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Best Hotels in Tobermory, Ontario

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Hotels in Tobermory, Ontario!

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Tobermory is one of the most famous places in Ontario. It’s about 300 km northwest of Toronto. It is an adorable little town in Ontario which has breathtaking cliff views and crystal clear turquoise waters. This harbor village is situated on the Bruce Peninsula and is also known as Ontario’s tail. The Bruce Peninsula is one of the most beautiful areas in Southern Ontario and hiking on the Bruce Peninsula with a magnificent scenic view becomes a major attraction for tourists all over the world. You can find a number of the best hotels to stay in Tobermory, Ontario.

Tobermory has plentiful options for fun adventurous activities which makes it a popular destination for a road trip. Consequently, Tobermory is popularly known as the “freshwater scuba diving capital of the world”. The Fathom Five National Marine Park is located in Tobermory and is known for its shipwrecks and lighthouse and is Canada’s first national marine conservation area.  Tobermory is one of the popular vacation spots of Ontario in the summer season. It is also a gateway to a very beautiful Island, Manitoulin Island which makes it a perfect destination for those who enjoy nature and want their holidays packed with fulfilled adventurous activities.

History of Tobermory!

This place has an interesting history. The Ojibwe and Odawa communities dominated the area for thousands of years. These communities were forced to leave in the 1800s to make way for the European settlers. It was found out in the 1800s that the land was unfit for agricultural purposes and this led to the economic crisis in Tobermory. This economic crisis paved the way for the cottagers who moved to Tobermory. A century after the cottagers inhabited Tobermory, as a result, it became a popular destination for tourism in Southern Ontario.

Tobermory is filled with amazing experiences from breathtaking turquoise waters to magnificent rock formations of the Niagara Escarpment.  It is situated on a lake where the coastal waters of Georgian Bay meet with Lake Huron hence it will instantly make you feel like you are living in the countryside or holidaying on the Mediterranean Islands. Apart from the Fathom Five National Marine Park, Tobermory is also home to the famous Flowerpot Island and the Bruce Peninsula National Park. Besides, Tobermory also offers fun-filled experiences to its visitors. From hiking to sightseeing, scuba diving, boat tours, and unique shopping experiences, there are activities for all ages.

When to visit Tobermory?

Tobermory | Photo Credit – Reading Tom

The best time to visit Tobermory is from the months of March to October.  Tobermory has an enormous range of exciting and fabulous places to stay. These accommodations include budget-friendly hotels and magnificent resorts. Tobermory has a number of excellent accommodations which are open to tourists all year round. These accommodations include luxurious resorts, budget-friendly hotels so you can find a variety of accommodations in Tobermory like hotels, motels, guest houses, bed and breakfasts, guest houses all at affordable prices. To avoid the hustle during the holiday season, you can do the bookings in advance because Tobermory becomes a tourist hotspot in the peak months of March-October

 Here’s our pick of the best hotels to stay in Tobermory, Ontario

1. Home of the Living Sunset, Tobermory, Ontario

Miller lake Sunset View | Photo Credit – Cristian M. Ioan

Located in Miller lake, Home of the Living Sunset is a  holiday home that features accommodation with a balcony and is one of the top hotels in Tobermory, Ontario. This holiday home has a total of four bedrooms and a fully functional kitchen. The rooms and the kitchen is also well furnished with amenities like a dishwasher, oven, mattresses, and television. Home of the living sunset has a built-in barbecue for its customers so that can have an amazing food experience. This place is a 15 minutes ride from Tobermory and the grotto. It is 10 minutes away from singing sands beach. Besides, for those who love to stay outdoors, hiking is possible in the surrounding areas of this place.

2. The Whippoorwill Cottage, Ontario

The Whippoorwill Cottage is located in Lion’s head region of Ontario. This place is around 44 kilometers away from Tobermory and is one of the luxurious hotels to stay in Tobermory, Ontario. The main attractions of this cottage include a patio and scenic views of the lake. The cottage also has its own parking area and gives free Wi-Fi access to its customers. This cottage cum holiday home has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a  kitchen and has various amenities like dishwasher, television, microwave, etc. This property also comes with a terrace, a garden, and a barbecue for guests to enjoy. The guests can enjoy activities like cycling and hiking because of the beautiful neighborhood.

