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Best Things To Do In King Of Prussia

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Things to do in King of Prussia

Things to do in King of Prussia
Longwood Gardens | Photo Credit – Ron Cogswell

There’s something exceptional about small cities, which will make you quickly fall in love with this place. Whether you’re going to King of Prussia for a weekend tour or in case you are staying longer, there are so many awesome things to do and fantastic places to look for. You might never want to head to your hometown soon enough!

In this article, we got your back so you can relax and put your energy into planning your perfect vacation.

The Upper Township of Merion, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, the United States where King of Prussia is located. The citadel took its name in the 18th century from a local alehouse named the King of Prussia Inn. Which was named after King Frederick the Great of Prussia. Like the rest of Montgomery County, King of Prussia continues to experience rapid in and around development in all spheres of life.

 Matter of fact one of the largest shopping malls in the United States is located in the King of Prussia.  Philadelphia is the most adjacent City to King of Prussia.  which also includes large amounts of merchandise of everything from budget stores to very high-end luxury retailers and office space situated at the junction of four National highways.

1. Berry’s Tavern

The famous King of Prussia Inn was originally constructed as a cottage in 1719. The Welsh Quakers William and Janet Rees build this inn. The cottage was converted to an inn in 1769. In pre-independence times the cottage did a steady business.  As it was approximately a day’s travel by horse from Philadelphia. 

In 1774 the Rees family appointed James Berry to manage the inn, which henceforth became known as “Berry’s Tavern”. Sir George Washington first visited the tavern on the day of Thanksgiving in 1777.  While the Continental Army at Whitemarsh was encamped.  A few weeks later he and his troops came to stay at the nearby Valley Forge.

2. King of Prussia Mall

Things to do in King of Prussia
King of Prussia Mall Bloomingdales | Photo Credit- Montgomery County Planning Commission

This mammoth size mall is one of its kind in the entire United States Of America. It’s the best place where you can satisfy yourself, from a little to a lot of shopping therapy. This gigantic two-stored shopping mall hosts over 400 plus retail stores and over 40 restaurants in three food plazas, and a movie theatre. It’s a popular tourist attraction, this mall features every single thing from budget stores to expensive luxury branded shops. 

It is so huge that you may find some stores more than once.  Built as an open-air structure in 1963. Several big-box shops, hotels, restaurants, and other business offices surround this KOP mall. This place also includes an I-FLY indoor skydiving arena where you can have some anti-gravity experiences. The place also includes United Artists Theatres as Regal Cinemas.

3. Valley Forge National Historical Park, Valley Forge

Things to do in King of Prussia
Valley Forge | Photo Credit – Kris Gabbard

This Historical Park is a marvelous and eminent historical site.  Sir George Washington’s army set up a military barrack to fight the Revolutionary War in the winter of 1777-78. It’s one of the most iconic monuments in American national history. This place also has a memorial where more than 2,000 soldiers died during the winter war. With 3,500 acres (1,400 hectares) of greenery, the park has grown to be much more than just a historic place. This park is also a popular place for sports enthusiasts such as joggers and cyclists.

 You may visit the place for a jolly walk or run and hop around. It is a popular picnic destination for many. You may find reconstructed log cabins and outdoor baking ovens, as well as many memorials and statues, including an impressive arch. The park also has a museum dedicated to American history, it has a house that served as General Washington’s head office during the colonial times. Rangers patrolling all over the park will provide ample information on every site. In addition to a historical tour of the place, you can go hiking, catch sight of wildlife, and appreciate the beautiful scenery.

4. Justice Bell

Justice Bell holds very high regard in all of our hearts. It’s an admirable symbol of women’s power to vote in America during the late 1910s. It is among those places where you look back on our history and is worth a stop. It’s a replication of the very famous Liberty Bell. In 1915, Justice Bell traveled across the United States Of America about 5,000 miles on a tour, to raise awareness about the women’s right to exercise their ballot. The bell sat on the bed of a truck with a clapper chained on both of its sides. The silencing of the clapper was a symbolic way of portraying the suppression of women’s voices.

