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Things To Do In Elkhart Indiana

things To Do In Elkhart Indiana
Elkhart, Indiana | Photo Credit – Steve Shook

Elkhart is located in the far northwestern section of Indiana, close to the cities of South Bend, Mishawaka, and Goshen. In Elkhart County, where the word quality defines your experience, a well-crafted life begins. Elkhart has a diverse assortment of activities to suit a variety of interests. For instance, there is quality workmanship to quality cooperation and quality relationships. Furthermore, this place has a perfect blend of technology and culture.

Learn about the city and its culture

Elkhart County fills with enthusiastic individuals crafting a future founded on a solid foundation of the past. In other words, there are things from quilts to RVs, musical instruments to motorbikes. Please note that you may witness the work of the big Amish community alongside the work of our technology geniuses. Note, you can meet the creators, learn from their successes, and design your own path.

Elkhart is near to one of the world’s largest Amish villages. On top of it, visitors will discover dynamic metropolitan energy. For instance, it also includes a variety of museums. As well as the sun urban pace of life. 

Please note to offer a substantive time. To explore the design inspiration and historical immersion of this play. Certainly, spending time here allows you to connect with the place. That includes a part of America you’ve never heard about, never seen, and only dreamed about. Therefore Elkhart County is a location for folks who think beyond the box. Others see hundreds of doors to open, people to meet, and possibilities to experience where some see one flourishing downtown. 

Our lively arts scene reveals our community’s narrative. Our heritage, our beliefs, and compassionate entrepreneurship based in the handmade and homegrown are all part of our tale. Above all, one of the country’s largest county fairs and a nationally recognized Jazz Festival. On top of it, various other unique events are held in the region.

1.0 Wellfield Botanic Gardens, Elkhart

things To Do In Elkhart Indiana
Wellfield Botanic Gardens | Photo Credit – scott1346

Entirely run by volunteers this Wellfield Botanic Gardens has a great thing to see for. It provides tourists with over twenty gardens to wander around, each filled with wildflowers, art pieces, and trails. For instance, it contains a Japanese garden with a pond, waterfall, and meditation chairs. The Wellfield Botanic Gardens cover roughly 36 acres of land on and surrounding Elkhart’s historic wellfield. Please note, Christian Creek, which formerly powered the town’s nineteenth-century mill, now flows through the gardens, inspiring ecological habitat. 

On top of it, the specialty gardens include a pond surrounded by a diverse collection of flora and fauna, as well as pagodas, seats, and statues. Guests visiting the Wellfield Botanic Grounds can enjoy a self-guided tour of the Island Garden, which consists of three separate islands to explore, including the gardens’ highest walking point on the Main Island. Above all, there is also a Children’s Garden with plenty of activities for children to enjoy. 

2.0 RV-MH Hall of Fame and Museum

The RV/MH Hall of Fame and Museum in Elkhart, Indiana is a ten thousand square foot museum complex that houses a collection of classic recreational vehicles from Winnebago, Airstream, and a variety of other American manufacturers of these iconic vehicles. This museum has a vintage (1988) Airstream and travels frequently. It’s a sheer delight to see and enjoy the vintage RVs at the museum. The one-of-a-kind museum that has the history and technological developments of recreational vehicles.

The RV Founders Hall houses memorabilia, images, and trailers from the 1920s and 1930s. For instance, the Exhibitor Hall presents an example of RV industry goods and their history. On Labor Day Weekend, they provide free dry camping on their property. Please note in chronological order, a wide selection of RVs and travel trailers are displayed. This museum rightly deserves your presence. As it is one of the finest locations to be in Elkhart. On top of that, the souvenir shop features a variety of unusual novelty goods that will make campers laugh. 

3.0 National New York Central Railroad Museum

things To Do In Elkhart Indiana
National New York Central Museum | Photo Credit – Russell Sekeet

The National New York Central Railroad Museum is located in Elkhart, Indiana, and is dedicated to the preservation of the New York Central Railroad. As it aims to recreate “the glory days” of America’s railways. It symbolizes the development of those days. 

This is a fantastic spot to visit for train enthusiasts and anybody interested in the history of railways and trains. The museum, which opened in 1987, is a major repository of national and local railroad history, notably that of the New York Central System. Please note when the railroad arrived in Elkhart, Indiana, in 1851, it became a critical connection linking the Midwest and beyond to the Atlantic Coast. 

The New York Central’s Robert R. Young Yard was the second-biggest railroad freight division yard east of the Mississippi. For instance, it also contains several models in glass cases on display, as well as a big replica of a steam engine. Most importantly, the staff is quite kind and knowledgeable. On the inside, there are various interesting antiquities. For instance, there is an operational O gauge model railway system. You must take your children or grandchildren to this museum and see their faces light up with delight. 

4.0 Ruthmere, Elkhart

The Ruthmere Foundation, Inc. owns and manages the 1848 Havilah Beardsley House, the house of Elkhart’s founder, and Ruthmere, the region’s outstanding 1910 Beaux-Arts mansion. They are now landmarks in the community’s history, architectural relics from a bygone era. The Ruthmere Foundation, Inc. provides significant community initiatives. Significant history, magnificent architecture, a world-class fine arts collection, and activities that bring tales from our community’s past to life in meaningful ways are among them. You can help to keep these stories alive for future generations.