3. Tamarac Island Inn, Ontario

Hiking , Ontario | Photo Credit – Martin Cathrae

Tamarac Island Motel which is located 45 km away from Tobermory falls under the category of best hotels in Tobermory. It is also an ideal choice for couples. It is located in Stokes Bay. The features of the motel include a garden, a terrace, and free Wi-Fi. This place has ample parking space. In Tamarac Island Inn, guests can also enjoy activities like hiking, cycling, fishing in the surroundings. They can also relax along the beachfront.

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4. The Forest House – Premium Bed & Breakfast, Tobermory, Ontario

Best Hotels in Tobermory
Flowerpot Island Tobermory Ontario| Photo Credit – Rodney Campbell

This place is located in Tobermory, 1.5 km away from Dunks Bay Beach. It is a couple of friendly places and is a popular destination for a two-person trip. This place also comes with garden views, free Wi-Fi, private parking, and a terrace. The Forest House Adults Only B&B has well-furnished rooms with all basic amenities like a flat-screen TV with cable channels and a private bathroom with a hairdryer and shower. Their kitchen has a microwave, fridge and a kettle. The bed and breakfast also come with a seating area and offers a continental or à la carte breakfast. Flowerpot Island is 1 km away from this awesome bread and breakfast and Tobermory Harbor is 2 km away.

5. Jacob’s Stone Bed And Breakfast, Ontario

Best Hotels in Tobermory
Snowmobiling | Photo Credit – James Vincent Wardhaugh

Jacob’s Stone is located in the beautiful Miller Lake and is 24 km away from Tobermory. This bed and breakfast offer facilities like free Wi-Fi, a terrace, and mesmerizing gardens to its guests which makes it the best hotel to stay in Tobermory. Guests at the bed and breakfast can enjoy a continental breakfast. Guests at this accommodation can also enjoy adventure sports like hiking and snowmobiling activities which makes it the best tourist destination.

6. Blue Bay Motel, Tobermory, Ontario

Best Hotels in Tobermory
Chi-Cheemaun | Photo Credit – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Detroit District

Located in the heart of Canada’s exclusive diving destination- Tobermory, Ontario, this magnificent resort comes with a view of the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry which is among the luxurious hotels in Tobermory, Ontario. The Blue Bay Motel is owned and run by a family and is centrally located in this beautiful, historic fishing village. The motel lies in proximity to restaurants, dive shops, tour boats, ferry docks, and the head of the Bruce Trail. This place is an eco-friendly establishment with pet-free and non-smoking rooms. The Blue Bay Motel offers premier accommodations to their guests which include sixteen spacious, beautifully decorated rooms. Additionally, these rooms overlook Little Tub Harbour in Tobermory which makes it a perfect place to stay in Tobermory.

7. Peacock Villa Motel & Cabins, Tobermory, Ontario

The Peacock Villa has a soothing rustic setting, which offers their guests a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is located on the tip of the Bruce Peninsula between the pristine waters of Georgian Bay and the romantic sunsets of Lake Huron. This place also has a pleasant backdrop and their amazing services all at a very affordable price can make a trip to Tobermory, a memorable one. It is also just a two-minute walk to the center of town. This place is located at a convenient spot therefore the tourists can enjoy all that Tobermory has to offer and return to the solitude of the cedars at Peacock Villa to sit back and relax which makes it the best hotel to stay in Tobermory.

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8. Big Tub Harbor Resort, Tobermory, Ontario

Best Hotels in Tobermory
Light House | Photo Credit –Doug Kerr

Big Tub Resort is the perfect holiday destination for those visiting Tobermory for the first time. The atmosphere of this resort is also suitable for families making it an ideal accommodation for holidays. The resort also offers a magnificent array of outdoor activities like one can head out to the waters and witness the amazing shipwrecks or the beautiful historic big tub lighthouse on their kayaks, canoes, or paddle boats. The natural beauty of the shores had been preserved perfectly so this resort is an ideal option for those who look for peace and calm. The guests can enjoy great food and drinks on the waterfront patio of Bootlegger’s Cove Pub

9. Escarpment Heights Motel and Cottages, Tobermory, Ontario

With a total of twenty-six rooms, The Escarpment Heights Motel is one of the luxurious hotels located on Hay Bay road which is a quiet back street in Tobermory, Ontario, Canada. They are the newest accommodation experience available among the motels in Tobermory hence it is ideal for those looking for luxury. This accommodation has twenty-one Queen Rooms, five King Rooms, and one suite, and two of its bedrooms also come with a fully functional kitchen. Rooms are all non-smoking and pet-free which makes also it an ideal option for people holidaying with families. Each room of this cottage comes with a balcony or a patio. The tourists can also enjoy ferry rides because the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry Service is located close to this cottage and it can be reached in about ten minutes by personal vehicles.

