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Best Places To Stay In Vancouver

by Paridhi Saxena
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Places To Stay In Vancouver

Best Places To Stay In Vancouver
Vancouver | Photo Credit – Nils van der Burg

If you are planning a trip to western Canada’s busiest and most beautiful city, Vancouver, and looking for the best places to stay you’ve come to the right place!

Situated right between the ocean and the mountains this city is surely any nature lover’s delight. This beautiful city offers a number of wonderful outdoor things to its visitors. Vancouver is a city worth exploring since it has the best of both- incredible city life and the wilderness of nature for those looking for peace amidst the chaos. This city is perfect for people who love skiing and hiking, as Vancouver is known to have many of the top ski locations in North America. It is also a popular destination for those who love hiking. This city has world-class food and art scene, tasty craft breweries, popular marketplaces, relaxing parks and is also rich in history which makes it one of the most livable cities in the world. This city also has some of the most amazing food joints for those who enjoy Japanese cuisine.

When to visit Vancouver!

Best Places To Stay In Vancouver
Skiing | Photo Credit – Todd Van Hoosear

The best time to visit Vancouver is between May-September for those looking for a fun-filled long summer vacation. For those who love to ski, December is the best month to visit Vancouver. You can visit Vancouver before Christmas if you prefer to enjoy ice skating, festive light displays, and Christmas tree competitions. Since it is situated deep inside the northern rainforest, summers are usually long and hot while winters are chilly. The dense parks with tall trees can bring a lot of rain while the months of October to February can be totally washed out. Hence one may avoid traveling to Vancouver during this time period. If you are planning to visit Vancouver for your next holiday, read this article to find some of the best places to stay in Vancouver.

The best way to move around Vancouver is either On foot or with rented bicycles. Although there are options of using the bus or Skytrain system and many journeys can also be taken by boat. Vancouver doesn’t have freeways and is mostly surrounded by water and mountains which means it’s super compact and walkable. This city has ample fresh air since there are Forests, mountains, beaches, and oceans everywhere. Vancouver is also one of the safest cities and an equally accepting place. It is sure to make its visitors feel at home no matter where they come from. Continue reading the article to know about the best places to stay in Vancouver.

Where to stay in Vancouver!

Places To Stay In Vancouver
Fairmont Hotel Vancouver | Photo Credit – GoToVan

Set against a dramatic backdrop of breathtaking mountains and magnificent beaches Vancouver is single-handedly the most beautiful city of British Columbia, Canada. There are plentiful activities for the tourists to indulge in for a perfect vacation. . Vancouver also has one of the best hostel scenes in Canada, it won’t let you end up disappointed when it comes to accommodation. Here we list down some of the best places to stay in Vancouver.

Vancouver offers accommodation of all kinds, from luxurious, landmark hotels like the Fairmont, to budget-friendly options like the Cambie Hotel. Most of the hotels are located within Vancouver’s West End or downtown core which is not a large area and can easily be walked around, in fact, much of what the city offers is just a stroll away. Although hotels in Vancouver are exorbitant, there are many good options that can be found outside the city which are low on price. Check out our recommendations for the city’s best hotels. If you are traveling in the summer months, booking should be done well in advance to avoid the hustle.

Vancouver also has some of the most amazing and chilled-out hostels which are usually located around Granville Street, in case you are backpacking. Many good and easy on-budget options can be also found which are slightly out of the city but there is good connectivity from these hotels to downtown. Read this article about Vancouver to plan your trip, save money, and at the same time enjoy to the fullest and make the most out of your time here.

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1. Fairmont Pacific Rim, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Places To Stay In Vancouver
Fairmont Pacific Rim | Photo Credit – Jeff Hitchcock

The Fairmont Pacific Rim is one of the buzziest hotels in Vancouver, which comes with a lounge that is one of the most popular after-work spots in town. This is of the best places to stay in Vancouver and has a museum-like glass display case featuring beaded vintage couture. Ahead of it is a massive staircase that leads to The Botanist, their second-floor restaurant. The interiors of the hotel include white stone flooring and pillar and planters which makes it one of the luxurious hotels in Vancouver.

2. The Westin Bayshore, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Places To Stay In Vancouver
The Westin Bayshore, Vancouver | Photo Credit – Todd Van Hoosear

Since 1961, the Westin Bayshore has been a landmark hotel of downtown Vancouver. It is located on a plot of waterside real estate and has Stanley Park on one side. It also lies close to seafaring businesses. Architecturally it belongs to the mid-century and is undoubtedly one of the best places to stay in Vancouver. This hotel comes with a huge conference center along with luxurious and spacious rooms, common areas, and spectacular grounds. It also has a circular pool that overlooks the Burrard Inlet.

3. Rosewood Hotel Georgia, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Rosewood Hotel Georgia | Photo Credit – Jeff Hitchcock

The Rosewood Hotel is one of the finest hotels in Vancouver and falls under the best places to stay in Vancouver. The overall ambiance of this place is quite tasteful and reflects culture and history. The place comes with around 156 huge and luxurious suites with all amenities included. This hotel also has very elegant yet understated interiors which have a very comfortable sitting area and magnificent reception area owing to its polished stone floors.

4. The Sylvia Hotel, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Sylvia Hotel | Photo Credit – Wendy Cutler

Built in 1912, the Sylvia Hotel was originally an apartment and got transformed into a full-service hotel decades later. It is named after Sylvia Goldstein who was the daughter of the original owner. The property served as an “apartment hotel” during the depression which offered short-term says and/or longer-term rentals. This hotel is Covered with Virginia creeper vines and has a neon sign that glows proudly among a bunch of towering condos. It is among the best places to stay in Vancouver which is loved by both tourists and the locals.

