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by Pankaj Upreti
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Things to do in Ashland

Greetings from Ashland, Kentucky - Large Letter Postcard
Greetings from Ashland, Kentucky | Photo Credit – Steve Shook

Ashland is a city in the Boyd County of Kentucky, along the banks of the Ohio river. Ashland used to be an industrial center and used to manufacture things like pig iron, coal and steel. There are many attractions and things that you can find in Ashland, ranging from cultural events and festivals to museums and more.

This article will bring to you all the best things one can find in Ashland as a tourist. We will give you a list of all the best places to visit and the best in food, shopping and other stuff in Ashland, Kentucky. Keep on reading to ready yourself for your next trip to Ashland.

Outdoor Adventures in Ashland

Kentucky is known to be a state for outdoor adventures. Ashland lives up to its Kentucky reputation and while you are here, the highlights of your trip are definitely going to be outdoor adventures in and around the city.

This section of our post will tell you all about the best outdoor adventures to be had in Ashland, Kentucky. Most of these outdoor adventures are actually day trips located quite close to Ashland, Kentucky. Ashland is a great hub for a lot of day trips to different places. Let us talk about them with no further delay:

Lake Vesuvius

one of the best day trips you will take from Ashland, Kentucky
Lake Vesuvius | Photo Credit – Forest Service, Eastern Reg

Enjoy the natural beauty of the Wayne National Forest by coming to Lake Vesuvius, one of the best day trips you will take from Ashland, Kentucky. The surrounding Lake Vesuvius Recreational Area is one of the best and most beautiful places to visit near Ashland. There is the 143 acre lake that you can use for fishing, canoeing and boating.

There are also a number of swimming areas as well as hiking trails that you can enjoy while you are here. If you are here during the months of April through December, then you should enjoy the Lake Vesuvius Horse Trail System. There is also an archery trail here at Lake Vesuvius for archery enthusiasts. Book a campsite by following this link.

Address of Lake Vesuvius: 6518 OH-93 in Pedro Ohio. Lake Vesuvius is just 20 minutes away from Ashland via car.

Dragonfly Outdoor Adventures

Kayaking | Photo Credit – Martin Monroe

A great day trip from Ashland, the Dragonfly Outdoor Adventures are only thirty minutes away from the city of Ashland. This company provides visitors a chance to enjoy the beauty of the Appalachian area in a way that is safe for the natural environment.

They offer lots of activities such as canoeing and kayaking, hiking, cave explorations and more. Enjoy guided tours of many locations nearby that will just win your heart. Examples include the Grayson Lake, a scenic lake that you can explore. Rent one of their many cabins and stay the night nestled in the heart of nature.

Dragonfly Outdoor Adventures can be a really fun way to enjoy your trip to Ashland and its nearby places. It is located at 550 Treasure Cove Road in Greenup KY. Also, find out all there is to know about them at their official website.

Black Horse Farm

This is another fun outdoor day trip from Ashland. Enjoy looking at and riding their beautiful horses at this farm. Take away fresh produce that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

The Black Horse Farm is also home to delicious food items that you can sample while you enjoy the great view and scenery this farm has to offer. This great day trip from Ashland is made only better by the welcoming hosts of Black Horse Farm.

The Black Horse Farm is located at 18517 State Route 854 in Rush, Kentucky. For more information and to book stuff in advance, visit their official website.

Camden Park

Camden Park was earlier a picnic area and has now become a really great amusement park. A day at an amusement park is usually a great idea and you will be able to enjoy rides, fun attractions and a lot of other stuff here. Camden Park is a really great day trip from Ashland, located only 20 minutes away via car. If you are with kids and your family, then a day trip to Camden Park is a must on your list of things to do in Ashland, Kentucky.

Visit their official website to find out more about what they have to offer and to also book tickets in advance.

Camden Park is located at 5000 Waverly Road in Huntington, West Virginia.

Rush Off Road

This attraction is perhaps the best one for true adventure and thrill seekers. Find this great off-road track in the city of Rush, just 30 minutes away from Ashland, Kentucky. There are over 100 miles of trails to explore here on all sorts of off road vehicles.

Visit their official website to know more about their services and all the cool things you can do here. A lot of events and other things also keep happening at Rush Off-Road so be sure to check up on them and many plan your visit.

Rush Off Road is located at 100 Four Mile Road in Rush, KY.

Kountry Kayaks

If you are someone who loves canoeing and kayaking, then a visit to Kountry Kayaks just 25 minutes away from Ashland can be a really great addition to your trip. You can take a gander at their many options for kayak rentals and find the one that suits you the most. They also offer accommodations for groups and outings. Combine a trip to Lake Vesuvius by taking a kayak or paddleboat out from Kountry Kayaks.

