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Things To Do In DuBois

Looking for an adventure in Pennsylvania? Head to DuBois city, home to some of the best entertainment option
DuBois, Pennsylvania | Photo Credit – Doug Kerr

Looking for an adventure in Pennsylvania? Head to DuBois city, home to some of the best entertainment options in the state. This city is home to several recreational centers and exciting museums, ideal for a relaxing visit with your friends and family.

During your trip to DuBois, you will get the unique opportunity to spend quality time outdoors. There are many sports centers and shops you can visit here. In addition to outdoor activities, this city has some of the best restaurants, serving cuisines from all over the world. Here is a quick and efficient guide for all the amazing things you can explore in DuBois, Pennsylvania. 

Begin your adventure with a visit to the Narrow Creek Country Store

For visitors who are looking for the perfect place to stay in DuBois, this is the best option for you. The Narrow Creek Country Store is built inside a fantastic eighteenth-century style bed and breakfast, ideal for a vacation. They serve scrumptious hot meals and offer an accessible place for all to stay in DuBois. 

Locals and tourists enjoy visiting the Narrow Creek County Store. This place has a quaint and aesthetic atmosphere. They sell unique folk art collections, country-made candles, and other adorable collectibles. You must visit this store to purchase memorable souvenirs for your friends and family back at home. 

What’s more, the setting of the Narrow Creek County Store makes for the perfect backdrop for all your photographs and Instagram stories. One can say that this place definitely has a “vibe” of its own, unlike anywhere else in DuBois. Over the years, people from all across the region have arrived in this store in search of a unique fragment from the past.

It is recommended to spend a night at the Inn during your visit to the Narrow Creek County Store. The rooms have a unique charm, inspired by old taverns and country surroundings. This staycation could be a small break from reality, ensuring the perfect vacation atmosphere for all travelers.

Go shopping at the DuBois Mall

calzone | Photo Credit – Ginny

The DuBois Mall was built in 1971. Today, it is regarded as one of the most essential shopping complexes in Pennsylvania. This local mall is home to some of the most prominent brands in the world. 

Over the years, DuBois Mall has become a shopping destination for all. It is the ideal weekend getaway, offering a wide selection of goods to purchase. Here you can shop at the JC Penney or buy fragrant products at Bath and Body Works. 

If you are tired from shopping and walking across the big mall, you can head to the delicious DuBois Corner Cafe. They offer a wide assortment of delightful snacks like calzones, crepes, and burgers. You must visit the cafe and try something new from their refreshing food and drinks menu. 

Shop for vintage items at the Southside Pickers

Vintage items have a charm of their own. Looking at them can remind us of times bygone and refresh us with nostalgia. Southside Pickers have developed a reputation for offering some of the most unique collectibles in the region. 

This antique store brings together vintage items from several vendors all in one place. You will find unique items at affordable prices, what’s more, there is always space to bargain for an even better deal. Among their items, vintage coca cola posters and antique wooden furniture are awe-inspiring. 

Take some time out and explore Southside Pickers at length. You may miss a brilliant item in haste. You can visit their website to know more about upcoming additions to their collection and sales. 

Address: 310 Brady Street, DuBois, Pennsylvania, 15801, United States of America

Telephone number: (814) 503-8267

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Rejuvenate at the Day Spa DuBois

Downtown Dubois | Photo Credit – Show Us Your Togwotee

Sure, vacations are ideal for outdoor visits and recreation. However, you must shell out some time to enjoy a day off. Self-care is essential for rejuvenation and re-energization. Head to the Day Spa at DuBois and enjoy a day of relaxation, tailor-made for you and your preferences. 

This spa is located in the downtown region of DuBois. Its unique location makes it accessible for people all across the region. You can gift a full-body massage to your loved ones or enjoy a romantic getaway at the spa, together. 

In addition to massages, you can opt for beauty facials, pedicures, and manicures. They also offer therapeutic mud baths to help you recover from the hustle and bustle of daily life. After a day of healing, head to their salon and get yourself a life-changing hairstyle. Truly, heading to the DuBois Day Spa might just be your best decision during your vacation in Pennsylvania. 

Address: 100 North Brady Street, DuBois, Pennsylvania 15801, United States of America

Telephone number: (814) 371 9772

Enjoy a day of adventure at the DelGrosso Amusement Park

Travelers arriving in DuBois with their families will enjoy a trip to DelGrosso’s Amusement Park
DelGrosso’s Amusement Park | Photo Credit – Martin Lewison

Travelers arriving in DuBois with their families will enjoy a trip to DelGrosso’s Amusement Park. It is an ideal destination for adventure with children, it has something to offer for all your likes and dislikes. Amusement parks are wonderful, an escape from the daily routine, a chance to challenge our fears, and also enjoy an outdoor excursion. 

At the moment the DelGrosso Amusement Park has more than 30 exciting rides, ideal for kids of all ages. Some of the most popular rides of the park are the Pharaoh’s Fury, X Scream Tower, and the Rock Star. These engaging rides will give you an absolutely thrilling experience- like the free-fall swing or the drop ride. 

