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Things To Do in Gulf Breeze

Things To Do in Gulf Breeze
Gulf, Greece | Photo Credit – Vincent_AF

Gulf Breeze is the perfect holiday destination for a coastal experience. This city is a part of Florida’s Santa Rosa County, located in close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. In addition to the Gulf, this city is also surrounded by the Escambia and Pensacola Bays. 

Outdoor activities like boating and fishing are very popular in Gulf Breeze. You can make day trips in and around the city during your stay in this coastal town of Florida. There are several national parks in the region, worth a visit with your friends and family.

Camping at Fort Pickens National Park

Things To Do in Gulf Breeze
Fort Pickens National Park | Photo Credit – faungg’s photos

Fort Pickens National Park is an integral part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore. It is an ideal scenic landscape for people who enjoy camping outdoors. There are several well-maintained camping grounds in the area for your convenience. 

Kayaking, biking, and fishing are common activities you can undertake during your stay at the Fort Pickens National Park. If you are traveling to the national park during winter, it is recommended to make reservations early as the camping sites fill up very fast. Crowds from across Florida and Northern America flock to this natural extravaganza. 

In addition to their camping grounds, the Fort Pickens National Park also provides professional tours of the two forts located on the premises. This national park is the best of both worlds- natural abundance and historical relevance. During your stay in Fort Pickens National Park, you must visit Fort Pickens and Fort Barrancas. 

There is a convenience store located within the national park for all your needs during your stay. You can also book overnight cabins or hotel rooms near the national park if camping is not your cup of tea. Visitors are allowed to enter the premises from 7 AM to 10 PM on all days of the week. 

Go shopping at the Gulf Breeze Flea Market

Things To Do in Gulf Breeze
Lincoln Road Flea Market | Photo Credit – Rob Olivera

Looking for a place to buy fresh produce and local artifacts? The Gulf Breeze Flea Market has it all. This market is symbolic of the thriving local community of Gulf Breeze. Visiting the market will give you the unique opportunity of interacting with the local community of the region. 

The flea market has many keepsakes, souvenirs, and handicrafts created by the residents of Gulf Breeze. These products are difficult to find elsewhere. Moreover, despite their rarity, these local products are sold at reasonable and affordable prices.

Trinkets, local treasures, fresh food, vintage clothing, special handcrafted jewelry, and many other exciting local products are sold at the Gulf Breeze Flea Market. There are several new and used books and tools available here as well. With a little patience and some attention to detail, you will be able to purchase memorable items during your visit. 

Visitors can shop at the Gulf Breeze Flea Market on Saturdays and Sundays, the market stays open from 9 AM to 5 PM. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this hidden gem during your stay in Gulf Breeze!

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Take a day trip to Gulf Islands National Seashore

Things To Do in Gulf Breeze
Gulf Islands National Seashore | Photo Credit – Tony Webster

The Gulf Islands National Seashore is one of the longest protected coastal regions of the United States of America. It is the perfect blend of adventure and solitude. There are many avenues for outdoor activities as well as quiet beaches where you can spend some time alone, without crowds and obstructions. 

During your visit to the Gulf Islands National Seashore, you can observe the unique marine and terrestrial wildlife of the region. Birdwatchers can enjoy figuring out whether the huge nests on the trees belong to osprey or blue herons. The beaches are adorned by dolphins, rays, and turtles, swimming in the clear waters of the gulf. 

Snorkeling is exciting at the Gulf Islands National Seashore because of its close proximity to the barrier reefs. In addition, the absence of overwhelming crowds will make your water adventurers even more fulfilling. For those of us who enjoy peaceful activities, kayaking, fishing, and boating opportunities are abundant here as well. 

You can also try a ride on the ranger tours provided by professionals at the Gulf Islands National Seashore. These rangers will drive you across marshes and trails covered with tall pine and oak trees. Truly, this seaside adventure will leave you with many cherishable memories. 

Gulf Islands National Seashore is home to three historical forts- Fort McRee, Fort Barrancas, and Fort Pickens. The National Park Service maintains these forts that are located on the Pensacola Harbour in the region. All three of them have a unique history worth exploring with your peers during your visit to the seashore. 

Try delicious handcrafted beer at the Props Craft Brewery

Most of us city dwellers never get the opportunity to try fresh beer. Here at the Props Craft Brewery, you will get to try delicious freshly brewed beer, produced using traditional recipes. This brewery has its own taproom and restaurant and it is located on Fort Walton Beach.

Over the years, this quaint brewery has come under the patronage of a very loyal local audience. People from all around Gulf Breeze and its neighboring cities enjoy visiting the brewery for leisure. 

