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Things To Do In Clermont

Things To Do In Clermont
Clermont | Photo Credit- Kelly Verdeck

Home to one of the early landmarks of Florida, Clermont is a city in the Lake County of central Florida. The city is also in the west of Orlando and on the northern part of the Lake Wales Ridge here in Clermont, FL. Visitors can visit many natural, cultural, and historical attractions. Clermont is famous for being a city with one of the most extensive park systems. As the city is between the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, visiting Clermont will also give you the opportunity of taking day trips to amazing beaches.

Take advantage of our article where we recommend the list of the top attractions and have a guaranteed quality time here. You will not have a dull moment in this alluring city. Scroll down to find out about the best things to do in Clermont, Florida.

Clermont Historic Village Museum

visit Clermont Historic Village Museum
Clermont Historic Village | Photo Credit- Jared

If you want to have a nostalgic trip to the past, visit Clermont Historic Village Museum. This place is one of the best ways in which a history lover can spend a free afternoon. The sight has preserved historic structures. A school, a few residential homes, and a train depot are preserved here to give visitors a glimpse of life in Clermont from the good old days. It is open for a handful of hours a week, so make sure you make reservations here prior to your visit. Click here to visit the official website of the Clermont Historic Village Museum.

Address- 490 West Ave, Clermont, FL 34711

Opening hours- Fri: 1pm – 3pm; Sat – Sun: 1pm – 4pm (closed from Mon to Thu)

Florida Citrus Tower

The Florida Citrus Tower | Photo Credit – jaygannett

The Florida Citrus Tower is considered to be one of the most famous attractions in the entire United States of America! Splendor abounds at this 226-foot tower. It gives the visitors a chance of experiencing a surreal panoramic 360-degree view of the surrounding eight counties. This tower commemorates the citrus industry of Florida. There are beautiful groves of citrus planted around the tower.

The tower has a coin drop area where one can hear the coin touching the bottom when they drop it. The premise also has a banquet facility, a lobby, a gift shop, and even a museum. Their gift shop, Lilly’s Citrus Tower Gift Shop, offers many tower memorabilia and collectibles that you can buy as memoirs. Click here to visit the official website of the Florida Citrus Tower.

Address: 141 US-27, Clermont, FL 34711

President’s Hall of Fame

Another spot in Clermont for history lovers is the President’s Hall of Fame. This attraction is dedicated to the presidents of the United States of America, their legacies, and their families. It features an exhibit that depicts life as it was for the featured president. There is also a miniature model of the White House.

It also hosts special days of national events like the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the presidential election. The President’s Hall of Fame also has a small replica of Mount Rushmore. Have a picture-perfect quality time with your family here. Click here to know more about the events that will be hosted at the President’s Hall of fame at the time of your visit.

Address: 123 S Hwy 27, Clermont, FL 34711

Palatlakaha Recreation Park

Palatlakaha Recreation Park is a typical natural park that offers everything one needs for a fun day outdoors. The park is dotted with trees so even on a sunny day, there are plenty of picnic spots here. It has a jogging track, spaces to play a variety of sports, a playground for kids, and other great amenities. There is even a small trail for hiking that will lead you to the lakefront where you can indulge in some canoeing. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for, In addition, you can find useful amenities such as clean and well-maintained restrooms and parking spaces.

Address: 1250 12th St, Clermont, FL 34711

Opening hours: 7am – 10pm (daily)

Clermont Performing Arts Center

If you are a performing arts enthusiast, one of the best things you can do here is to catch a show at Clermont Performing Arts Center. From live music, dance performances, to theatre performances, there are plenty of options to indulge in here. The center hosts great shows on a regular basis. 

On these premises, you can enjoy your show along with 1200 guests or can have a deluxe watching experience with 246 guests at the black box seats. Not just shows, the center also offers great scenery that you can enjoy. Overlooking the beautiful hills and lake, you can not find a more beautiful sight to catch a performance. Click here to know about the shows being hosted here at the time of your visit.

Address: 3700 US-27, Clermont, FL 34711

King’s Ridge Golf Club

Golf Club Against Ball | Photo Credit- Wojciech Kulicki

Golfers looking for an exotic, luxurious golfing sight, this is truly a place for you. King’s Ridge Golf Club features 36 holes with a challenging golf course. The golf course has greenery with natural, rolling terrain. It hosts several tournaments where you can bring out your inside competitive golfer. 

