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Things To Do In Pittsfield

Things To Do In Pittsfield
Pittsfield, Massachusetts | Photo Credit – Doug Kerr

Surrounded by the beautiful picture-perfect mountain hilltops, dispersed herds of cattle, and wide farmland of Western Massachusetts. Pittsfield is a perfect blend of fun and relaxation when you are going on vacation with New York City is located about 140 miles and Boston with little more than 120 miles. Both happen to be an easy traveling distance from these two major metro cities. 

It provides the perfect place for city dwellers who look for a countryside escape. In addition to that, it also offers great recreational activities for outdoor enthusiasts. There are some fabulous art galleries and museums which add more to this city. 

If you happen to have an interest in Athletics you can head for lofty hills to enjoy great trails, mountain biking, hiking, and canopy tours. In winter, it’s a perfect skiing destination. For additional information, you can visit here.

1.0 Lake Onota

Onota Lake is beautifully spread across an area of 620 acres. With Pittsfield city in its adjacent areas.
Lake Onota | Photo Credit – Doug Kerr

Onota Lake is beautifully spread across an area of 620 acres. With Pittsfield’s city in its adjacent areas. The region hosts many lakes and numberless opportunities for kayaking,  and paddleboarding. Lake Onota is a perfect place for rowers, swimmers, fishermen, sailors, it is a perfect place to be. and others who are interested in water activities. It is a beautiful lake to visit during vacations and during short trips. Sitting by the lake is one of the best things to do in Pittsfield.

1.1 Burbank Park

Burbank Park which is located on the eastern edge of the lake offers its visitors a vast recreational area of 140-acre.  Where one can enjoy all kinds of boating, walking, and scenic picnic spots. As a visitor, you can bring your own boat to sail around or get one on rent. Walking around the park is one of the best things to do.

Burbank Park is also a popular swimming destination with Lifeguards on duty throughout the day. A walking trail that runs along the adjacent border of the lake. Fishing is one of the most captivating sports that, hosts many participants. For instance, a variety of fish are available for the fishing sport.

2.0 Berkshire Museum

The Berkshire Museum has great things to offer in Pittsfield
Berkshire Museum – Pittsfield | Photo Credit – Massachusetts Office Of

The Berkshire Museum has great things to offer, to the minds of people, children, families, and friends that visit this museum. It’s a fabulous place for all those who want to engage themself in learning science, art, and history. Museum has a perfect blend for its History and Science lovers. It has perfect things in a showcase for all types of crowds.

The museums host many presentations from time to time, in order to highlight the connections between science, arts, and history. These exhibitions may be temporary or permanent depending upon the theme.  The museum also offers plenty of fun and educational activities for children. For more than 100 years it has been a center of attraction for visitors. Taking a tour of this place is one of the best things to do in Pittsfield.

2.1 Make Sure to check out

“The World in Miniature” includes 14 extraordinary miniature scenes depicting flora and fauna in their endemic habitats. So students can know more about geography and ecology across the earth. Museum also lets you know about the lithology of minerals and rocks found in the earth’s crust. The Berkshire Museum also has an aquarium with over 30 tanks featuring ocean life from the cavefish, seahorses, and more. The Berkshire Backyard showcases the wildlife found in the native forests, lakes, and fields.

2.2 Main Attractions

In Berkshire Museum 20,000 plus artistic objects are well-placed, which remain on rotation during occasions of a special exhibition and traveling. Which also makes you go back and see if something is new! It is also home to the Little Cinema, which shows a distinguished selection of world works in cinematography.

3.0 Herman Melville’s Arrowhead

In 1850, Melville moved his family from New York City to Pittsfield, MA
Herman Melville’s Arrowhead | Photo Credit – Pablo Sanchez Martin

Herman Melville’s Arrowhead is now designated as a landmark in National History. The Berkshire County Historical Society maintains the villa and its surrounding areas. Its believed that this old farmhouse was the home of celebrated author Herman Melville and his family from 1851-1891. Moby-Dick, Pierre, The Confidence-Man, Pierre, Israel Potter, and The Piazza Tales, a short story collection, are some of his famous literary works which he wrote here. Coming here in itself is one of the best things to do in Pittsfield.

For more information, please check their official website Berkshire County Historical Society

3.1 Main Attraction

A tour of his property is very much relevant, as it reveals more about his family history and his upbringing as a writer. Ranked Among the greatest American authors. Wonderful artifacts related to Herman Melville, including the arrowhead that he unearthed. That led to the name of his property being Arrowhead. Not only that, but his home has many other artifacts, manuscripts, and photographs that reflect the history of Western Massachusetts. On top of it, the house has a small library that has Melville’s personal book collection. It’s not large, but it’s significantly great. 

At the museum parking and admission are free. But a fee is charged for the guided tour of the house, which is strongly recommended by people. House tours are given by trained professionals who will make sure you see the house, Melville’s study, and Historic barn. The museum is open seven days a week. The first tour starts at 10 a.m. and the last one at 4 p.m. Guided tours cost $8 for children and $16 for adults. Each tour is about 45 minutes and tourists are welcome to walk the museum’s surrounding grounds and nature trail.

