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Best Markets in Hoboken

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Best Markets in Hoboken

Best Markets in Hoboken: Hoboken is already one of the most lovable destinations among tourists for its amazing nightlife scenes, incredible views and the wonderful food spots. But, this city is nowadays getting more popular for their fancy street markets.

And visitors are more curious to explore the culture of the specific city where they have visited or planning to make a visit.

And shopping is the best source to connect with the place and obviously, for spending some pleasant time.

So, summers are the best time to explore some local street markets of the town, which are full of good food, fashion accessories, clothes, ornaments, jewelries, objects and many more things. And the best part is, all the products reflect the innovative culture of the city and make you feel connected with the natural atmosphere too. 

Shopping malls, and stores are quite popular nowadays, but this summer, try something more real, and interesting while shopping on the busy roads, and exploring the affordable and the best products.

So get ready to enjoy your “discovering” time in the farmers’ and street markets of the Hoboken city.

Read ahead to know the best market spots where you can buy fresh everything from fruits to vegetables and foods. Below is the list of some most “desired” market places to visit, in which both farmers markets and flea markets are included. 

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What is meant by the farmer’s market?

Farmers market is the platform in which farmers directly sells their goods and products to the customers, there is no mediator in between like a grocery store or any shopping store. People can directly buy the agricultural products from the farmers in the farmers market.

farmer's market
Photo by Walter Burns.

How does farmer’s markets facilitate the visitors?

Here customers can get the freshest and the tastiest fruits and vegetables, which obviously facilitates in improving your health, and doesn’t cost you higher.

Collingwood Auction & Flea Market

It’s been around 50 years completed to this market and is successfully running in the city with thousands of crowds regularly.

You can simply imagine how wonderful your experience will be here. One essential tip We would suggest you is, just polish your bargaining skills, and make sure that you visit the market once you are well versed in your haggling skills, as it is almost “must” to be skilled in negotiating the costs of products for a happy shopping experience in the street markets.

As, might the products you purchase is less worth than the cost you buy in the market, and this is most likely to happen in the street markets. 

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What to expect in the market?

You can buy a lots of home stuff, vintage clothing, furniture, antiques and many more products which come under our daily use. Apart from all these, you will also be catered with the delicious street foods in a wide range of stalls and stores.

Location – Collingwood Auction & Flea Market routes 33 & 34 Farming dale, NJ 07724. For more detailed info you can check the website.

New Egypt Flea Market

This is another flea market, which offers the same street shopping feel through their wide range of products offerings, so one can never leave the market without satisfying his curiosity to shop for the housewares at the budgeted costs.

The market is also rich with several antiques, accessories, furniture, home decor, and gardening tools etc. There is something missing till now, It’s amazingly and freshly cooked street food.

After struggling to buy all the essentials in the crowded ways, you will surely feel hunger. There are a wide range of food stalls and shops which are majorly popular in the city, for their “delicious cuisines “. If eating in the crowded streets is the convenient option for you, then you should try their exotic street food flavors. The market was established in 1959.

Hours – every Wednesday and Sunday starts from 7 am.

Location – 933 Monmouth Road, Cream Ridge NJ, 08514.

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Columbus Farmer’s Market Complex

The market is somewhat similar to the above mentioned. The charmingness of the atmosphere here is beyond the limits. Whether it comes to buy the essentials for your home or for yourself, there is no shortage for anything. For food time, their seafood is highly recommended, which you can grab in the market in almost every street.

The fresh and tasty seafood is like a “lifeline” of visitors in this market complex, for more info, check out the website – HOME | Columbus Market. This market is open every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, throughout the year. So, you will be having 3 days in a week to explore the street fun.

If this article goes point wise, then there are numerous categories in this market that are worth to be mentioned. 

  • Indoor market.
  • Outdoor flea market.
  • Amish market.
  • Columbus antique center. 
  • Green-top gardens.
  • American sheds.
  • Goodwill Industries.
  • Thursday organic market.

Location – 2919 route 206 Columbus, NJ – 08022.

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Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market

This market is one of the Best Markets in Hoboken, somewhat different and will surely give you far better experience than other flea markets. 

The major difference is that here the surroundings are mainly dedicated towards the interests of Joseph kuzemka, he is the founder of this market. His areas of interests are tattoos, coffee and punk rocks. 

Don’t miss to buy clothes from here, as this market will surely prove to be your best shopping destination. 

And apart from all these, the spicy and crunchy flavours of street foods are unmissable.

The market has all the beautiful arrangements which will never let you bore even for a single minute. You will be entertained every second through their street atmosphere, food, shopping and tons of live entertainment shows. 

The sad part is, you can’t hope for the market everyday, as it helds only 3 times a year. 

And each time gives its visitors lots of amazing experiences through their innovative and interesting events every time. 

Go through their website for detailed info regarding their events and their timings.

These are some of the most popular flea markets near Hoboken city, where you must visit to get to know the innovative and amazing culture of the city through their handmade products and also this is the great opportunity to grab some bites of amazing street food dishes.

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