The beers and other products are produced in-house at the brewery, using locally sourced materials. IPAs and porters are popular favorites at Props Craft Brewery as well. A flight menu is available in case you wish to try samples in order to make a choice. 

Props Craft Brewery comes with an indoor and outdoor seating area. Their menu is curated by professional chefs and updated regularly to provide a wholesome experience. Their tacos, chicken tenders, and salads are popular favorites among visitors. 

A historical visit to National Aviation Museum

Things To Do in Gulf Breeze
National Naval Aviation Museum | Photo Credit – Tomás Del Coro

The National Aviation Museum is a treasure trove of the aviation history of the United States of America. It is a part of the Pensacola Naval Air Station in Gulf Breeze, Florida. This museum is open to visitors throughout the day. 

You must remember to carry your ID card (issued by the government) in order to enter the protected area. However, you do not have to worry about admission charges as entry is free for all visitors. Professionals and history experts conduct guided tours of the museum campuses here as well. 

There are many aviation relics and equipment on display at the National Aviation Museum. Some of the most spectacular sights include flight simulators, vintage photographs, and historical anecdotes from airplane crew who have been a part of America’s aviation journey. 

Hiking at the Naval Live Oaks Reservation

Things To Do in Gulf Breeze
Hiking trail | Photo Credit – Bureau of Land Management Oregon and Washington

Gulf Breeze not only has pristine white beaches and clear water bays but an exciting hiking trail as well. If you are looking for a relaxing stroll in nature, you must visit the Naval Live Oaks Reservation in Gulf Breeze. 

Also known as Deer Point Live Oaks Reservation, this unique landscape is home to America’s shipbuilding industry. The region also aims to conserve live oaks in order to maintain their supply for shipbuilders. Today, the reservation is more than 1300 acres wide and a popularly visited tourist attraction as well. 

To know more about the history of the region, do not fail to visit the visitor’s center located south of Highway no. 98. Bring along your picnic baskets and beers to rejuvenate at the picnic area on the reservation. This part of the premises overlooks Pensacola Bay, a sight to sore eyes. 

Brackenbridge Nature Trail is one of the most spectacular hiking trails in Gulf Breeze. It is 8 miles long and located in close proximity to the Naval Live Oaks Reservation. You will find many hikers, fitness experts, and history nerds exploring the trail during your visit.

Know more about the flora and fauna of Gulf Breeze at the Gulf Breeze Zoo

Things To Do in Gulf Breeze
Feeding Giraffe , Gulf Breeze Zoo | Photo Credit – Britt Reints

We often miss the opportunity to observe and engage with wildlife. This zoo is home to more than one thousand animals that come from various parts of the United States. The campus of the zoo spans across 50 acres and allows admission at very cheap prices. 

Zookeepers allow children to interact with goats, sheep, and giraffes in the zoo. However, safety protocols are strict when it comes to bigger and more dangerous animals. This is a unique opportunity to see some of the most exotic animals from all over the world. 

If you are visiting with a large group of people or with your family and children, you might want to try the Safari Line train tour at the Gulf Breeze Zoo. However, you must check the website to receive regular updates about zoo closing hours. 

Fishing along with the Gulf Breeze Guide Service

Fishing | Photo Credit – Jeff Hitchcock

It would be a shame if you miss the opportunity to go fishing during your stay in Gulf Breeze, Florida. The region is abundant with water sources because of its close proximity to Pensacola Bay, Big Lagoon, Santa Rosa Sound, and the Gulf of Mexico. Enthusiasts and anglers from all around America visit Florida to try their hand at fishing. 

Hiring a local guide is the best way to enjoy a good fishing experience. They are aware of seasonal changes, adequate procedures and they also know the best locations to catch fresh fish. You will cherish your experience of fishing with locals at the Gulf Breeze Guide Service.

In case you do not wish to go for an elaborate fishing excursion, you can opt to fish for light fish like redfish, bonefish, sea trout, or pompano. There are several quarries here for your convenience. The fishermen in the region have been at work for more than 40 years, making it a site of historical relevance. 

Go Scuba Diving at the Bay Breeze Dive Center

Diving | Photo Credit – Jenny Mealing

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be under the sea? Some dreams can come true at Gulf Breeze, Florida. This city is home to its very own Bay Breeze Dive Center where you can have a magical scuba diving experience in the Gulf of Mexico. 

You will have to fill up a few forms before you opt for the scuba diving experience. Experts and professionals who have been in this business for decades will guide you through it all. Classes and workshops are held every day. What’s more, they offer a safe and secure scuba diving experience for kids as well!