4.0 Pittsfield State Forest

Berry Pond at the State Forest | Photo Credit – Massachusetts Office Of

Pittsfield State Forest is an easily-accessible 11,000-acre forest that includes 25 miles of trails. Including a recreational Berry Pond. It is among the most fun outdoor adventure things to do in Pittsfield. It has a hike along the beautiful waterfalls, running streams, and flowering vegetation. You can spend a few hours gazing and enjoying stunning views from Berry Mountain. 

Outdoor sports enthusiasts can engage themself in many activities, that includes forest trails, horseback riding. On top of it, adventure sports like mountain biking are very popular in the state forests.  Coming here in itself is one of the best things to do in Pittsfield.

4.1 Berry Pond

Berry Pond offers swimming, kayaking, canoeing, boating of all sorts, and fishing. You can stay overnight, in one of three campgrounds which offer to set up your tent. To enjoy great star gazing after the sunset. On top of it, there is a 15 miles off-road vehicular trail. During winter one can enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Sitting by the lake is one of the best things to do in Pittsfield.

Berry pond has a great place to enjoy the sunset. It makes a perfect getaway for visitors because of its scenic beauty, thriving vegetation, and surging streams. The best time of the year to visit this place is in and around October to mid-November.

5.0 Colonial Theater

Colonial Theatre- Pittsfield | Photo Credit – Massachusetts Office O

Pittsfield is an arena to many cinemas and at times it gets difficult to choose from many theater performances. Many theater shows get their kickstart in the Berkshires. Colonial Theater will not disappoint you if you happen to be in love with theater. The Theater performance is are theme-based with, changes in the performers as well as the artists.

The front row is literally at the foot of the stage, which makes it great for watching performances. Parking is a bit tricky because of the narrow parking space around the theater. Most of the recruited talent comes from local students which present fabulous shows. At times Colonial Theater hosts comedy shows. Coming here in itself is one of the best things to do in Pittsfield.

For upcoming shows and to know more about theatre please check this Colonial Theater.

6.0 Hancock Shaker Village

Hancock Shaker Village Museum | Photo Credit – Massachusetts Office Of

Shaker community build this Village in 1791. Shakers living there called it the “City of Peace”. The 700 acres of an estate has taken over 20 of its historical buildings, which includes many authentic artifacts. The craft showcases and works tools on the farm, such as woodworking and weaving. Gives us insight into the daily routines of a Shaker’s farmland. Berkishes holds one of the oldest working farms among Shaker’s settlements. 

Shakers inhabited these places for about 179 years. Other Shaker villages are located in New York, Ohio, New England, Indiana, and Kentucky. You can learn more about the native people’s principles and practices such as communal existence, pacifism, gender equality, and celibacy. Taking a tour of this place is one of the best things to do in Massachusetts.

6.1 Village Harvest Cafe

 Harvest Cafe serves farm-to-table, in which the best veggies and meat is brought to your plate from local farmhouses. You can grab a bite to begin your tour or take it out for picnics. 

The hike pathway is about 1 mile from the farm to the forest trail.

It’s better suggested to visit the Village with ample time because there are many things to see in and learn around each building. There are presentations held throughout the day about buildings and the people who lived there. All the guides in the village will help you out to know the place better.

7.0 Berkshire Botanical Garden

Berkshire Botanical Gardens | Photo Credit – Todd Van Hoosear

The Berkshire Botanical Garden is a beautiful place to be. Where you can spend a few hours embracing the beautiful flora of plants and trees. The garden was established in 1934 and has greenery of 15 acres. The huge garden is divided into many separate sections each of which displays unique and different seasonal plants. 

Some of the other things to see include the Daylily Walk, the Pond Garden, the Children’s Discovery Garden, and the historic Herb Garden. There are as many as three green-houses(glass) with an educational center and several galleries. One of the better ways to get around the garden is to join a free guided tour.

8.0 Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort

Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort is easily reachable from New York City or Boston in less than three hours. The summer months completely convert the resort into a prime hiking and biking destination, offering many scenic trails. On top of it, it allows you to explore mountains.  The site also serves as an advantage, making it a perfect destination for a fun-filled family stopover. The resort is open throughout the year.  Jiminy Peak Mountain has a mid-sized ski resort nestled in the Taconic Mountains. In addition to a 40 plus ski runs the facility with nine chairlifts. Not only that, but the resort also features a mountain coaster and an alpine super slide.

When the winter season snows turn the mountain into a perfect destination for skiing and snowboarding. With rental equipment available, and lessons for both amateurs and expert skiers. There are many lodging options available including vacation homes and self-catering quarters. The top of the Mountain and sunset scenery from the peak is simply breathtaking. Taking a tour of this place is Top thing to do in Pittsfield.

Please visit the resort’s website for special deals, coupons, and to make early reservations for ski lessons at Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort. 

9.0 Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt

This place allows you to get a glimpse of the lifestyle of FDR. His Home remained almost entirely unchanged since his death in 1945. This vast property includes ice houses, stables, a walking trail, gardens, and his own private library. His home is a spectacular destination to be, build in 1826 and now a National Historic site.

10.0 Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library

Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library | Photo Credit – Jim Bowen

In the United States, it’s among the first presidential libraries to be built. His house has a large collection of historical books, papers, and documents. The library’s traditional study and research facilities were converted to a profound interactive space in the 21st century. But the president’s personal study room has remained unchanged. Enjoying by the lake is one of the best things to do in Pittsfield.

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