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Best Top Things To Do In Grande Prairie, Alberta

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Top Things To Do In Grande Prairie

Grande Prairie is a quaint town located in the Peace Country region of northwestern Canada
Grande Prairie | Photo Credit – Guilhem Vellut

Grande Prairie is a quaint town located in the Peace Country region of northwestern Canada. This town has a lot of exciting experiences to offer to all its visitors. There are museums where you can spend the entire day learning about the region’s rich past. Or you can visit its iconic provincial parts, home to some of the most scenic camping grounds in the country.

If you cannot choose between beaches and mountains, this location is perfect for you as there are ample lakeside venues as well as hiking trails here. You can explore all these attractions of Grande Prairie with your friends and family during your stay in Canada.

A trip down the memory lane at the Grande Prairie Museum

The Grande Prairie Museum is one of the most underrated places in Northwestern Alberta. This is a museum that will tell you more about the city’s iconic past, it is open for visitors all seven days of the week, throughout the year. The museum hosts several openings, historical demonstrations, events, and festivals all through the year that you can visit with your friends and family.

This place is the one-stop destination for all curious minds that wish to know more about the people that built the Peace Region. The Museum also depicts the lives of indigenous peoples. When here, you can find information about the dinosaurs that once lived here, railways, minerals, military artifacts, antiques, vintage vehicles and so much more.

The museum is located in the gorgeous Muskoseepi Park and will make for a great place to explore with your family. As of now, the museum maintains more than 55 000 items in its collection and hosts several galleries that talk about the past and contemporary cultures of the region.

Famous galleries like the Isabel Campbell Gallery and the Mel Rodacker Gallery attract visitors all through the year. The Heritage Village is also located in close proximity to the museum and is one of a kind. This is a village recreated to resemble how homes and shops would have looked like in the past.

The Heritage Village consists of 20 historical replica buildings that were restored for Grande Prairie. It consists of a diverse range of buildings like cabins, blacksmith’s shop, fire hall, heritage barn, gardens, schoolhouse, ice house, Church, creek store and so much more. You must visit the village to get the best of both indoor and outdoor sightseeing.

Take a stroll in the Muskoseepi Park

Muskoseepi Park | Photo Credit – Steven Sarginson

In the heart of Grand Prairie, you will find an 1100 acres wide gorgeous patch of land, now known as the Muskoseepi Park. The whole park can be divided into six different and unique excursions that will make for a great day trip when in Grand Prairie. The name of the Park is in the Cree language and means “bear creek”. The park is a symbol of Grande Prairie’s cultural heritage and scenic landscapes.

When here, you will get spectacular sights of the Bear Creek Valley, the Grande Prairie Museum is in close proximity as well. The park has several recreational spaces for activities like sports, theater, fishing (during the summer), horse riding, miniature golf, climbing wall, skateboarding, South Peace Regional Archives, rooms for overnight stay, tennis, and others. Historically, the park has been a gathering place since before its inception.

The Moccasin Flats, right by the creek, used to be a popular site among the inhabitants of the First Nation. The Grande Prairie Park officially came about the same time as the settlement around Grande Prairie grew, commemorating the 100th anniversary of Canada’s creation. 

There are many unique places here like the amphitheater and the Ernie Radbourne Pavilion. This pavilion is also the administrative building for the park, built from the Alberta Heritage Fund in the year 1986. It is one of the most important locations of the area as several cultural activities and events are conducted here.

There is a pond right outside the building where you can find young people skating in the winter or fishing in the summer. The Ernie Radbourne Pavilion is also connected with the Muskoseepi Park Trail system from where you can begin a peaceful trail with your friends and family.

Soak in local art and culture at the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie

The best and often the quickest way to know more about the people of a region is to visit an art gallery. Galleries not only showcase the best of past artistry but also provide a space for younger artists to present their work as they live. Thus, art galleries seem to tell us a lot about the kind of art and message that the people of a place wish to preserve.

The art gallery of Grande Prairie is one such window to the region’s culture and lifestyle. It is curated regularly and hosts several events, you can read more about their upcoming events here. The art gallery of Grande Prairie is one of the largest free-admission art galleries in Canada. It is home to the Montrose Cultural Center, Grande Prairie Library and the Teresa Sargent Hall. The art gallery is also conscious of the changing environment and is built with safe and sustainable goals. 

In addition to hosting events and exhibitions, the art gallery of Grande Prairie also has a permanent collection of more than 750 artifacts. Almost all of these pieces were created exclusively in Alberta, by the residents of the region. Some of its most famous collections include the ‘Fire with Southwest Wind’ by Robert Guest, ‘River Study’ by Ester Gibson, ‘Swamp Spruce’ by Joyce Brown, and ‘Study of a Pine Tree’ by Euphemia McNaught.

The art gallery of Grande Prairie also hosts a few traveling exhibitions, supported by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, you can learn more about them here and catch one of them when you can! 