Senior members can try their hand at scuba diving at the Bay Breeze Dive Center as well. They will have to provide a few health certifications. No need to worry, the process is efficient and quick for all visitors. 

More information about Bay Breeze Dive Center:

Address- 49 Gulf Breeze Pkwy Gulf Breeze, Florida, 32561

Phone number: (850) 934-8363

Email Address: [email protected]

Explore the nightlife of Gulf Breeze at Seville Quarter

Do you enjoy exploring a city during the night? Seville Quarter is the place to be for all night owls. It is a lively stretch brimming with coffee shops, pubs, and breweries that you can explore during your stay at Gulf Breeze.

Some of its most popularly visited avenues include Oyster Bar, a live-entertainment venue, and the local dance hall. Bring all your family and peers and have a gala time with the locals of Gulf Breeze. It is no secret that no one knows how to party like the people of Florida! 

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Visit the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park

Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park | Photo Credit – Larry Syverson

The best part about visiting a new city is knowing about its local eccentricities. Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park is a unique establishment that showcases beautiful aquatic wildlife in its premises. Children love to visit the aquarium here during their stay in Gulf Breeze.

This adventure park has been a part of the local community of Gulf Breeze for more than 60 years. Over the years it has acquired exotic fish and plant species from the nearby water bodies. If you ever dreamt of becoming a marine biologist, this place will blow your mind. 

Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park is located on Okaloosa Island. You will be able to enter the premises of the adventure park with very affordable entrance fees. In addition to its already reasonable prices, they also offer discounts for kids, seniors, and servicemen. 

One of the aquarium’s most popular exhibits is the permanent exhibition of the aquarium. It has a wide assortment of exquisite marine animals, groomed and taken care of by marine experts. The adventure park also hosts seasonal exhibitions and events for marine enthusiasts throughout the year. 

Boating at the Pensacola Pontoons

One of the biggest perks of visiting the coastal region of Gulf Breeze is their scenic water adventures. Pensacola Bay surrounds the city, offering exquisite sights to people onboard rental boats. Pensacola Pontoons has a wide variety of boat rental services that you can choose from.

They offer boat rental services for couples and for big groups. You can plan a romantic getaway with your loved one, chasing the sunset as you glide through Pensacola Bay. During your cruise, you can stop by Pensacola Beach and rejuvenate beside the seashore. 

Pensacola Pontoons also offer dog-friendly boat rental services. You no longer have to worry about abandoning your furry friend during your travel adventures. If you are lucky, you might also get the chance to watch jets roaring in the sky during your boat ride. 

When in Gulf Breeze, you can rent a boat with Pensacola Pontoons to visit Fort Pickens. The Fort is a historical marvel, perfect for history and archaeology lovers. Bring along your camera phones and cameras to take pictures of the scenic view of the Florida coastline. 

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Plan a barbeque at the Dickey’s Barbeque Pit

Things To Do in Gulf Breeze
Dickey’s Barbeque Pit | Photo Credit – Kzoo Cowboy

Craving your favorite Texas flavors? Tag along to Dickey’s Barbeque Pit to enjoy a delicious smoked barbeque meal with your friends and family. The restaurant is located in central Gulf Breeze, accessible to visitors arriving from various different regions. 

Dickey’s Barbeque Pit was originally started in Dallas, in the year 1941. Over the years, their flavors and all-American recipes have won the heart of the people of America. They arrived in Gulf Breeze and took the local culinary market by storm.

They have a friendly staff that will guide you through their curated menus. You can opt for outdoor or indoor seating venues for your barbeque night. After you have explored the city, walked its sandy beaches, or tried new adventure sports, nothing will fit your evenings better than fresh barbeque. 

When in doubt, you can opt for their classic mac and cheese or barbeque chicken. If you enjoyed your experience, you can buy their original coffee mugs and tumblers as a memory of the wonderful time you spent in Gulf Breeze. 

Sightseeing at the Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier

Things To Do in Gulf Breeze
Pensacola Beach | Photo Credit – James Willamor

Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier is a special bridge constructed across the magnanimous Pensacola Bay. This pier overlooks the awe-inspiring waters of the bay, making for the perfect spot for a picture with your peers. 

You can try your hand at deep-sea fishing at the pier or enjoy a walk across the bridge. It is the perfect way to wind down after a long day exploring the city. It is located in close proximity to Casino beach as well. 

At the moment, the pier is more than 1400 feet long, stretching deep into the sea. There are many fishing gear rental shops located near the pier, so do not worry about not having adequate equipment. You can also grab a meal at the Casino Bar and Grill after walking across the pier. 

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