The Beardsleys’ industry and careful stewardship resulted in an endowment for the community that we enjoy in many ways today: Ruthmere and its exceptional compilations, which include works that challenge those held in much bigger exhibitions found in our nation’s major cities; an Art and design Reference Library; carefully tended gardens that provide a welcome relief in the city; a performance space for big events and family gatherings; and, most notably, strong ties to the community.

5.0 Southgate Crossing, Elkhart, Indiana 

Southgate Crossing near Elkhart, Indiana is one of the biggest Amish-built peg-and-beam structures in the country. The retail center’s purpose is to provide a family-focused experience. As it promotes local services and commodities to both the local community and visitors. Merchandise provided includes items with an Americana, perform, or downhome vibe. In addition, the site provides improved farming development initiatives, daily food options. On top of that, there is weekly entertainment, in-house catering, and a lovely setting for big occasions.

6.0 Elkhart Environmental Center, Elkhart, Indiana 

The Elkhart Environmental Center is an institution for environmental education that was founded in 1991. It has since served the inhabitants of Elkhart by presenting environmental education programs to school-age youth, providing public events and seminars on environmental themes, and engaging in conservation work across the city. 

The Lusher Avenue Garbage Dump was the site of the Elkhart Environmental Center. Then, a plan was put in place by the Mayor’s Office, the City’s Public Works and Utilities, the University of Notre Dame, and Elkhart Community Schools to transform the dump into an environmental education park. After that, the area was clay-capped, and repair work has begun. Under the grounds of the Environmental Center, there are still 30 acres of waste fifty to twenty feet deep. 

7.0 Antonio’s, Elkhart, Indiana

Antonio aspires to treat each and every guest “like family,” as if they were one large Italian family. Services are provided a genuine Southern Italian dish that is prepared from scratch and to request, including the sauce. In addition, the bar is a quiet spot to unwind with a nice drink, and there is also a banquet area for special events or private gatherings.

Antonio’s is a family-run restaurant established by the Cataldo family, who immigrated to America from Italy in 1966. Note that dinner is served from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

8.0 ETHOS Innovation Center, Elkhart, Indiana

Founded to interest parents and kids in science and technology. For instance, it has a great range of hands-on and interactive activities and programs. In other words, through critical thinking, exploration, and problem solving, the center provides an opportunity to integrate science with everyday life.

The ETHOS Innovation Center also assists instructors and students in not just meeting but exceeding nationally standardized exam criteria. For example, the center offers scientific camps during spring, summer, and autumn breaks, as well as the SciencetwoGo Bus, a variety of community activities, the ETHOS Academy, school trips, including after programs. 

9.0 Iechyd Da Brewing Company, Elkhart, Indiana

Pizza | Photo Credit – Jeremy Keith

Iechyd Da Brewing Company, located in Elkhart, Indiana, serves soda, handmade lagers, ales, soda, sandwiches, and pizza. All of the brews offered, as well as a substantial portion of the cuisine, are manufactured by the brewery, providing refreshing beverages and tasty food that is as local and fresh as it gets. 

Iechyd Da Brewing Company’s beer ranges from hoppy American Pale Ale to English Session Beers. Note that the brewery taproom is open from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 11:00 am to 9:00 pm on Fridays, Saturday noon to 9:00 pm, and Sunday noon to 8:00 pm.

10.0 Simonton Lake 

Simonton Lake is a famous fishing spot in the state. Boating, hiking along with a multitude of paths that run alongside the lake, swimming, and fishing for bluegill, walleye, and largemouth bass are all popular activities for tourists. 

11.0 Basilica of the Sacred Heart, South Bend

Basilica of the Sacred Heart | Photo Credit – JORGE ARMANDO GAR

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart is still the tallest university chapel in the United States and a popular tourist site in Northern Indiana, attracting over fifty thousand visitors each year. Vatican painter Luigi Gregori designed this Neo-Gothic cathedral on the University of Notre Dame campus.

The inside walls are adorned with saint images, while the ceilings are adorned with angels and starry heavens. Take note of the Carmelite sisters’ stained glass windows. The spectacular golden altar in Gothic Revival design remains the interior’s focal point. A papal tiara from the 1850s and a massive processional crucifix presented by Napoleon III are kept in the modest museum under the sacristy.

12. Indiana Dunes State Park

Indiana Dunes State Park | Photo Credit – Todd Petrie

The State Park is twenty-one thousand acres of wild, magnificent, historic, and one-of-a-kind Hoosier scenery. It’s on the southern shore of Lake Michigan, near the north end of State Road for nine in Porter County. It has about three miles of beautiful beach. Recognizing the significance and potential of the Indiana dunes area in the early 1900s, scientists, recreationists, and environment enthusiasts pushed to protect the area. 

Large sand dunes, which soar approximately two hundred feet above Lake Michigan and are located beyond the whole shoreline, have taken thousands of years to create. Furthermore, the park contains a diverse range of ecosystems and plant types, with vegetation helping to stabilize part of the sand. These environments provide homes for animals. On top of it, serves as a habitat for a variety of aquatic creatures, as well as a dynamic fishery.

13.0 Nibco Water & Ice Park 

Children and adults may enjoy the water slides when the weather is mild. As the weather turns cold, guests can enjoy hot chocolate and ice skating at the exterior Nibco Water & Ice Park. 

14.0 Pete’s Simonton Lake Tavern 

Pete’s Simonton Lake Tavern, sometimes known as just Pete’s by local lake dwellers, is a family-owned restaurant-bar that serves lunch and dinner. For instance, depending on the weather, there is also outside dining and musical performances. To know more please check this link Pete’s Simonton Lake Tavern.

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