People who boast to be eminent golfers should test their skills here as this place has water hazards and tricky landing areas. Have your next unforgettable experience as a golfer here at King’s Ridge Golf Club. Click here to know about the tournaments and packages of this golf course.

Address: 1950 Kings Ridge Blvd, Clermont, FL 34711

Downtown Clermont

Clermont – Downtown Christmas Lights | Photo Credit – Jared

Downtown Clermont, just like any other downtown of a small city offers a historical and fun experience. Numerous cozy and quaint restaurants, little quirky shops, historic buildings, busy pathways dot the streets of downtown Clermont. To feel the real vibes of Clermont, you must visit this place.

Take a lazy stroll through the streets and learn about the culture of the city. Cool off at one of the many food joints that serve great freshly brewed coffee and aromatic confectionery. Then, shop at the little shops that line downtown, Clermont. Buy souvenirs for lovers, friends, and family. If none of these interest you, just have a walk around this place, enjoy the cool breeze, and take yourself out on a solo date.

Skeleton Museum of Osteology

Science and history lovers rejoice! One of the most recommended places to visit with kids in Clermont, the Skeleton Museum of Osteology is a must-visit. The museum exhibits almost 500 skeletons from the prehistoric era of the extinct dinosaurs. These exhibits make this place a thrilling and exciting adventure for both kids and adults.

From terrestrial dinosaurs to aerial, you can see the insides of these deadly extinct features at peace here. It is one of the most visited museums in the USA.

Scientists from around the world regularly host talks and events here. Visitors can have an inner view of the skeletons. Click here to know more about the exhibits of the museum.

Address: 10301 S Sunnylane Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73160

Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 9 am – 5 pm; Sat-Sun: 12 pm – 5 pm

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Lake Louisa State Park

Lake Louisa State Park | Photo Credit- Peter & Michelle S

Another great park in Clermont, Lake Louisa State Park has an area of more than 4000 acres. Visitors and locals both indulge in bird watching or photographing flora and fauna. Enjoy a surreal view of huge water bodies and forests. There are many different habitats to explore.

From floral swamps to Cypress palm trees, there are many Instagram-worthy sunset spots in this park. You can also do fishing here. The fauna here includes snakes, foxes, turtles, and more. Hiking and trekking trails are also present here for the more adventurous spirits of the family. 

Address: 7305 US-27, Clermont, FL 34714

Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 8 am – 8:15 pm

Champions Splash Park

Tired of the heat in summers in Clermont? Visit Champions Splash Park to enjoy some fun time in swimming pools and water rides. This heaven is only a place where you can indulge in some splashing and having fun. If you’re visiting the city with kids, you would definitely love visiting this place. There are areas designated for visitors of different ages, so even toddlers can have a fun time here. It is a convenient and pocket-friendly way to spend your time here in Clermont.

Parents can watch their kids having fun and can have a relaxing time here. Check the park’s website here to know about the offers and prices of their tickets. 

Address: 330 3rd St, Clermont, FL 34711

Opening hours: Thu – Sun: 10 am – 5 pm (closed Mon-Wed)

Sky Zone trampoline park

Things To Do In Clermont
Trampoline Time | Photo Credit – Tom Reynolds

Everyone loves a trampoline park. Sky Zone trampoline park is not an exception to this. From adults to kids, a visit to Sky Zone trampoline park will surely offer a good boost to your serotonin level. Not only this, you can also burn some calories here while having fun. The trampolines here are safe and secure for visitors of all ages.

Apart from trampoline beds, you can also play a game of dodgeball, and indulge in freestyle bouncing here. The presence of special instructors makes this place extra safe. Visiting in the mornings or on weekdays is advised so that you can avoid the rush. Check their website here.

Address: 2510 S Hwy 27, Clermont, FL 34711

Withers – Maguire House

History lovers must be aware that the Withers – Maguire house is one of the most prominent historical homes. It is present on East Oakland Avenue. This dignified house is a very well preserved home and a magnificent historical site to visit. This house museum boasts exhibits of aesthetic pieces. From classical art and enormous antique furniture to quirky home-wares from the gone days, everything can be seen here.

