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Best Places To Stay In Prince Edward County

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Places To Stay In Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County | Photo Credit – Timothy Neesam

If you are planning a trip to Canada’s very own wine district, Prince Edward County, and looking for the best places to stay, this article is for you!

This charming little town is situated in southeastern Ontario which offers breathtaking views of nature, amazing culinary experiences, and wineries. It is also known as The County and is made up of three separate towns. The three towns are Picton, Wellington, and Bloomfield where Picton is the largest among the three. The County is probably the quietest town in Ontario and is less commercialized and more affordable. It is also ranked as one of the best places to visit in Ontario by top travel magazines.

The County is one of the popular tourist destinations which is located on the northern shore of Lake Ontario. The place has everything for a calm and peaceful vacation. It has abundant fresh water and air, sandy beaches, alluring wineries and breweries, award-winning restaurants, and world-class accommodations. Continue reading the article to know about the best places to stay in Prince Edward County.

This man-made island in Lake Ontario is a wonderful spot for a vacation. It is home to magnificent vineyards, beautiful lavender fields, white-sand beaches, luxurious hotels, and amazing restaurants.

Touring through the County!

Gulls and other birds | Photo Credit –Doc Searls

It is Canada’s most exciting region with its limestone-rich soils and a suitable growing environment and moderate temperatures which are ideal for growing grapes. This place is home to the finest qualities of grapes like chardonnay, cabernet franc, and riesling and there are around 40 vineyards that produce the best quality wine including Canada’s famous ice wine. The County is also a popular destination for antique shopping, especially the primitive Canadiana pieces and other ancient artwork.

It is also known for its migratory birds and is officially a natural spot for bird watching where you can catch all migrating birds during spring and fall. Prince Edward County also offers plentiful options for fun-filled activities to its visitors, for instance, you can go hiking through the web of trails or climb the towers of sand dunes or spend your day along the charming shoreline.

The County is where you can find sweeping dunes of sand in entire North America. This town is also home to many amazing parks which become the tourists’ hotspot during the summer season. Among the city’s parks, the North Beach Provincial and Lakefront Park which has around a kilometer-long stretch of sandy beach, are the most famous for a serene and peaceful evening, a stroll during the dusk is especially recommended.

Prince Edward County is also a reputed destination for food lovers. The place has some of the country’s best chefs and is filled with the finest restaurants which serve the best food made from fresh, seasonal products, local wineries, and other culinary experiences. Head to the Sand and Pearl which serves amazing Canadian seafood, from fish and chips – made with fresh pickerel from the Bay of Quinte – to delicious succulent snow crab from the Fogo Island.

Bloomfield Public House for instance works closely with nearby farmers to aid in the area’s production. In winter, you can savor smoked local lamb and rich homemade pasta, while the summers bring in juicy tomatoes and fruits and platters of homemade charcuterie.

When to visit Prince Edward County!

Summer is the most popular time to visit Prince Edward County when the visitor can enjoy, water activities, camping, biking, and all the other outdoor fun that the County has to offer. The weather here resembles that of Toronto or other regions of Canada. Summers are usually warm and humid while the autumn season is cooler and beautiful filled with gorgeous fall colors, winters are usually snowy and coldest. The spring season can be avoided as it is usually warm and wet.

Prince Edward County is a marvelous destination for holidays or a perfect weekend getaway owing to its amazing art galleries, beautiful vineyards, family-run restaurants which served locally sourced food, and magnificent beaches.

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Where to stay in Prince Edward County!

Best place to Stay In Prince Edward County
County Cidery | Photo Credit – ActiveSteve

Prince Edward County offers accommodations of all styles from campgrounds, cottage resorts, boutique inns, bed and breakfast suites, vacation homes. This article will help you find the best places to stay in Prince Edward County.

Whether you travel with your partner, your family, or your pets, the County gets you covered. It has accommodations to meet all kinds of needs of the tourists. Although you may plan in advance to find the perfect place to stay whether on a farm, at the water’s front, among the foods.

