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Best Things To Do In Waterbury, CT

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Things To Do In Waterbury

Things To Do In Waterbury
Brass Mill Center |Photo Credit – JJBers

Waterbury is a city in the Connecticut state of the United States of America. It is a part of the New England region, home to some of the biggest brass producers in the world. You can visit this city to know more about the brass industry, the production of watches and so much more!

This pristine town has many historical buildings and museums for visitors to explore. A walk around the green regions of Waterbury will rejuvenate you. You must visit the legendary theatres and museums of Waterbury during your stay in New England. 

Go fishing at the Hop Brook Lake

Things To Do In Waterbury
Hop Brook Lake | Photo Credit – CorpsNewEngland

Hop Brook Lake has played a pivotal role in Connecticut. It flows through Naugatuck, Middlebury, and Waterbury. Previously, this lake used to be a part of the local dam. However, now this lake has become a recreational pool where visitors can relax with their friends and family.

Fishing is one of the most common activities at Hop Brook Lake. The freshwaters of the pool are rich with aquatic life like panfish and the largemouth bass. Over the years, the lakeside has become a premier picnic spot for locals and tourists alike. 

During your visit to Hop Brook Lake, you can add a game of ball as well. The lakeside has its very own ball field for visitors. In addition to the field, the sandy-man beach is in close proximity as well. 

Catch a splendid live performance of the Waterbury Symphony Orchestra

Things To Do In Waterbury
Symphony Orchestra Concert | Photo Credit – Lad Strayer

The Waterbury Symphony Orchestra is one of the oldest musical acts in the region. It began playing in 1928 and is a very popular orchestra even today. The Waterbury Symphony Orchestra has brought live classical music into the lives of many avid listeners in New England. 

The orchestra organizes several live shows and concerts in Waterbury. More than a hundred musicians volunteer to be a part of this unique group of music enthusiasts. Waterbury Symphony Orchestra usually performs at the Naugatuck Valley Community College and The Palace Theatre.

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A walk down the memory lane at the Mattatuck Museum

Mattatuck Museum | Photo Credit – Hrag Vartanian

One of the most enduring and enjoyable ways to connect with the culture of a region is by visiting a museum. The Mattatuck Museum Arts and History Center is tailor-made for people who like to remember and celebrate history. This unique museum has curated the contemporary and ancient history of Waterbury. 

The museum is home to several permanent exhibits as well as regularly updated exhibitions by local artists. They have exhibits dedicated to chronicling the history of brands like Sunbeam Bread that began from the local Reymond Baking Co. 

Mattatuck Museum holds several interactive exhibitions as well. The building is an ode to the upbeat and modern culture of Connecticut. This is the perfect place to bring young kids in order to feed their curious minds. 

Take a stroll at the Library Park

Rejuvenation | Photo Credit – Joegoauk Goa

No vacation is successful without rest and rejuvenation. Sure, you might like to explore new places, go hiking, and swimming in nature, however, nothing soothes the soul like a good book in a library. 

Library park is a testament to Waterbury’s thriving local community. The park is a popular venue for bands on tour because it has its very own bandshell. Waterbury’s library park hosts several live shows and events. You must check their listings to catch an event during your stay at Waterbury, Connecticut. 

Library Park is covered with fresh grass and walking tracks. There are many gazebos where you can rest and read during your visit. The Harrub Performing Arts Pavilion became a part of the park in 1985. 

The Library Park of Waterbury is of historical significance as well. This park used to be a cemetery not a long time ago. Over the years, weed grew over the cemeteries and became what we know as the Library Park. Some families continue to have private cemeteries in some parts of the park.

Bowling at the Lakewood Lanes

Bowling | Photo Credit – Amy Claxton

The Lakewood Lanes gaming arena has been hosting tournaments and bowling leagues for several years now. It is home to 42 bowling alleys, well-groomed by the local staff. This is the perfect place to come with your friends for a night out during your stay in Waterbury.

Apart from the bowling alleys, Lakewood Lanes is also famous for its gaming arcade. You can try your hand at video games and interactive fun games at the arcade as well. The arcade is accompanied by a snack bar that will serve you delicious American treats. 