5. The Burrard, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Burrard | Photo Credit –GoToVan

This is one of the finest boutique hotels in Vancouver which offers a number of spacious rooms to their guests. The interiors of the hotel are vibrant and colorful with teal walls, and Eames rocking chairs. The outdoors of this place are brightly colored in shades of green, blue, and yellow. This hotel has neon signage and a courtyard full of palm trees which makes it a popular accommodation in Vancouver.

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6. Granville Island Hotel, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Granville Island | Photo Credit – Casey Yee

The Granville Island Hotel is one of the busiest hotels in Vancouver which has around eighty-two rooms. It is located on Granville Island which has a friendly atmosphere and this makes it an ideal choice of accommodation for those traveling with their families. Rooms are comfortable and spacious and equipped with all amenities like rain-shower baths. Their penthouses are relatively more spacious and come with a dining room, fireplace, bedrooms, and a spa. The hotel has a contemporary theme and the overall interiors are quite refined which makes it one of the best places to stay in Vancouver.

7. The Douglas, Autograph Collection, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Yaletown | Photo Credit – Chizzaneologyism

The Douglas is a part of Parq Vancouver and is surely a perfect destination for those who love to party. This Entertainment resort built on purpose is hard to miss and is one best places to stay in Vancouver. is hard to miss. It has a huge casino and a hotel complex all located in Yaletown. The gleaming copper interiors and mind-blowing mirrored elevators are some of the outstanding features of this place. It is probably one of the most unique hotels in town as the place is filled with magnificent modern artwork and an enormous reception area that features a massive douglas fir tree.

8. St. Regis Hotel, Vancouver, BC, Canada

St. Regis Hotel, Vancouver | Photo Credit – Ken Lund

The St. Regis Hotel is among the best places to stay in Vancouver and is widely popular because of its historic charm. Located in Central downtown, this glamorous hotel offers world-class services to its guests. This hotel has a very amazing architecture with carved stone entrances and a tastefully decorated lobby, light marble flooring, and dark wood paneling. The place has six floors and around sixty-five rooms which are well equipped and comfortable. Rooms and bathrooms come with top-notch amenities like bath products from L’Occitane.

9. Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Shangri-La Hotel | Photo Credit – Jeff Hitchcock

This is one of the tallest buildings in Vancouver which rises up to 660 feet. The hotel has around 119 rooms that occupy the first fifteen floors of the building and the remaining floors have non-hotel suites. Rooms are large and comfortable with huge bathrooms. The place has huge windows and magnificent artwork set against a beautiful backdrop. It has a luxurious vibe with its glitzy lobby and is one of the best places for tourists to stay in Vancouver.

10. Wedgewood Hotel & Spa, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Wedgewood Hotel | Photo Credit – Davis Staedtler

The Wedgewood Hotel & Spa is a small European-themed hotel that falls under the category of best places to stay in Vancouver. The wooden interiors of this place are quite intimate and elegant. This hotel is owned by the Relais & Chateaux and has a brightly lit reception area and great and comfortable rooms with all services included.

Here’s our pick of the best hostels in Vancouver for those traveling on a budget:

1. Cambie Hostel Seymour, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Seymour Cambie Hostel | Photo Credit – Roland Tanglao

Cambie Hostel Seymour is located in Gastown which is the most happening area of Vancouver full of bars and restaurants. The hostel has two dorms and four beds are small and basic in style. Rooms and bathrooms have all basic amenities and a regular ambiance. It is one of the best places to stay in Vancouver for those who want to save money on accommodation. The guests are usually attracted to this property because of its prime location and easy access to other places in the city and to the airport.

The hostel has a common area and a “chill room,” which comes with their own pet cat. It also provides the facility of a kitchen to its guests although there is limited seating. You can find plentiful options to dine outside the hostel due to its convenient location. Breakfast is also available at the popular Cambie Bar which is a part of the Gastown hostel The hostel lies close to the popular Malone’s Social Lounge & Tap and Chihuahuas Mexican Grill so that the tourists can enjoy eating and drinking without going far.

2. HI Vancouver Central, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The HI Vancouver Central is located in an old building with comfortable beds and every room comes with its own bathroom. The hostel has two-bed or four-bed dorms and a total of four private bedrooms. This place is located on Granville Street, which is the heart of the city with all its pubs and clubs. Nights can be noisy for those who prefer peace but can be a blast for those who love to party. The hostel has a policy of free breakfast where they serve bagels and other baked goods, as well as some fruit and cereal. It has a small common room and a basic kitchen with basic appliances like a toaster, microwave, and kettle. HI also offers daily tours to destinations around town as well as bar-hopping.

3. Samesun Vancouver, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Samesun | Photo Credit – Mike W.

The Samesun chain of hostels is ranked as one of the best places to stay in Vancouver. The highlighting feature of this hostel is its six-bed dorms, which offer cozy pod beds and offer a bit more privacy than normal bunks. You can have your own light, shelf, and outlets. There is a sufficient number of clean bathrooms. This hostel is loved by tourists. It’s has a decent free breakfast which includes eggs and hot cereal. It comes with a full kitchen, common areas for meetings where people can relax, daily hikes. This place also comes with a Beaver Bar, a lounge that serves food and beer with a daily happy hour. It is located in the Granville district which has a huge number of bars and restaurants.

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