Skiing at the Saskatoon Island Provincial Park

Skiing Alberta | Photo Credit – pauljoelhancock

For a lot of us Alberta, by extension, Canada as well makes for the perfect winter destination. The region has several great spots for hiking trails, snowshoe walks under the moon, ice skating, and skiing. The Saskatoon Island Provincial Park has over the years emerged as one of the most picturesque skiing spots in Alberta.

It is located at a short distance of 25 km away from central Grande Prairie, on highway number 43. It is one of the oldest provincial parks in the region and has several unique recreational activities to offer. Water skiing is one of the most beloved sports activities that people come to Saskatoon Island Provincial Park for. 

The Saskatoon Island Provincial Park makes for an excellent day-long trip with your friends and family. There are places for you to stay through the night, tables and chairs for a quick picnic, and playgrounds for a wide range of activities. The provincial park has several loops for different camping experiences as well.

There is one large camping area here as well if you wish to bring on a significantly large number of people for a camping trip (like school and college trips). The park covers a dazzling 100 hectares and is around a century old. The name itself has a beautiful origin, the Cree First Nations people would pick on saskatoon berries that would grow in the region in order to make pemmican.

The provincial park is also home to Saskatoon Lake, which has also been designated as a Migratory Bird Sanctuary. The region preserves unique species like the Trumpeter Swan and other native plants. There is a viewing stand that you can visit by following the self-guided tour of the sanctuary. The lake makes for the perfect ski trail during the winter, some people also enjoy snowshoeing and ice skating at the skating rink.

Try your luck at the Great Northern Casino

The Great Northern Casino is a great place to rejuvenate. The casino offers excellent food, live entertainment options, and interesting games, straight from vegas! The Great Northern Casino is located in the Peace River Country, Grande Prairie. Visiting the casino is one of the best ways to witness some fresh comedy acts, live bands, and performers from the region.

Once you have explored the other natural wonders of the region, this might be the best place to grab a drink and unwind yourself. The Great Northern Casino also offers karaoke services, VLTs, and gaming tables for those who are familiar with casino games or wish to try their hand at a couple of games during vacation.  

The old casino hosts its own Kokanee Comedy Night every Wednesday, 8 pm onwards. There are a bunch of other shows and comedy events that are held here all through the year that you can grab a seat for during your stay in Grande Prairie. Their live entertainment also features excellent bands that come here when touring the region from all over the world.

Their classic AAA Black Angus steaks and chef special menus will leave your mouth watering. The casino really will give you a great ambiance and culinary experience, all at once. You must visit the Great Northern Casino of Grande Prairie when in Canada. 

Outdoor adventures at Nitehawk Year-Round Adventure Park

Water Ramps | Photo Credit – Guilhem Vellut

The Nitehawk Adventure Park of Grande Prairie is often heralded as the Jewel of the Peace Country. This is a great place to visit with your friends and family to explore some of the most exciting and adventure outdoor activities of Canada. The park offers activities that people of all ages can participate in without any trouble.

The park is only a 10-minute drive away from Grande Prairie and offers excellent summer and winter activities. Locals and tourists both enjoy visiting the park for freestyle water ramps and the Gravity Mountain biking trails during the summer. Whereas in the winter, the place transforms into a perfect camping and skiing ground for those who enjoy such excursions.

Not surprisingly, the Nitehawk Adventure Park was also the venue for the Arctic Games in 2010. Other than this, the place is also celebrated as the picture-perfect venue for weddings and other public events. 

Nitehawk Adventure Park is home to more than 46 actively serviced sites for camping purposes as well. 

Shopping at the Prairie Mall

The Prairie Mall has served the Grande Prairie region for more than 40 years now, being the only indoor shopping center in the area. It is located on Highway 43 and hence, it has become one of the most integral cultural centers in the region, connecting several places across British Columbia and Alberta.

There is a guest services kiosk that you will find in the mall upon entering the mall. They will help you navigate the mall and also guide you in case you need to reach a specific store. You will also get WiFi access here so if you need to attend an urgent work call in the middle of your vacation, this might be just the perfect place for you. 

There are family changing rooms for those who need to change their kids’ diapers or just wash up before heading on to the next location. The Prairie Mall is a great place to stroll around as the mall is a public area that remains open all through the day, all days of the week except Sunday. The mall also has Canada Post Services here in case you need to send or receive packages.

Drop by the Prairie Mall to purchase some memorable gift items and souvenirs for your friends back home. The Southwest corner of the Prairie Mall has the Shopper’s drug market for all your medicinal purchases, you will also be able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine doses here, provided you seek an appointment before you arrive there.

Catch a live play at the Grand Prairie Theatre

The Grande Prairie Live Theatre is one of the largest theatre communities in Canada. They have been performing live theatre for non-profit initiatives, bringing together theatre professionals from all across the country. They are very active, producing more than seven plays in a season in addition to several other events, concerts, workshops, and screenings that are held year all through the year. 