A BIblical exploration at the Holy Land Ruins

The USA is home to some of the most exciting theme parks in the world. However, for those who do not know, it might come as a shock that Waterbury, Connecticut has its very own Bible theme park. 

This unique theme park was inspired by a few select passages from the Holy Book of the Bible. There is a chapel, stations of the cross, Israelite villages, and catacombs throughout the park. Moreover, these relics were created from previously discarded items- like bathtubs, cinder blocks, etc. 

Holy Land Ruines was vandalized in the year 1984. This shut the doors of this bewildering park forever. However, in the year 2014, the park was reopened after 30 long years. The park also held an inaugural mass after it reopened. 

Some of the many attractions of this theme park include the Garden of Eden, a diorama that showcases Daniel in the lion’s den as well as a recreation of the Ministry of Jesus. It took immense community support to revive the theme park after it was exposed to many controversies before. 

Try delicious handcrafted beer at the Brass Works Brewing Company

Handcrafted beer | Photo Credit – Alan Levine

Michael and David began brewing from their family kitchen at home in the 1980s. They were joined by other members of their family- Christopher and Kyle and together, the four of them started their very own brewery in Waterbury. 

This family crew has been experimenting and presenting unique beer recipes to the people of Connecticut. They serve distinct flavors across all types of brews- ales, porters, lagers, stouts, seltzers, sours, and cider. These combinations are also available as taps. 

You can order a keg from their brewery online as well. They offer food truck options during some days of the week for their regular customers. Brass Works Brewing Company is often seen collaborating with breweries and wineries from other parts of the region as well.

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Visit the Welton Fountain at the Waterbury Green

Waterbury Green is located at the heart of Waterbury- in the Downtown Waterbury National Register Historic District. This is a beautiful green escape located in the middle of Waterbury’s concrete jungle. 

This park has several walking paths that collide with each other and different parts of the city. Waterbury Green was built with history in mind- its green landscape flows through the monuments of the city. At the center of Waterbury Green is a picturesque bronze fountain, known as the Welton Fountain. 

Of course, this is a great place to click pictures and learn more about the history of the region. Waterbury Clock, a vintage relic from 1915 stands in this green park. The soldier’s memorial was also built towards the southern end of Waterbury Green. 

Oak, honey locust, cherry, elm, and several more trees ornament Waterbury Green. Waterbury green park also has several flower beds that look absolutely spectacular during the blooming seasons. The park is flocked by commercial and religious buildings throughout its length, taking you on a tour in the past and the present.

Take part in an adrenaline-pumping game at Extreme Paintball

Paintball | Photo Credit – Bastian

We often do not get the opportunity to spend leisure time with our friends and family. We entangle ourselves in chores or daily rituals and forget to explore entertainment options that could be inclusive of everyone’s wishes. 

Paintball is a unique game that allows the thrill of adventure parks in a limited secluded place. During the game, the group will be divided into two rival teams. These teams will be equipped with paintballs and paintball guns, with the sole aim of getting maximum hits on the opponent.

There are several options for difficulty level in the game that you can opt for during your visit to Extreme Paintball. Their operation has been open to the public since 1992, truly ahead of their times. Extreme Paintball has been a local favorite venue for birthday parties and other celebrations in Waterbury. 

Become a fairy for the day at the Fairy Village! 

Yes! You read that right, Waterbury is home to its very own fairy village. It is also known as the Little People Village by the locals. Today, you can visit this place to see the ruins of a beautiful old town, cradled in the forests of Waterbury. 

This place is located in the forest and on top of a cliff. Several tiny houses lay carved inside the cliff along with a huge throne. You can take a small hike in the region and explore the flowerbeds of what used to be a luscious garden in the past.

There are several local legends about the Fairy Village. However, it remains a popular tourist attraction, providing a surreal experience to all visitors. You can visit the Maggie McFly restaurant as well, to meet the local community of the village. 

A visit to the Barker Character, Comic and Cartoon Museum

When in Connecticut, you can drive to the small town of Cheshire from Waterbury. Here, you can visit an exciting toy museum, known as the Barker Character, Comic, and Cartoon Museum. It is home to the personal collection of more than 80,000 items that were curated by Gloria and Herbert Barker.