4.1 Location

Today, this infamous bell permanently resides in the Washington Memorial Chapel. The place is very beautiful, take your time and walk around the chapel and make sure to stop at the gift shop where you can buy some souvenirs and collectibles. It is a very friendly place plus the people are sweet, caring, and homely. Do some humble donation here, in case you want to give back to this place. The Justice Bell is an interesting unknown place to be when you happen to visit Valley Forge Park.

5. The Valley Forge Casino Resort

Things to do in King of Prussia
Valley Forge Casino resort | Photo Credit –Douglas Muth

The Valley Forge Casino Resort is the ultimate recreational destination, with abundant exciting table games including Super 4 Blackjack, Craps, MiniBaccarat, Roulette, Spanish 21, Pai Gow Poker, Three-Card Poker, Blackjack, Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em, and other assorted high limit table games. In addition, The casino has 850 slot machines with fancy restaurants.

 5.1 Make Sure To Check Out

The area has the coolest suburban nightlife. Accompanied by the biggest names in the music and comedy industry.  The King of Prussia has a convention center which also includes 7 restaurants. It has a smoke-free hotel, a casino, and an outdoor swimming pool. The casino is provided with complimentary wireless Internet access. 

With free valet parking, a free area shuttle, and a free shopping center shuttle to move around. Other facilities include 3 bars/lounges, a 24-hour fitness center, a wellness center, and a coffee café. Guests can indulge themself with the onsite spa services.

Fees may be applied to the recreational activities listed above.

For reservations do check out Resort’s Link 

6. Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square

Longwood Gardens Conservatory  | Photo Credit – Ron Cogswell

This garden is a botanical garden that is located in Chester County, PA, about an hour outside of Philadelphia. It has a land occupancy of 1,050 acres (425 hectares) of gardens, woodlands, and meadows in the Brandywine Creek Valley. It is one of the premier horticultural display gardens in North America. Which is open to visitors throughout the year to enjoy native and exotic plants. It includes both indoor and outdoor events, performances, seasonal and themed attractions. On top of it, it has fountain shows, as well as educational lectures, courses, and workshops.

6.1  Main Attractions

 Longwood Gardens has dynamic flora of more than 8,000 species in total and several varieties of plants with horticultural displays. The garden has an extensive collection of native, tropical, and subtropical plants. In addition to the horticultural exhibits, the gardens also include a museum in the old estate house with an open-air theatre. This botanical garden was originally founded by Curator Pierre du Pont in the year of 1906 and has since then has become world-renowned for its dedication to the field of plant science, art, and design.

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7. Bushkill Falls, Bushkill

Pennell Falls At Bushkill Falls | Photo Credit – Thomas

Placed within the lush forests of the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania is the Bushkill Falls. For instance, it has eight different waterfalls and a mixture of successive wooded hiking pathways making it rich in natural beauty. Also, you can walk through the wooden bridges which are built over triumphant rivers as you explore each waterfall. Keep yourself interested in the tallest, which stretches around 30 m (100 ft). Proper trekking shoes are a must since the pathway provides different levels of challenges, so for longer trails. Yet, the scenic view over the biggest of the waterfalls is a relatively easier trail.

Bushkill Falls is a family-friendly destination where one can go for boating and mini-golf. On top of it, peaceful experiences such as having a picnic by the nearby lakes could be just a perfect getaway. Smooth splashes in and around the waterfall, creating a memorable outdoor adventure for the whole family, would be a perfect, true visit to “The Niagara of Prussia”.

8. Princeton University, Princeton

 Art Tower at Princeton University | Photo Credit – James Loesch

Jonathan Dickinson established Princeton University was in the year 1746.  With a campus spread across an area of 200 ha (500 acres). It has a student intake of 8,000 each year in different genres of studies and research. Which includes social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, art, and engineering.

 A tour of the campus is a must to find and feel more about the university’s community and culture. In order to see what one of the juggernaut schools in the United States looks like in its educational, cultural, recreational, and athletic aspects. The atmosphere, the history, its gothic structures, sculptures, and 18th-century architecture will make you speechless. The Travel + Leisure magazine has mentioned campus as one of the most beautiful places in the country.

9. Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton

Part of one of the world’s most prestigious academic institutions. Princeton University Art Museum displays an array of vital art ranging from unique sculptures, mosaics to modern photography and art. Visiting the museum is free of cost. On top of it exploring its antique collection section which includes more than 90,000 pieces of artwork. With many areas of themed art sections. 

