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Places To Stay In Montreal

Montreal is a perfect fusion of North America
Montrèal | Photo Credit – Germán Poo-Caamaño

Montreal is a perfect fusion of North America’s modernism and the traditional charm of Western Europe. This city speaks two languages, French and English, and comes with so many faces. The bilingual city is the perfect mix between a charming western European city and a modern North American city. French, by heart, this charming Canadian city is a perfect tourists destination which can either be a weekend getaway or a week-long destination. Read our article to know about the best places to stay in Montreal.

This city offers great food and magnificent views. It also hosts more than a hundred festivals year-round and offers plenty of activities to do in winter as well as during the summer season. Montreal is widely popular as a party city and heaven for food lovers. It is also a highly cultural and historic destination which has over 800 public art. This metropolis never ceases to marvel locals and visitors alike. Along with other day trips, Montreal can either be the perfect weekend getaway or a week-long destination. This charming city was officially designated a UNESCO City of Design, joining the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in June 2006.

When to visit Montreal!

Montreal International Jazz Festival
International Jazz Festival | Photo Credit – Shawn Carpenter

The weather in Montreal is very unpredictable, which means summers can be very hot and winters can be extremely cold. Each season offers its own charm set of activities and things to do. However, the best time to visit Montreal is during the months of summer from May to August. Summers are perfect for exploring the outdoors like the bar patios and parks.

The city hosts some fabulous festivals during the month of Summers such as the Montreal International Jazz Festival and the Montreal’s Just For Laughs Comedy Festival. Summers also mean the tourists can enjoy outdoor patios which are also called terraces in Montreal and enjoy breathtaking views of the city or the fireworks competition at one of the outdoor patios.

Autumn is also the best time to visit Montreal as it witnesses beautiful fall foliage. Although the temperatures are a little chilly, they are also very pleasant. Montreal also hosts some of the major festivals in Autumn like the POP Montreal, a mishmash festival of music, art, and fashion. Winter happens to be the longest season in Montreal. The city turns into beautiful scenery under the white snow.

Winters are perfect for a number of adventurous sports. Winter brings in some of the biggest events in Montreal like the Montréal En Lumière which is a food lover and entertainment event, along with la Nuit Blanche which is being held outside. Weather can be really unpredictable in Montreal, on the day you experience ambient temperatures, on the other day you may have snow. Springs are usually shorter in this city and do not last for long.

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What to do in Montreal!

Montreal offers enough activities for its visitors to indulge into. There are a number of things which every visitor should experience and have a time of their life in Montreal. Tourists can dive into so many thrilling experiences like visiting the city’s amazing landmarks, enjoying the famous lotus-eating lifestyle of art, culture, restaurants, and bars. Montreal is one of the finest cities in the world and its incomparable character makes it a top destination for tourists. It has vibrant and colorful neighborhoods which make each day a celebration for the local people

Montreal also has some of the best restaurants which serve the most delicious meals prepared with unparalleled expertise. Tourists can enjoy amazing food from the variety of options that the city offers from outstanding newcomers to Michelin star-worthy spots. These food spots offer a number of iconic culinary experiences whether it’s a new restaurant or a classic and iconic cafe. From cozy weekend brunch destinations and Italian-themed restaurants to easy on-budget food stalls, Montreal is a must-visit food paradise.

Where to stay in Montreal!

Downtown Montreal | Photo Credit – Joe Lodge

Just like New York City, Montreal is a city composed of many neighborhoods which provide ample accommodations. Each neighborhood feels like a city in itself and offers accommodations of all kinds from luxurious hotels to budget-friendly lodges and hostels. Most of these hotels are located either in old Montreal or Downtown.

Tourists can also look for other great places to stay in The Plateau, Little Italy, and the South West. These areas of the city also come with amazing gift shops, great restaurants, and bars. Here is our recommended list of the best places to stay in the city of Montreal for a perfect vacation:

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1. Auberge Le Pomerol, Downtown, Montreal

This hotel is probably one of the best places to stay in Montreal. It is famous for its charming interiors and beautiful location. This place offers boutique accommodations to its guests at an affordable rate. They also serve their guests with a picnic basket breakfast every morning outside their door along with mid-day snacks. They have comfortable rooms with all amenities included. a beautiful lounge area, and the nicest staff.