The collection consists of displays that are older than the nineteenth century! It is an adorable and intriguing display of toys. This museum will tell you about the kind of toys and fictional stories people have enjoyed across generations in America. 

Ramp Walkers, designed to be run by gravity is a unique relic of this museum. The Zilotine Clown musical wind-up toy from 1930, and some original recreations of the Popeye are also on display here.

There are other snippets of history in the museum as well. A display of California Raisins will remind you of the famous advertisement from 1986 that shook America. Barker Museum is perfect for children and adults alike. If you’d like, you can also book group tours and private tours of the museum. 

Try scrumptious chocolates at Fascia’s Chocolates

Fascia’s Chocolates is one of the oldest confectionery in Connecticut. They are a family-run operation that has been making delightful chocolates since 1964. Custodians of heritage and hidden secrets from the confectionary world, you cannot miss them during your stay in Waterbury, Connecticut. 

They rely on tried and tested traditions of chocolate production. Their recipes are stirred in copper kettles while the fresh chocolate is crystalized on marble slabs. All products from Fascia’s chocolates are made by hand, using in-house ingredients. 

The best part is the Chocolate Experience Tour. During this tour, a professional from their staff will guide you through the process of making chocolate and other confections in their kitchen. Moreover, you will also get the opportunity to try your own hand at making a fresh chocolate bar. 

Fascia’s chocolate organizes several cooking events and chocolate sales throughout the year. Some of their best events are organized in partnership with the Naugatuck Railroad. Here you can enjoy fresh chocolate during a ride on a vintage train in Waterbury. 

Explore the Mickey Mouse Watch Exhibition and more at the Timexpo Museum

Waterbury is home to the Timex company,
Mickey Mouse | Photo Credit – JeffChristiansen

Waterbury is home to the Timex company, one of its oldest industries. The Timexpo building honors the history of this industry. The museum has an inexhaustible collection of timepieces, watches, artifacts, and more from several centuries ago.

Of course, the museum is also home to an amusing mickey mouse watch collection that pays homage to the mickey mouse era. The collection sprawls across several floors, displaying the unique fashion and technological innovations that took place at Timex.

In addition to these specific themes, one huge chunk of the Timexpo museum is absolutely abstract. The designer of the museum created the gallery of exploration, where you can see a wide number of bizarre exhibitions. 

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Live theatre at the Palace Theatre

Waterbury has a thriving theatre community. The people of this city put together exciting theatrical productions at the Palace Theatre. What’s more, the building of the Palace Theatre is a treat to the eyes in itself, a welcome cherry on top of the cake!

This theatre was originally designed in the Renaissance Revival aesthetic, putting together a blend of Greco-Roman, Arabic, and American styles. The Palace Theatre has huge lobbies, larger-than-life domes, and comfortable seating arrangements for all guests. 

You can rent any of their spaces for your private events as well. The Webster Hall, Grand Foyer, and the Poli Club are some of their most extravagant venues. The Poli Club is a dining venue that serves food and beverages before theatre performances.

Performing theatre groups often host table readings at the Palace Theatre. These meetings allow audience members to observe and engage with performers during rehearsals. The Poli Club hosts Jazz Nights, do not miss the events, regularly listed on their website.

Solve mysteries at the All Adventures Mystery Rooms

Enrolling in a game at the All Adventures Mystery Room might be the perfect way to spend time at Waterbury. These adventure-mystery rooms are games, designed by experts and storytellers. You and your group will get an opportunity to solve unique mysteries or become superheroes to save the day!

With a diverse range of options, All Adventures Mystery Rooms of Waterbury have something to offer for all mystery enthusiasts. Problem-solving skills and a zeal to look for clues are the only things you need to enjoy a game here. These centers are located in a few other cities in Northern America as well.

If you know someone who enjoys mysteries, you can also share a gift card for the game with them. The mystery rooms are also a great place to hold parties or corporate events. Their games also come with exciting reward programs for the winners. 

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