If you wish to avoid the rides, you must try the carousel. There are bumper cars here as well, the fun and adventure truly never ends here. This amusement park is one of a kind, worth a visit with your friends and family. 

Address: 4352 East Pleasant Valley Boulevard, Tipton, Pennsylvania 16684, United States of America

Telephone Number: (814) 684 3538

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Grab a bite at the Station 101 Pub and Kitchen in DuBois, Pennsylvania

Head to Station 101 Pub and Kitchen for a delicious all-American meal in DuBois, Pennsylvania. This local restaurant also serves freshly brewed handcrafted beer, ideal for a day out with peers. The fresh beer paired with delicious food can make an evening absolutely delightful. 

Station 101 Pub and Kitchen offers beer taps like the Guinness Draught and the Whistlepunk. Pack a fun night of drinking and dancing during your visit to DuBois and head to this hidden gem. Some of their most loved dishes include cheesesteak quesadilla, a black bean burger, and the Baja Mahi Mahi tacos, among others. 

They serve breakfast options in the mornings as well. If you are looking for the perfect place to enjoy a delicious brunch, try their in-house crepes and omelets, made by expert chefs. 

Address: 2285 Bee Line Highway, DuBois, Pennsylvania 15801, United States of America

Telephone number: (814) 503 8522

Enjoy a historical visit to the Railroaders Memorial Museum in Altoona, DuBois

Model, Railroaders Memorial Museum | Photo Credit – Roy Luck

One often hears that the best way to know a place and its social fabric is the museum. Museums play a historic role in preserving and showcasing stories from the past. Railroaders Memorial Museum is a unique museum that tells the community’s rail history. 

This museum is located only an hour’s drive from downtown DuBois, Pennsylvania. The exhibits are unique, you will surely leave knowing more about railways than you did before you entered the museum. Visiting the museum with kids is a great way to introduce the importance of history to your children, making them curious about the past. 

At the moment, the Pennsylvania Railroad 7048 is displayed at the Railroaders Memorial Museum. A visit to this museum is ideal for an indoor activity on a cold or rainy day. In addition to these exhibits, there are several dioramas here as well. They show life-size projections of the operating railroads from the past.

Explore local art at the Winkler Gallery and Art Education Center

Art galleries are serene, a fun break from the noisy streets of the city. The Winkler Gallery and Art Education Center takes pride in representing the rich and vibrant artisanal community of DuBois. They put together artworks by artists from all around the region. These artists now have a much-needed platform to showcase their unique talent.

In addition to art exhibitions, the Winkler Art Gallery and Art Education Center also arrange cooperative events for visitors to engage with the local art scene. You can also participate in their classes and workshops or attend some of their many art events. Visit their website to know more about their upcoming events. 

This art initiative was put together by Perry Winkler in 2003. Over the years, many artists from the region worked with each other and created brilliant artworks that supported this endeavor. Today, this art gallery has been declared as a non-profit organization that supports more than 20 professional artists from the region. 

Address: 36 North Brady Street, DuBois, Pennsylvania 15801, United States of America

Email address: [email protected]

Delicious barbeque at the Hitching Post

Bring along your friends and family and head to the family-owned restaurant, Hitching Post. This restaurant is symbolic of the amazing food culture of DuBois, Pennsylvania. They have put together a delectable assortment of local and international cuisine. 

Of course, their Santa Maria Barbeque remains one of the most popular dishes. Add a bottle of delightful white Dahlia Semillon Sauvignon Blanc to the meal and you have a fine meal right there! The staff of Hitching Post is amicable and helpful, if you are unfamiliar with the menu, they will help you put together a meal of your choice. 

Address: 692 Liberty Boulevard, DuBois, Pennsylvania, 15801

Telephone number: (814) 371 6921

Outdoor adventures at the Tom Tudek Memorial Park

Soccer Action | Photo Credit – wrightbrosfan

Ferguson Township is only a short distance from DuBois. Head to the Tom Tudek Memorial Park for a short day trip with your friends and daily. It spans 87 acres and offers recreational activities for people of all ages. 

Tom Tudek Memorial Park is home to several well-groomed facilities. Sports lovers can enjoy a game of basketball or tennis here very easily. In addition to these courts, the Tom Tudek Memorial Park also has several pavilions for picnicking with your friends and family. 

Their baseball path is 1.3 miles long, ideal for an enjoyable game of baseball. Soccer and indoor games can also be enjoyed here all throughout the day. A kids playground is available here as well, there is something for all members of your family to enjoy. 

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Visit the Tri County Church of DuBois

Tri-County Church of DuBois is emblematic of the great community spirit of DuBois. The people of the region have taken care of this Church and its believers, making it the heart of the community. 

You can join the prayers on Sunday and engage with the local community of DuBois Pennsylvania. Over the years they have expanded their presence across online platforms like Facebook and YouTube as well. If you are looking for some spiritual healing, join their interactive sessions. 

Session timings:

Saturday- 6 PM

Sunday- 9 AM and 10:45 AM

Sunday- 6 PM

Monday- 8 PM

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