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Things To Do In Bracebridge

Things To Do In Bracebridge
Bracebridge | Photo Credit- Mark Drewe

Bracebridge is known as the country’s most famous region. It is located on Muskoka River and overlooks the town’s most significant waterfall, the famous Bracebridge Falls. This beautiful town is the perfect getaway destination for an all-around fun experience on your trip to Ontario. You can visit this place in any season and the charm will just be the same. There is something for everyone here. From beautiful trails and Cruises to explore the natural beauty to historic art galleries and theater performances to enjoy the unique culture of this town, you will never have a dull moment in Bracebridge. 

The most famous tourist attractions in Bracebridge are the waterfalls. This town is built around a waterfall and there are many beautiful sightseeing destinations that you can find to explore this stunning town. Wherever you plan to visit the town, make sure to plan a day trip to the nearby Wilson Falls and the High Falls. 

This town is located only two hours away from Toronto. So if you ever find yourself in the town, make sure to also check out the most happening place and the country’s capital, Toronto. It is also a very good place for a road trip. Do check out our post Things To Do In Toronto and plan your trip when you are here. Bracebridge is also a two-hour drive from North Bay. You can plan a day trip to North Bay as well. 

There are so many other fun activities that you can do here so let’s find all that out below.

Bracebridge Falls

Bracebridge Falls in Winter
Bracebridge Falls in Winter | Photo Credit – John Vetterli

The town of Bracebridge is most famous for its waterfalls and is often known as the waterfall town of Canada. If you are looking to capture the true beauty of Bracebridge then the top pick is the Bracebridge Fall, located on the silver bridge. This iconic waterfall is a must-visit to enjoy a nice walk and picnic with your loved one.

There is also a paved path along the waterfall which is used by visitors for leisure walks. For beautiful views and a great exploration of the place, you should also visit Bracebridge Bay park. There are a lot of picnic spots and benches where you can sit, relax, and enjoy the picturesque views of the falls. 

Timings: Open all day.

Things to do: Plan a day trip and go for a picnic in the park. Enjoy a nice and relaxing walk on the pathways.

Healey Lake

lake is located on the eastern side of Bracebridge
Healey Lake | Photo Credit – Suzanne Schroeter

This Lake is another wonderful destination that you should make your stop at. This lake is located on the eastern side of Bracebridge at a 15-minute long drive. You can rent a car to go there while also enjoying the picturesque views of the city. It is a perfect spot for spending a peaceful time in Bracebridge and enjoying the turquoise waters of the lake. 

Timings: Open all day.

Things to do: Healey Lake is a nice and quiet place to go on a picnic. You can do swimming and boating and also arrange an outdoor bonfire near the lake. It is also a great place for sightseeing and leisure walks.

Santa’s Village: Muskoka Theme Park

Santa’s Village is a unique and fun family theme park which is located on the edge of the Muskoka River in Bracebridge. If you are planning your vacation to Bracebridge, we highly suggest that you visit this park and enjoy the fun events. This park offers even more fun activities around the Christmas season but the charm of this place remains the same throughout the year.

The park offers amazing activities for every age group and you will always find something fun to do here. They organize various games and events which are enjoyed by everyone. While you are here, make sure to visit Santa’s Gift Shop gallery and explore the oldest building of the park.

Timings: Monday to Friday. 12 to 8 pm. Timings might differ on Christmas Eve.

Things to do: take a self-guided tour of the park and enjoy various rides. They host a number of events and programs every day so make sure you attend one of those. Their most popular event happens on the night before Christmas so if you are in Bracebridge, do check that out. To book your tickets, visit their website here. 

Wilson Falls

Wilson’s Falls | Photo Credit – John Vetterli

In this city of waterfalls, we can’t help but give you suggestions to visit as many waterfalls as you can. They are a wonderful place to hang out and explore the most beautiful part of the city. One such waterfall is the Wilson Waterfall located on the Northern Branch of the Muskoka River. This is said to be one of the most scenic and wildest falls in the area. While the beauty of the waterfall is stunning, there are also a number of trails and hiking paths along the falls that make it even more famous. 

You can find luxurious cottages around the area where you can stay and enjoy the beauty of this waterfall from your room. We also recommend that you go hiking.

Timings: Open all day.

Things to do: go on a day trip with your friends and explore the waterfall. You can also go hiking and trekking. There are special picnic spots arranged in the area, so you can also spend some time there.

