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Best Wine Bars In Hoboken, NJ

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Hoboken Wine Bars: Best Wine Bars In Hoboken, NJ

Best Wine Bars In Hoboken: Hoboken is not just known for being the birthplace of baseball and Hudson river, it’s a go to place for party loving travelers & locals. You can visit Hoboken for an extended holiday, be a part of festivals in the town, visit Hoboken Museums, take some Yoga classes at the pier and if you love beer over wine don’t forget to pay your visit at pier 13 Hoboken.

You can enjoy some stunning bars and restaurants in Hoboken, nightlife in Hoboken is lively and a glass of good wine with some delicious food at waterfront restaurants makes it even more attractive. 

Best Wine Bars In Hoboken
Photo Credit – Marco Verch/Flickr

No matter what your travel style is, Hoboken has something for everyone, as a traveler everyone likes to enjoy vibrant nightlife, but many destinations fall short of things to do during the day when everyone is working and most of the nightlife loving travelers are sleeping in their hotel.

Fortunately, Hoboken is blessed with Piers, Parks, water activities in Hudson river and lots of fun things to do in Hoboken. You can explore our blog for more information on the best things to do in Hoboken and let’s keep this article for some of the best wine bar’s I would like to recommend.

So, I’ve researched and created a list of some of the finest and most favorite spots, where grabbing the sip of wine in the comfortable and lovely surroundings will make you fall in love with the city.

# 1 Onieal’s at 343 Park Ave

Grilled Shrimp Salad – Jazz Guy/Flckr

This wine bar is one of the most fascinating spots, situated in Hoboken, the bar has complete arrangement to keep the visitors entertained all night with many exclusive deals & offers.

If you want to want to enjoy your night out without burning hole in your pocket, then head out to the Onieal’s on Wednesday, They celebrate wine down Wednesday allowing visitors for partying all night long while sipping the glass of wine by just paying half the price.

Late night menu is awesome, have a look on some food items from the menu below.

Tip – Try a glass of wine with grilled shrimp salad

  • Toasted Pita & Hummus
  • Cheese Fries
  • Fresh fried Mozzarella
  • Chicken Fingers
  • Buffalo Shrimp
  • Cheese Quesadilla
  • Crisp fried Calamari
  • Onieal’s loaded nachos
  • The Alps
  • The Californian burger
  • The all-american burger
  • The Ragin’ Cajun
  • The caprese Burger
  • And so much more….

Location – 343 Park Avenue Hoboken, NJ 07030

#2 Bin 14 at 1314 Washington St

Best Wine Bars In Hoboken
Bin14 – Photo credit – bin14

Head to Bin 14 for tasting some of the best quality wines and make yourself relax after the  long hours of journey. After going through the reviews of the bar, we got to know about how desirable this place is among people!

The reviews are directly reflecting the extreme liking towards this place in people, especially about their staff and customer service.

The most lovable part to enjoy in this bar is the back patio, it is a kind of space where you can just sit and relax in the open air, so if club atmosphere sometimes makes you suffocated, then Bin 14 has special arrangements for that too.

Also, don’t ignore the food of the bar, you can try some snacks while having a glass of wine.

Tip – Don’t miss out on The truffle fries and bruschetta.

Location – 1314 Washington St Hoboken, NJ 07030.

#3 Brass Rail at 135 Washington St

Best Wine Bars In Hoboken
Credit – Brass rail

The bar is mainly worth visiting while you are in the city during winters. As winters are perfect to explore and enjoy the coziness in the bar along with the nightlife feel.

Restaurants Interior is quite interesting, dim lights, brass decor in the surroundings, trendy music making the atmosphere cozy and relaxed.

The best part here is, this bar is too having a deal of celebrating the wine-down wednesday, every week and catered all its visitors with wines for half price.

There are daily specials in the bar, so no matter what day of the week just head to the restaurant and enjoy the offers.

  1. Monday to Friday – Happy Hour (4 pm to 7 pm), visitors are served the best wines in the half price.
  1. Sunday Funday – Prix fixe brunch ($23 two courses with a complimentary (“brunch cocktail”)
  1. Moody Monday – visitors get the wine at half price between 4 pm to 7 pm. And get prix fixe dinner all night for just $35.
  1. Tequila Tuesdays – same as monday schedule.
  1. Wine – down Wednesdays – draft beer and wine in the half price (4 pm to 7 pm). Prix Fixe Dinner (5 30 pm to 6 30 pm) at $35.
  1. Thirsty Thursdays – same as wednesday’s schedule.
  1. Finally Friday – again, the same schedule as above with some more special arrangements at night after 11 pm.
  1. It’s Saturday – prix fixe brunch with some additional drinks, and Prix fixe dinner (5 30 to 6 30 pm).at $35.

Each day here in this bar is celebrated with lots of fun and special deals, and not only this,

You are also warmly welcome to host your personal events, corporate events or social gatherings, for getting some detailed and deep info regarding the offerings and services of the bar, check out their website.

Location- 135 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030, United States.

#4 Saku at

Best Wine Bars In Hoboken
Credit – Sakuhoboken

It’s a wine and whiskey bar located in Hoboken. You will be amazed by its huge variety of cocktails, wines and beers, You can also expect amazing Japanese and Asian dishes with a glass of cocktail or wine.

Their menu is loaded with the yummiest dishes and the bar also facilitates its visitors in teaching them their secret recipes. And this is one of the best things to experience there. Check out the menu here

.While these are few best rated from my experience, there are no shortage of bars and clubs in Hoboken, It’s a paradise city for party lovers. If you heading to Hoboken, you will be great time in the town.

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