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Amazing Things To Do In Barrie| LookupTrips

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Things to Do In Barrie

Barrie | Photo Credit – Benson Chan Photography

Barrie is a small residential town located at an hour’s distance from Toronto which is also known as the Greater Golden Horseshoe of Southern Ontario. Even while being a residential town, this vibrant city has everything that can make your vacation worthwhile. From beautiful parks, art galleries, breweries, and beaches this place is a perfect combination of everything. Due to its location, you can easily plan day trips to the neighboring cities and explore more than you had planned for. Barrie is an amazing place to see and you can get the best of this place no matter in which season you are visiting. There are amazing fun activities and other recreational events that happen throughout the year. It is also known for its delicious food and beverages so make sure to try out local cuisine while you’re there.

You can also visit Toronto which is only an hour distance and has so many fun options to spend your vacation. Read our post Things To Do In Toronto here. If you are still confused about your next travel destination, then you should check out our post Things To Do In Canada. 

Barrie Centennial Park

Things to Do In Barrie
Centennial Park, Barrie | Photo Credit – phot0geek

Barrie Centennial Park is the most famous tourist destination in the city. It is a vibrant waterfront park that has sandy beaches, parks, and playgrounds. There is always something going on here and if you are planning to visit this place you will find yourself enjoying it the most. Apart from its natural beauty and magnificent vibe the park also hosts a variety of interactive events all around the year. 

Their summer festivals are the most popular, attracting hundreds of tourists every year. These annual festivals also have a live music show. If you ever find yourself in the area, make sure to definitely check this place out.

Timings: Open all days. 7 am to 11 pm.

Things to do: spend a relaxing day sunbathing in the park. Go for a walk along the lakes. Enjoy the picturesque views of Kempenfelt Bay.

Flying Monkey Craft Brewery 

Things to Do In Barrie
Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery | Photo Credit – Glen MacLarty

This nice little brewery is a good spot to hang out when you are in Barrie. Ontario is known for producing world-class beers and you can easily find breweries in every city. This brewery is the most famous one in Barrie, located right in the center of the main city. This palace has been the master of producing fresh and tasty beers for almost a decade. It is famous for its variety of beers all over Ontario. If you are slightly interested in trying out new flavors then you should definitely visit this place. Apart from serving fresh and cold beers, they also have a food truck that serves amazing food. You can spend a nice relaxing day here with your friends and also shop for some flavors on your way back.

They organize a number of tours for their visitors and we highly recommend that you attend one of them. 

Timings: open on all days. 10 am to 9 pm.

Things to do: spend a day with your friends and family tasting beers. Attend their events.

You can find out more about their tours and book them here.

Spirit Catcher Sculpture 

Things to Do In Barrie
Spirit Catcher sculpture | Photo Credit – Kelly Verdeck

The Spirit Catcher is situated on Barrie’s Waterfront at Lakeshore Road. This sculpture was designed by Ron Braid in 1986 and since then it has become a major tourist attraction in the city. It represents the iconography of the native and indigenous tribes which were the first settlers in the region. This sculpture is said to be an important heritage center.

This huge sculpture is centered in a park which is also well maintained. There are paved paths and benches where you can sit and enjoy a little picnic. The main attraction is Kempenfelt Bay that flows along the park. It is a really good place to go on a day trip with your loved ones.

Timings: Open all day.

Things to do: go for a picnic. Explore the history of the Spirit Catcher Sculpture. Enjoy the Kempenfelt Bay.

Ardagh Bluffs Natural Area

The Ardagh Bluffs is a recreational trail system that is surrounded by Ardagh Road on one side and Mapleview Drive on the other. There is a total of 17 kilometers of recreational trails and many beautiful parks. It is a perfect place to visit if you are looking for fun outdoor activities on your trip. The park has more than 5 well-maintained trails that offer beautiful views. You can go there for hiking in any season and the charm will just be the same.

Timings: Open all days. 

Things to do: go hiking, trekking, and picnicking. Visit the Ardagh Ring Trail, Ferndale Gardens, and East Creek Trail.

Heritage Park

Things to Do In Barrie
Paddleboat | Photo Credit – Victor Ochieng

Heritage Park is another famous tourist attraction to visit in Barrie. It is a wonderful park located right in the center of the main city. The major attraction is Kempenfelt Bay where you can try several fun activities like boating and paddling. The Heritage Park is also famous for its sandy beaches and is the most visited park in the summer season. 

Apart from this, you can also visit the park for sightseeing and attractions like the paddle wheeler Cruise. It is a wonderful place to spend a day exploring the city.

Timings: Monday to Friday. 9 am to 11 pm.

Things to do: go for a picnic. Visit the beach. Explore the floral gardens and art sculptures.

Splashon Wibit Water Park

Things to Do In Barrie
Downtown Barrie | Photo Credit – Amanda N Sherrington

Located on Centennial Beach in the center of Downtown Barrie, this amazing water park and beach area are a must-visit on your vacation. This unique Water park offers various different kinds of recreational activities for all age groups. They have innovative water rides for tourists who would love to spend their time with their loved ones. 

Apart from their famous water slides, they also have huge playgrounds that offer various games. You can try rock climbing, monkey bars, and trampolines while you are here. 

Timings: Monday to Sunday. 10 am to 8 pm.

Things to do: visit the floating playground. Enjoy the water slides. You can book your tickets well in advance and check out other information about the park here.

Chappell Farms

Chappell Farms, established in 1834, is a vibrant attraction for a family vacation. Located just outside the city at a convenient 10 minutes drive from downtown it is also a perfect place for a small road trip. Chappell Farms is famous for its festivals all over Ontario. They also host various other events and activities throughout the year and you should definitely check those out whenever you are here.

Apart from hosting festivals they also have a gift barn that is open all year round. They always have something new to offer when it comes to hosting events and the most famous ones are the Fall Festival and the Open Spring Festival. 

Timings: check out their website to find out a suitable event to attend on your trip. You can book your tickets in advance and also find out other cool things that you can do.

Barrie Downtown

Things to Do In Barrie
Downtown Barrie | Photo Credit – Regan Walsh

Downtown Barrie is the core of this town. This area is full of life and energizes anyone who visits this place. There are various unique activities that you can do here. First, we totally recommend that you explore the area by taking a self-guided tour as there is no better way to enjoy a new town. Second, we would highly recommend that you look for a hotel in this area as it is the heart of the town and every main tourist destination would become easy to access. 

There are also a number of places that you can visit like the Barrie City Hall and Barrie Terminal. Apart from this, there are various shops and cafes that you should check out every day if you are staying in this area. From good food and craft beer to local shops and unique stores, there is something for everyone in this area. 

Timings: Open all day.

Things to do: shop local, buy unique and amazing handmade products from the local vendors, and take back home a piece of Barrie. Visit cafes and restaurants. Take a public art tour. You can find out more information about the best places to not miss out in Downtown Barrie here.

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