The house was built in the 1880s, so it is a great time capsule to get an insight into life from almost a century ago. It has a very beautiful and intricate architecture. It can be a picture-perfect backdrop for your Instagram stories.

Address: 16 E Oakland Ave, Ocoee, FL 34761

Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 9 am – 8 pm (closed Sat-Sun)

Showcase of Citrus

Clermont - Showcase of Citrus - Sign
Clermont – Showcase of Citrus | Photo Credit – Jared

One of the most popular and free attractions in Clermont is the Showcase of Citrus. It is an affordable place that gives one insight into the workings of the citrus industry.

There is a local market situated on site from where you can buy organically produced fresh citrus items. These items include jams, salsas, and juices. Getting a bottle of these nutrient-enriched foods will be the perfect gift for your diet-conscious friends! Check their website here.

Address: 5010 US-27, Clermont, FL 34714

Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 9 am – 7 pm (daily)

Clermont Downtown Partnership Farmers Market

Visiting a city’s farmer’s market makes for a fun Sunday morning. From fresh farm produce and handicrafts to gardening tools, materials, and potted plants, you can get your hands on many interesting things here. So visit Clermont Downtown Partnership Farmers Market from where it is impossible to return home empty-handed. Many events are also hosted in this farmer’s market. You can check the details about these events here.

Address: 620 W Montrose St, Clermont, FL 34711

Opening hours: Sun: 9 am – 2 pm

Crooked Can Brewing Company

Crooked Can Brewing Company is a local brewing company in Clermont, Florida. They have a wide array of handcrafted beers. You can get a can of these beers and forget about all your worries to have a relaxing vacation. It is present in the Winter Garden and has a nice ambiance which is perfect for a relaxing evening with friends and family. They also serve snacks like chicken wings, burgers, fries, and more.

Vegetarians don’t be sad as they also have a wide range of vegetarian foods too. A guided tour of the brewery is also provided on advance booking.

Address: 426 W Plant St, Winter Garden, FL 34787

Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 11 am to 11 pm (daily)

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Orlando Cat Cafe

Cat lovers unite! Orlando Cat Cafe is a famous hotspot among cat lovers. They have a very quirky cat-themed ambiance and a delicious range of food. It is the first cat cafe in the area. The cafe has a play area where visitors can interact with cats! They also have an adoption center. Make reservations at this place by clicking here.

Address: 532 Cagan Park Ave Suite 201-203, Clermont, FL 34714

Opening hours: Mon: 12 am – 6 pm; Tue – Sun: 10 am to 6 pm

Waterfront Park

Another place to cool off in Clermont, Florida
Clermont Waterfront Park | Photo Credit – Jared

Another place to cool off in Clermont, Florida is the Waterfront Park. Visitors get to enjoy the mesmerizing natural sights. The visitors of this park can access the park’s public fishing pier for some quality fishing experiments.

The park also features walking trails, a playground for children, and picnic spots. All this makes Waterfront Park a perfect destination for some family-friendly time. Many triathlons and a Champions’ Dragon Boat Festival are also hosted here. 

Address: 330 3rd St, Clermont, FL 34711

Opening hours: Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 6 am to 10 pm (daily)

The Crooked Spoon Gastropub

The Crooked Spoon Gastropub is a famous restaurant on Citrus Tower Boulevard. This place features a menu with traditional dishes and contemporary foods as well. You can visit the Crooked Spoon Gastropub to have lunch, dinner, or drinks with friends and family.

Recommended items here are their seafood entrees, meatloaf, and mac ‘n cheese. Check out their menu here.

Address: 200 Citrus Tower Blvd, Clermont, FL 34711

Revolution Off Road

Looking for a thrill-seeking experience? Visit Revolution Off-Road. Visitors can take part in activities like ATV riding, clay shooting, clay shooting, archery, and more. People who claim to be lovers of the outdoors should visit this place. 

They have affordable experience packages that allow you to customize your day. Many special events are also hosted here on booking. Check their website here to know more about this place.

Address: 4000 FL-33, Clermont, FL 34714

Opening hours: Mon – Tue: Closed; Wed-Sat: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm 

Hope this article will help you in making a perfect itinerary for Clermont, FL. Also, read about the best things to do in Florida.

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