Many artists have moved to the County over the past few years and bought up charming old farmhouses and barns and converted them into architecturally stunning Airbnbs or studio spaces. Therefore you may not find any big-chain hotels here. The accommodations here are usually managed by local artists, chefs, musicians, or historians and they know all about the County.

For all the wine lovers out there there are also lots of great places scattered around the vineyards and the wineries from hotels to Bed and Breakfasts to Airbnbs and everything in between.

Our advice to those traveling to Prince Edward County would be to book these accommodations well in advance as beds fill up quickly. A few pointers to keep in mind are that the vacation rentals are licensed so make sure to check with whom you are staying, camping is allowed only on legit campgrounds and nowhere else.

Here in this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to stay in Prince Edward County and make the best of your holidays. Here are our top suggestions for where to stay in Prince Edward County:

1. Drake Devonshire, Wellington, Ontario

Best place to Stay In Prince Edward County
Wellington | Photo Credit – thinkrorbot

Situated right in the heart of Wellington, Ontario, the Drake Devonshire is one of the best places to stay in Prince Edward County which opened in the year 2014. It offers beautiful and spacious rooms with all amenities included. It also serves delicious food to its guests. The place also hosts special events which include paint nights and live music. It is a popular choice of accommodation among tourists. This boutique hotel only has eleven rooms and two suites, which remain booked through most of the year.

2. The Waring House, Picton, Ontario

Best place to Stay In Prince Edward County
Picton | Photo Credit – Jason Pratt

The Waring House is a quaint little hotel located in Picton. It is set against a remarkable and old 19th century stone farmhouse. It is also the largest property in the County and is a popular venue for weddings and other events. Our favorite part of the property is The Barley Room pub is the favorite part of the hotel among the tourists, which serves delicious food and local live music on most nights of the week makes it the best place to stay in Prince Edward County.

3. Isaiah Tubbs, Prince Edward County, Ontario

Situated along the shores of the West Lake, Isaiah Tubbs offers private cottages and comfortable rooms to its guests. This place is a widely popular venue for weddings and large events. It is also among the best places to stay in Prince Edward County. It also offers canoes and kayaks to its guests for wine tours. The guests can also relax by the outdoor pool which is mostly open during the summer.

4. Drake Motor Inn, Wellington, Ontario

Best place to Stay In Prince Edward County
Wellington, Ontario | Photo Credit – Doug Kerr

Drake Motor Inn is located on the street from Drake Devonshire and stunning lakefront. It is a classic roadside motel that is perfect for those who want to explore The County. The place has around 12 amazing guest rooms which come with mind-blowing art and photography installations. The lodge is also pet-friendly and offers special bedding for pets. This property is also a hotspot of cyclers and is a starting point for cycling to wineries.

5. The Inn at Huff Estates, Bloomfield, Ontario

Best place to Stay In Prince Edward County
live music | Photo Credit-Baker County Tourism Travel Baker County

The Inn at Huff Estates is one of the most famous accommodation. It is also one of the largest wineries in The County. The guests can stay on the property which has over twenty-one rooms. Guests can enjoy free wine tasting and wine tours organized by the hotel itself along with their stay. The hotel serves the most delicious pizzas in the town and on weekends during the summer the guests can enjoy live music in the restaurant.

6. Merland Park Resort, Picton, Ontario

Merland Park Resort lies on the shores of Picton Bay which is around two kilometers east of the town of Picton, in Ontario. It is a quaint, little resort that has thirteen cottages with modern amenities and three motel units all located on a three-acre land. This property is covered with beautiful trees and gardens.

Each cottage is spacious and comfortable which has all amenities and strictly adheres to cleanliness rules. Each cottage also comes with a large window that overlooks the beautiful Picton Bay. The resort has a large swimming pool and a playground area which makes it ideal for kids. It also has an amazing waterfront and a boat launching ramp which are perfect for fishing and water sports. This resort is probably the best place to stay in the County and is excellent for a fun, care-free vacation.