10. Cedar Vista Motel, Tobermory, Ontario

Best Hotels in Tobermory
Cyprus Lake | Photo Credit – daveynin

The Cedar Vista Motel is one of the beautiful accommodations in Tobermory, Ontario which has eight rooms with all amenities included. Two of the rooms of this place come with inbuilt kitchens. Rooms of the Cedar Vista Motel are well-equipped, affordable, and they also offer free Wi-Fi. Cedar Vista is located in the heart of Tobermory and is a short 5-minute walk into downtown Tobermory and is one of the best hotels to stay in Tobermory, Ontario. Additionally, it is a 10-minute drive to Bruce Peninsula National Park, Cyprus Lake, and the Grotto.

11. Coach House Inn, Tobermory, Ontario

Coach House Inn is located just 3 minutes from the Chi-Cheemaun ferry which is among the best places to stay in Tobermory, Ontario. It is located near the Bruce Peninsula National Park and also the Fathom Five Marine Park. This place offers a variety of unique accommodation and packages to their guests. Their rooms are spacious with a variety of bed types which are also ideal for sharing. Some of their rooms are pet-friendly. Our rooms give off an air of cleanliness, comfort, and style. They also have a unique set of attractions available which they offer to individuals, groups, and families so that they can just unwind and relax. Additionally, this place offers a number of recreational facilities to their guests like a swimming pool, badminton, horseshoes, volleyball, and shuffleboard which makes it a perfect destination for those looking for outdoor fun.

12. Grandview Motel, Tobermory, Ontario

Little Tub Harbor. | Photo Credit – WabbitWanderer

The Grandview Motel is centrally located in Tobermory, Ontario on the Bruce Peninsula. This amazing accommodation is also located near the mouth of Little Tub Harbor, across from the Chi-Cheemaun ferry terminal, adjoining “The Tugs” dive site. This place is located at a very convenient spot of Tobermory because a pleasant five-minute stroll from this motel along the boardwalk would lead you to shops, boat tours, the Bruce Trail terminus, and historic Little Tub Harbor. Their beautiful location along with its various decks also offers a breathtaking view of Little Tub and Big Tub Harbors, the yachts, tour boats, and the ferry operating out of those harbors. Similarly, with their western exposure, you can also experience the Grand View of spectacular Georgian Bay sunsets.

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13. Tobermory Village Campground & Cabins, Tobermory, Ontario

This charming, quiet family campground is located between two National Parks at the Tip of the Bruce Peninsula. The owner of this property is a family. Their campground is located at the Tip of the Bruce Peninsula. It is also 3 km south of the harbor of Tobermory. This place is perfect for those who enjoy camping in the woods. This quaint little village also becomes a hub of activities during the summer with the arrival of tourists like naturalists, travelers, hikers, cyclists, scuba divers, and shoppers. Their cabins also offer a range of facilities at a very affordable price which makes it one of the cheap hotels to stay in Tobermory, Ontario. These facilities include free Wi-Fi, clean rooms, a swimming pool, and laundry services.

14. Stone Cove Waterfront Adults Only B&B, Tobermory, Ontario

Stone Cove Waterfront Bed and Breakfast are one of Tobermory’s newest luxury waterfront adults-only Bed & Breakfast. This property also features stunning water views of Fathom Five Marine Park from every guest suite. Additionally, the guests can enjoy the sunset view from their private cabin. This place lies close to the historic Big Tub Lighthouse and is a short distance away from downtown so that the tourists can enjoy all their dining, shopping, boat tours, etc. The suites are homely with a beautiful private water view deck overlooking many islands and stunning sunsets. The suites have all the amenities like a fireplace, flat-screen tv, seating, king-sized bed with premium bedding, and a private bathroom with a walk-in shower, which gives it a cozy vibe. All suites have access to their guest service area which also has a stunning water view so that the guests can have a relaxing and fun-filled vacation.

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