Wood Lake

Wood Lake is located on the eastern part of the Muskoka River and is a small lake with breathtaking views. This lake is a perfect place if you want to spend some quiet time away from the city. You can find various fun activities to do while you are here. Another famous attraction near the lake is the Caribou Lodge which offers beautiful cottages for you to stay. There are a number of cafes and restaurants in the nearby areas so make sure you visit them and have a nice day trip.

Timings: Open all day.

Things to do: Plan a day trip. Go for swimming, boating, and fishing. Find a nice picnic spot and enjoy the beautiful views of the city.

Muskoka Brewery 

Muskoka Brewery | Photo Credit – Explorers’ Edge

This nice little brewery is a good spot to hang out when you are in Bracebridge. Ontario is known for producing world-class beers and you can easily find breweries in every city. This brewery is the most famous one in Bracebridge, located right in the center of the main city. This palace has been the master of producing fresh and tasty beers for almost a decade. It is famous for its variety of beers all over Ontario. If you are slightly interested in trying out new flavors then you should definitely visit this place. Apart from serving fresh and cold beers, they also sell custom merchandise which can be the best souvenir to take home. You can spend a nice relaxing day here with your friends and also shop for some flavors on your way back.

They organize a number of tours for their visitors and we highly recommend that you attend one of them. 

Timings: Open all day. 11 am to 6 pm.

Things To Do: try out different flavors and go on a self-guided tour of the place.

Find out more information about their brewery on their official website here

High Falls

Another amazing fall in Bracebridge
High Falls | Photo Credit – John Vetterli

Another amazing fall in Bracebridge which you should not miss is the High Falls. These falls are really impressive and offer so many fun activities along with sightseeing. You can also enjoy swimming at the base of the falls as the water is normally calm. There is also a very famous trail along the falls which is a very popular attraction among the visitors. 

Timings: Open all day.

Things To Do: go on a hiking trip and enjoy the scenic view of the waterfall. Visit the lookout point. You can also go for picnics and a small day trip here.

Woodchester Villa

Woodchester Villa is an elegant and historic place located in the town of Bracebridge. It offers various tours which will completely immerse you in the wonderful history of the town. This is one of the most visited places by tourists and locals alike. 

It is an ancient residence of the descendants of the Bird family who founded the town of Bracebridge. 

If you are interested in exploring the history and culture of the town then make sure to put Woodchester Villa on your list.

Timings: Monday to Friday. 8 am to 7 pm.

Things to do: visit the museum and take a self-guided tour of the place. Attend the various events and take a walk around the interior. For bookings and other relevant information visit this website.

Brooklands Farm

Brooklands Farm located on the butter and egg road in Bracebridge is a beautiful place that you must include in your vacation. This lovely farm is an all-around perfect place if you are looking for something different. Owned by the Riley Family, this place hosts various events throughout the year. Their most famous attraction is the farm produce which is naturally grown and fully organic. You can also purchase these products and learn about the process.

Timings: check out Brooklands Farm to find out about the latest events and activities.

Downtown Bracebridge 

Downtown Bracebridge, also known as Muskoka’s Downtown, is a great place to explore the city. While visiting any place, the best way to enjoy it is by taking a self-guided tour of the local market. Downtown Bracebridge has a great variety of shops, cafes, art galleries, and parks. It is a perfect place to start your trip while also getting to know the culture and lifestyle of the town.

Timings: Open all day.

Things to do: take a self-guided tour of the street and enjoy the local culture. Try out some local cuisine and visit some cafes. Find out what else you can do here by visiting their website here.

Lake Muskoka Cruise

The best way to explore this stunning town which is situated on the shores of River Muskoka is on a cruise. There are several cruises which offer a lot of packages to the visitors. Some of the most popular cruises are the Lady Muskoka Cruise and the Muskoka Steamships. 

This is the perfect way to explore the natural beauty of this town while also enjoying the beautiful blue waters of Lake Muskoka.

Timings: find out the package which suits you better and book your ticket well in advance. 

Things to do: explore the natural beauty and magnificent shorelines of the city. You can also travel to nearby cities like Gravenhurst and spend some quality time there.

There are so many other fun activities that you can do in this town and enjoy a great vacation. The best way to explore any city is by going on road trips to the nearby cities. We have covered all the surrounding areas which you can find on our website. Make sure to visit Gravenhurst when you’re visiting Muskoka District. It is one beautiful place that offers amazing cruise rides and sporting events. Find out more about the place on our latest post, Things To Do In Gravenhurst. 

Also, check out Things To Do In Goderich and Things To Do In Markham. 

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