7. Merrill House, Picton, Ontario

Located in the heart of Prince Edward County, this magnificent accommodation has a historic charm and victorian interiors where the guests can enjoy fine wine, dining, and art. Every room has a unique historical architecture which makes this place one of the best places to stay in Prince Edward County.

It is also the most interesting boutique hotel experience in entire Canada. This place offers top-notch service, modern technology, and amenities along with fine contemporary European cuisine.

8. Willow Cove Park, Prince Edward County, Ontario

Best place to Stay In Prince Edward County
Well’s Bay | Photo Credit – Richie Diesterheft

This place is a two-minute drive from Consecon and has a beautiful view of Weller’s bay. Willow Cove Park comes with five simple and quaint all situated in a quiet park. The highlight of this resort is its private boat ramp and dock for fishing and other fun-filled activities.

The Cottages also come with amenities like a kitchen, fridge, cutlery, living rooms, etc. Each cottage has a set of two comfortable bedrooms and a bath with a shower. This place also lies in close proximity to art studios, entertainment, and shopping and is the best place to stay in Prince Edward County.

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9. Lake Breeze Cottages at the Sandbanks, Cherry Valley, Ontario

Owned and run by a family since 1946, this cottage rental is located five minutes away from Sandbanks Provincial Park. The property lies around 15 minutes away from restaurants, wineries, artisans, and shopping. This place offers private charming cottages beside the lake from where the guests can enjoy all the glimpses of the historic Prince Edward County along with magnificent sunsets.

The cottage has around one or two-bedroom suites with housekeeping facilities and a fully functional kitchen. The dock and shoreline area is available on the proper for guests to indulge themselves in swimming, boating, or fishing on the lake.

10. The Empty Nest Bed and Breakfast, Carrying Place, Ontario

Located on the shores of Weller’s Bay, the Empty Nest Bed and Breakfast is among the best places to stay in Prince Edward County. The place has two suites available. The Bay View comes with a king-size bed, sitting area huge windows which overlook the water, and an in-built bathroom with a walk-in shower.

The Nest offers a queen-size bed, a sitting room adjacent to it, and a private washroom. This bed and breakfast also serve amazing breakfast at a reasonable price. This property is also not pet-friendly.

11. Breakaway Guest Suite, Hillier, Ontario

Hillier , Local Beach | Photo Credit – joanne clifford

This is a bright, little, spacious two-bedroom suite that comes with a private entrance. It is located is in the heart of this beautiful wine paradise. It is only five minutes away from the North of Wellington. The suite is a calm and peaceful property for a relaxing vacation and lies close to amazing restaurants, wineries, and a local beach in the County. It also has two wineries, a cute small craft brewery within its neighborhood.

The suite comes with a fully-functional kitchen. The kitchen has all the amenities like a microwave, a kettle, small fridge, toaster, coffee maker, etc. Guests can also use the living room area which comes with a fully screened patio. Breakaway Guest Suite is a perfect accommodation for those planning their next visit to Prince Edward County. It also has the facility of bike racks for those who love cycling.

12. Empire Inn + Suites, Bloomfield, Ontario

Built out of an old school from the 1900s, the features of this place include tin ceilings, large windows, and quaint rooms. The rooms are full of light and beautifully decorated which include artwork from local artists, hardwood floors, and glitzy chandeliers. The rooms also have fully-equipped kitchens and come complete with beds, pillows, mattresses, television, and private bathrooms.

The place is located in the heart of Bloomfield, at 6 Stanley Street, and lies close to boutiques, art galleries, awesome eateries, and local restaurants. Sandbanks Provincial Park is only eight minutes away from this place. It also lies in proximity to beautiful large beaches, which include the Dunes Beach and has trails for hiking and cycling.

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