Kountry Kayaks is located at Vesuvius Lake Boat Dock 472 County Road 20 Pedro. Also, visit their official website to know more.

Red Gate Farm and Vineyard

Fishing | Photo Credit – Ryosuke Hosoi

The Red Gate Farm and Vineyard is a great outdoor trip from Ashland, located in nearby Quincy. It is around 30 minutes from Ashland. The Red Gate Farm and Vineyard offers visitors a chance to swim, paddle, cycle, and fish among more activities all in one place. The beautiful scenery that surrounds this area is great for nature lovers as well as outdoor enthusiasts.

The entire property is 28 acres and is nestled within the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. Also, there is a 7 acre vineyard at this very location. This is a great place to stay and offers you the chance to escape into nature.

Enjoy their fishing pier and their garden. They have a classic riverfront location as well as many activities such as swimming in a large pool as well as hot tubs and bonfires. Not only is a visit to the Red Gate Farm and Vineyard a great day trip from Ashland, it is also a great place to stay during your trip to Kentucky.

Learn more about all the activities and things they offer by visiting their official website. It is located at 17267 KY-8 in Quincy.

Sculptures in Ashland

Sculptures in Ashland
Sculptures in Ashland | Photo Credit – Carissa Rogers

The artist Gines Serran-Pagan is known to have enjoyed the city of Ashland so much that he stayed here and created three bronze statues that represent the city in different ways. The sculptures of Ashland are a rather new attraction and were unveiled in early 2020. These riverside statues are the largest collection of bronze sculptures in the world. In this section of our post on the best things to do in Ashland, we will take a look at them:


The statue of Venus at Ashland symbolizes the Tree of Life. According to the artist, the statue, holding an ash leaf in one hand represents the beauty of the city of Ashland as it is filled with wonderful people and culture. Be sure to keep your camera ready as you explore this great Ashland attraction.


One of the abstract designs from the city’s Blazer High School is represented in the Genesis statue. It represents rebirth and is made of five intersecting rods representing the four elements as well as God.


Vulcan was the god of blacksmiths in Roman mythology. The statue of Vulcan in Ashland represents the city’s history with metal work and the hard work of the people who live there.

There sculptures represent the city of Ashland and its people in a different number of ways and as such they form an important part of the culture of the city. Enjoy the vibrant culture of the city of Ashland through the brilliant works of Gines Serran-Pagan at least once before you end your trip to Ashland.

Highlands Museum & Discovery Center

This museum is one of the best ways to spend a couple of hours in Ashland. There are a lot of permanent exhibits at the Highlands Museum along with a few rotating exhibits. Enjoy the displays on the wars in Ashland and the River Expedition exhibit while you are here. Be sure you do not miss the famous “A Tree House of my Own” exhibit while you are here.

There are three distinct areas of interest here at the museum and discovery center. Enjoy exhibits on the Traipsin Woman and the Jean Thomas exhibit at the Main Floor. There is also the Country Music Heritage Hall and the Main Floor is also home to the Gift Shop. Take away a souvenir home to remember your trip by.

The Mezzanine section is filled with permanent exhibits such as “Ashland Goes to War” and “Vintage Clothing”.

The Lower section is also the Discovery center with exhibits on the Discovery Cavern and River Expedition.

Visit their official website by following this link to know more about the various exhibits at the Highlands Museum and Discovery Center. The museum is located at 1620 Winchester Avenue in Ashland, Kentucky.

Aladdin’s Art Gallery

This is a great art gallery in the city of Ashland, Kentucky that you must visit in order to get an idea about the local arts and culture of the region. This gallery displays the works of local artists and has a diverse portfolio featuring jewelry, decorations and more among the usual paintings and sculptures.

A great way to cap off your day at Ashland after sightseeing during the afternoon would be to come to Aladdin’s Art Gallery in the evening. If you are here with a friend who is into arts and culture, then it would be a great trip for the both of you.

Aladdin’s Art Gallery is located at 728 13th Street in Ashland Kentucky.

In Conclusion

We really hope that you enjoyed reading this article on the best things to do in Ashland, Kentucky. From museums to parks, from fairs to delicious food, Ashland has a lot to offer you as a tourist destination. Tell us your thoughts about this post in the comments below.

Have you been to Ashland? Let us know about your experience in the city and tell us if we might have missed something or the other in Ashland. Find out more stuff and travel guides like these by going to our site, www.lookuptrips.com. Also, read about other places in Kentucky such as Louisville by following this link. Read about the best things to do in Kentucky.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your travels.

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