More than 11 000 people visit this theatre company located in the quaint town of Grand Prairie. This theatre company has an active group of more than three hundred volunteers that have kept the curtains raised here. The Grande Prairie Live Theatre hosts its events in a 161-seat theatre located in the Downtown region of Grande Prairie.

The theatre community here has been active for more than 57 years, producing widely watched and critically acclaimed live theater. Visiting this theatre and watching a live show would be a great way to make memories and know more about the region during your vacation in Grande Prairie. 

Challenge yourself in a climbing competition at Grande Prairie Regional College

Vacations are a great time to relax and rejuvenate from our stressful lives. However, some of us adrenaline junkies also enjoy a good sport once in a while. Grande Prairie hosts several climbing competitions in the indoor climbing gym located in Grande Prairie Regional College. The gym is more than 3500 sq ft wide and has a textured climbing surface.

There are professionals here that can guide you if you are not a professional climber yourself. This makes the gym a great excursion for beginners and experienced climbers that visit this place. Some of the most commonly hosted competitions include the Rocktober Fest and the Peace Country Climbing Championships.  

Surreal views of the Canadian Rockies from Two Lakes Provincial Park

Around 142 km away from Grande Prairie, you can find the Two Lakes Provincial Park of Alberta
Canadian Rockies | Photo Credit- G. Lamar

Around 142 km away from Grande Prairie, you can find the Two Lakes Provincial Park of Alberta. This natural park is located on the foothills of the Rockies, nestled between two gorgeous lakes. The park is at a glorious elevation of more than 3500 ft, making it one of the most scenic places you can visit during your stay in Grande Prairie.

When here, you can take up a wide range of activities like canoeing or kayaking in the lake, camping by the lakeside, fishing, horseback riding, boating and watching the wildlife of the region. The park offers at least three unique and exciting hiking trails that you can take up to explore the landscapes of the region.

If you are lucky, you can spot elks, osprey, loons and grizzly bears during your stay. Hop on and visit the Two Lakes Provincial Park or you might miss out on the adorable sight of watching bears feed in berries! 

Meet the community at Spirit River

Elevation Sled Dog is one of the most iconic places in Grande Prairie
Spirit River, Alberta, Canada | Photo Credit – Rural Health Professi

Spirit River is a town located in Northwestern Canada, in close proximity to Grande Prairie. This is a thriving community of people who support their own agricultural and oil industries. It is a quaint trading town and happens to be among the oldest towns in the Peace Country region. The town is resplendent with the culture and stories of the Cree people who have lived here for centuries. The town also has the iconic Spirit River Museum.

The Museum has a collection of structures from the beginning of the 20th century and arrows and spears from more than 11 000 years ago. When here, you can also pay a visit to Charlie’s Cabin, which continues to have the same interiors as it did hundreds of years ago. You can also drop by the Flour Mill and Building, Reed House, The Holy Greek Church, Andrews Anglican Church, and the Spirit Valley Hall, among other remarkable locations.

Enjoy a dog sled tour at Evergreen Park

Dog Sledding | Photo Credit – Dave Dugdale

Elevation Sled Dog is one of the most iconic places in Grande Prairie. They offer dog sled tours and host several exciting events for all enthusiasts. The setup is led by Aaron and his team who also compete for the longest and arguably the toughest sled dog race in the whole world. These tours are thrilling rides where dogs power through the snow, offering some of the most exhilarating experiences you will ever come across.

You will be guided by professionals who will either teach you or accompany you during the rides. This is a great activity to embark upon with your group when in Grande Prairie, you will surely have some refreshing memories to take back home!

Visit the ice arenas of Coca Cola Center

The Coca Cola Center of Grande Prairie is home to the twin ice arenas. These arenas are majestic, they can hold more than 1600 spectators and host a wide variety of events. Public skating and ice hockey are two commonly observed activities that locals participate in when here.

The center is a part of the Community Knowledge Campus and also looks after the affairs of the Grande Prairie Minor Hockey, Alberta Hockey and the Grande Prairie Skating Club. There are several rentals here if you want to try out any of the sports here but do not have the equipment for it. This area is also a good venue for birthdays and other such events. 

Rejuvenate at the L Spa and Wellness Center

Spa | Photo Credit – Tim Reckmann

We spend a lot of time outdoors during vacations. This can take a toll on our body, causing aches and breakouts in the skin that we cannot explain. Moreover, a spa day is essential during any vacation so that you can actually relax, without having to worry about the next big adventure. L Spa and Wellness Center will take care of all your needs, as they are the “oasis” of healthy living and calm.

They have a team of skilled and experienced professionals that will offer you a wide range of services at the spa. You can try any of their therapies like foot, face, or holistic therapy or go for a rejuvenating full body massage. You can book an appointment online and they will ensure that you get the best care during your stay in Grande Prairie. For more travel guides and information, visit Look Up Trips today!

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