Look out for the halls and ancient Greek bronze sculptures, mosaics blended in the Roman era, stained glass for medieval ages and paintings from the great Renaissance age, Japanese calligraphy, and many more. For the latter part of the museum tour, do go by the gift shop to get a print or souvenir inspired by one of the museum’s famous works. Please check the museum web domain for information about its interim exhibits.

For more information check out this Link

10. Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom

Things to do in King of Prussia
Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom | Photo Credit – Discover Lehigh Valley, PA

Cedar Fair owns and operates DorneyPark & Wildwater Kingdom is an American amusement and water park. Located in between Allentown and Emmaus, Pennsylvania. Hosts a large range of thrilling and roaring roller coasters live recreational shows, and family rides. It’s the most effective place to give your body a taste of adrenaline rush. Ready yourself for an array of rides within the Steel Force roller coaster. As it’s among the tenth longest steel roller coasters in the world. Those who are with kids can visit Planet Snoopy, a neighborhood with rides exclusively for teenagers and kids.

The Wildwater Kingdom is one of the largest water amusement parks featuring two great parks for the price of one. Located within a commonplace. Having a capacity of quite large integer slides, pools, showers, and water-play areas. Get yourself a souvenir bottle to get free Coca-Cola refills throughout the day; it’s better advised to buy it cheaper online, beforehand.  In the United States, Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom is ranked among one of the most visited amusement parks. It is having that perfect blend of thrills and family fun time.

11. Nemours Estate

Nemours Mansion & Gardens, Delaware | Photo Credit – GPA Photo Archive

Built outside the European subcontinent Nemours Estate in Wilmington is one of the manifestly built architectural structures is one of its kind. The design and art of the beautiful Estate are of Louis XVI-Rococo type with French neoclassical mansion. It’s the only architectural design outside of Europe at Nemours Estate. Alfred l. du Pont established this estate in 1909 as a loving gesture for his wife and in celebration of his French ancestry. 

11.1 Main Attractions

The large French-style formal gardens with the main chateau-style mansion can be walked through with the help of a guided tour. Inside the Estate, visitors are exhibited to costly articles of 18th-century French furniture, furnishings, and artworks by European overlords. And the outdoors showcases lavish fountains, reflective leisure pools, and luxuriant woodland.

11.2 Location

The Nemours Estate flexes in and around 300-acre (120 hectares) in Wilmington, Delaware. Built to resemble a French heritage, on top of it has 105 rooms with five floors occupancy and an area of around 47,000 sq ft. Nemours is the French Town which is located in the north-central region of France.  Affiliated with Mr. Du Pont’s great-great-grandfather, Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours belonged to Nemours. Frederic Remington and Late Sidney Lawrence.

Of distinguished attraction is a unique Louis XVI musical table clock, by David Roentgen, which plays four melodious tunes on a dulcimer through a pipe organ.  Made exclusively for Queen Marie Antoinette, sadly which she never received.  A chair from the famous Independence Hall. The estate has the finest and largest (French formal garden) of its kind in North America. The design is based on the gardens of Versailles surrounding the Petit Trianon at the Château de Versailles. On top of it has statuary, and ground surrounded by naturalized woodlands.

Please check this link Nemours Estate

Best Things To Do In King Of Prussia: Frequently Asked Questions

Is King of Prussia family-friendly?

Absolutely! The town offers a wide range of family-friendly attractions and activities suitable for all ages.

What is the best time to visit King of Prussia?

The spring and fall seasons are ideal for pleasant weather and outdoor exploration.

Are there any free attractions in King of Prussia?

Yes, there are several free attractions including parks, historical sites, and outdoor events.

Can I explore King of Prussia on foot?

While there are walkable areas, it is recommended to have a car or use public transportation for convenient exploration.

Are pets allowed in King of Prussia attractions?

Many parks, cafes, and accommodations in King of Prussia are pet-friendly, so your furry companions can join the adventure.

What makes King of Prussia special?

King of Prussia’s unique blend of history, entertainment, and natural beauty sets it apart as a captivating destination.

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