial Hall. Find historic artifacts as well as antique guns and more items such as portraits and historical records here. You will be able to learn a lot about the wars and battles of the region while you are here. There are displays of military equipment as well as anti-aircraft gun that attracts a lot of visitors.

The Veterans Memorial Hall and Military Museum is a great place to visit and is located at 9 N Washington Street in Sonora. Visit their official website for more information.

In Conclusion

We hope that you enjoyed reading this article about the best things to do in Sonora, California. This content has been curated in order to make it accessible and helpful for you. We hope that you now have a clear idea about all the attractions and things to do in Sonora, California.

Share this article with your friends and fellow travelers and let us know your thoughts in the comments below. If you are someone who has been to Sonora, tell us about the highlights of your trip. Both us and our readers would really appreciate the effort. Tell us about any attractions that we might have missed and we’ll get them on here.

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