2. Hotel Zero 1, Chinatown, Montreal

Hotel Zero 1 | Photo Credit – Tony Webster

This Hotel is located across the street from the entrance to Chinatown. It is also a short walk away from Old Montreal. It falls among the best budget-friendly places to stay in Montreal and is a perfect destination for those who look for contemporary style and comfort. This hotel has awesome rooms with lots of space and amenities.

3. Hotel Gault Boutique, Old Montreal, Montreal

Hotel Gault — Montréal | Photo Credit – Extravigator.com

If you are looking for an upscale place to stay in Montreal, Hotel Gault is just right for you. This great and unique hotel is located in the heart of old Montreal. The building of the hotel has been totally renovated which has charming little rooms with unique architecture and world-class amenities.

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4. Boxotel, Downtown, Montreal

Boxotel is one of the newest accommodations that has come up in the city and is the best place to stay in Montreal. It is located on a gorgeous tree-lined street in Downtown Montreal. This boutique hotel makes you feel at home because of its fully-equipped and spacious rooms. Rooms come with a full kitchen, a washer, and a dryer for laundry. The bathroom floors are heated for those cold Montreal winter nights and have automated curtains, bathtubs. Many of the rooms also have a gorgeous view of the city.

The hotel promotes locally produced goods be it the toiletries or the food they serve in their restaurants. This boutique hotel has a great rooftop terrace which has a great view of the city. It also has a spa and a workout center. Boxotel is located at a perfect spot since it is a short walk away from the nearest subway and lies within walking distance from the Old Port of Montreal, Latin Quarter. It also lies close to the famous and vibrant Saint Louis Square. Guests can enjoy a complimentary breakfast.

5. Le Dauphin, Old Montreal, Montreal

If you are planning your next trip to Montreal, Le Dauphin Montréal Centre-Ville is a perfect hotel for you. It is located in the city center and also lies within a walking distance from the old city and the main shopping streets. This hotel comes with rooms with modern amenities and has all the necessities for a delightful and comfortable stay.

The hotel facilities include Apple TV, computer and mini-fridge. Rooms come with comfy beds. The hotel gives off a quiet and cozy vibe for a restful sleep after a long day of exploring the city. The bathroom has all modern amenities like decent water pressure and hot water. Le Dauphin comes with other benefits like a 24/7 reception service and complimentary breakfast. The hotel also adheres to cleanliness and has a really helpful staff.

6. Hotel Le Germain Montreal, Downtown, Montreal

Hotel Le Germain is a boutique hotel and is the best place to stay in Montreal
Hôtel Le Germain | Photo Credit – Paul Robertson

Hotel Le Germain is a boutique hotel and is the best place to stay in Montreal. It is located right in the middle of downtown Montreal and has an elegant and intimate charm. It also lies close to the metro. This hotel has large, beautiful, and comfortable rooms, and the rooms also come with all modern amenities.

7. Vogue Hotel Montreal Downtown, Golden Square Mile, Montreal

The Vogue hotel falls among the top-notch places to stay in Montreal. It is located at a convenient distance between two Metro lines and lies close to many shops and restaurants. It is one of the luxurious hotels in Montreal with huge and beautiful rooms.

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8. M Montreal Hostel, Gay Village, Montreal

M Montreal Hostel is one of the mindblowing places to stay in Montreal. It is located in the Gay Village and a short walk away from Old Town and downtown. This hostel is one of the favorite accommodations among tourists because of its budget-friendly prices. The staff here are warm and friendly. The rooms are comfortable and spacious. They are designed as pods which have dorms for females and come with adjoining washrooms. These dorms include charging sockets, curtains, shelves, and a hanger. They also have a large locker underneath for belongings and your luggage.

Events such as live music night are hosted every night in the common area. They also serve great-priced drinks and snacks. They offer a complimentary breakfast every morning to their guests which is a great way to meet other people. The hostel also has a kitchen where you can cook your own meals for lunch or dinner. It also has a cafe where you can go and grab meals. The best part about the hostel is the amazing rooftop deck which has two hot tubs. This deck offers great views over the city and is the perfect spot to read, do some yoga or chat with new friends.

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