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13 Best Things to do in Murrieta, California | LookupTrips

by Somya Khanna
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Things to do in Murrieta

Murrieta from above
Murrieta from above | Photo Credit – 5thLargestinAfrica

Planning your trip to Murrieta!? We have the best travel guide for you! Murrieta is a city located in Southwestern Riverside County, California, United States. It is a beautiful city to travel to and has a lot of wonderful places for you to explore. The city is named after the Spanish-born Ezequiel Murrieta church who was enchanted by the beauty of the city. 

Some of the best-rated places that you should definitely make a visit to are listed below. Do check them out!

1. Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve

Things to do in Murrieta
Vernal Pool at Santa Rosa Plateau | Photo Credit – USFWS Pacific Southwest Region

The Santa Rosa Ecological Reserve is located at the southern end of the Santa Ana Mountains in the city of Murrieta. The ecological reserve is spread across 9,000 acres of land and protects a lot of natural vegetation. This reserve is home to a number of animal and bird species that include mule deer, mountain lions, badgers, bobcats, etc.

In total, this reserve has 200 species which includes 49 species of endangered plants and animals. It is an amazing place for exploration. You can definitely spend 3-4 hours of your day here without getting bored. Hang out with your friends and watch the animals and birds that live here. The area is perfect for you to hike. You can hike around the Ecological reserve and have a fun time there with your friends and family.

Address: 39400 Clinton Keith Rd, Murrieta, CA 92562, United States

Timings: 7 AM to 4:30 PM (All Days)

2. Mulligan Family Fun Centre

Now, who doesn’t love going to a fun amusement park!? Amusement parks are the best place for you to spend your time and enjoy yourself with your friends and family. Mulligan Family fun Centre is a type of small amusement park where you can go to have a fun time. If you are traveling with family then this should be the best place for you to be.

The Centre has a few amazing rides for adults as well as children which includes Go-karts, batting cages, an arcade, mini-golf, and other small rides. If you are ever in Murrieta and are looking for a good place to spend your day, Mulligan Family Fun Centre should be your go-to destination. 

Address: 24950 Madison Ave, Murrieta, CA 92562, United States

Timings: 12 PM to 9 PM (Thursday to Sunday)

3. Tenaja Falls

Tenaja Falls is one of the most visited places in Murrieta
Tenaja Falls | Photo Credit – Elizabeth Burnett

It is one of the most visited places in Murrieta. These falls act as a major tourist attraction all over the city. The trails around the falls are suitable for hiking, nature trips, and bird watching. The area is crowded most times of the year and people love to come here. Dogs are allowed in the area but they should always be on a leash.

Although the area is cool, don’t forget to apply sunscreen as you will be exposed to the sun all through the journey. The preferable time to visit the falls is after a few days of rain as you will get to witness water during that time. So plan your visit accordingly. It’s a perfect place for you to travel with your family and friends. 

Address: Forest Rte 7SO2, Murrieta, CA 92562, United States

4. The Golf Club

If you are in the mood of indulging in some fun games like Golfing, Murrieta has the best place for you. The Golf club located in the city has the best-golfing ground. You can have a fun time playing the game on this amazing golfing ground. The place is suitable for players of all levels so no need to worry if it’s going to be your first time trying a hand at golfing.

You will definitely have a fun time playing here. There is also a grill house located inside the golf course which serves some of the best foods! So don’t forget to try out the grills menu whenever you are in the Golf Club. The staff here is extremely good at service so you probably will not face any problems.

Address: 39500 Robert Trent Jones Pkwy, Murrieta, CA 92563, United States

5. Aerosports Trampoline Parks

Trampoline Park | Photo Credit – Todd Van Hoosear

Trampoline Parks bring out the child in you! Aerosports Trampoline Park has the best trampoline installations for you. You will definitely have the best time of your visit in Murrieta at this Trampoline park. If you are traveling with family then you should visit this place without any second thoughts as it will be a lot of fun. It’s a huge place with a canteen inside.

You can have good meals after spending your time at the trampoline park. Also, be careful while you jump on the trampoline and take care of your position. Maintaining a balance is extremely important so pay attention to your safety.

Address: 39729 Avenida Acacias, Murrieta, CA 92563, United States

6. Susie Q Ranch

Horse riding is one of the best activities to try out. And if it’s on an open ranch then you should know that it is going to be a wonderful experience. Susie Q Ranch in Murrieta has wonderful surroundings and domestic horses which you can hire for a ride. This ranch is open to visitors and charges a very futile amount for the activity. The staff here is also amazing.

If it’s your first time riding a horse then also you don’t need to worry! You will be provided with a proper lesson on the basics of how to do horseback riding. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to go horse riding in an open ranch like the Susies’. The best timing to go to the ranch is in the morning or in the evening as the weather will comparatively be nice during those times.

Address: 28330 Mary Pl, Murrieta, CA 92563, United States

Timings: Monday to Sunday 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM

7. St. Martha Catholic Church

Visiting a Church in any town is like getting to know the place better especially if it’s an old one. St. Martha Church is a place where you will find solace after a tiring time of exploring the city. It’s beautiful and one of the oldest Churches in the city. Most of the locals, as well as tourists, often visit this Catholic Church in order to seek blessings.

The Church also offers suitable accommodations for families. It has a well-sitting plan inside where you can sit and pray. Masses are held every Sunday and huge crowds participate in these masses. Do visit this Church on your visit to Murrieta.

Address: 37200 Whitewood Rd, Murrieta, CA 92563, United States

8. Murrieta Veterans Memorial

Murrieta Veterans Memorial is a very good place for you to visit. This place holds the history of Murrieta very well and will help you understand the city better. It is a memorial that is dedicated to the patriotic military soldiers of the community. There are walls and tombstones that are engraved with messages that tourists can read to know well about the importance of this place.

There is a huge granite wall that has paintings and carvings that display the memories from the wars. The walls that depict the situations from World War II and the Korean war are complete. The architects of this place have used a photo etching process to display many historical and dramatic scenes from various wars. Do visit this Memorial if you want to have a better look at the history of Murrieta.

Address: 1 Town Square, Murrieta, CA 92562, United States

9. Pump it Up

If you are traveling with kids and looking for a place for them to have a fun time then Pump it up should be your go-to place. This is a small Children’s amusement park especially made for kids to enjoy. Usually, this place is best suited for throwing birthday parties for your children but you can also take kids here to have a fun time.

Various installations have been made here that include an inflated castle. Many more enjoyable things are also here like rides, slides, swings, etc. Children have a fun time here. There is also a food court nearby where you can enjoy a good meal.

Address: 41785 Elm St STE 203, Murrieta, CA 92562, United States

10. Indulge in local food

Lobster Quesadilla | Photo Credit – Naotake Murayama

Your Travel to any country is incomplete without having a dig at the type of local cuisine. Murrieta has some of the best Californian food for you to try! Some of the best restaurants that you should visit on your trip to Murrieta are listed below:

  • The Chef’s Grille
  • Sharon’s Creole Kitchen
  • Bit Brewing Company
  • Kan Zaman Restaurant
  • Bastards Canteen
  • Nonno’s Ristorante
  • Formosa Teriyaki
  • J. Carter’s Tavern Grill

11. Stroll through the city

The best way to explore any town is to stroll through the local roads. You will get to know the best of the town and maybe get to discover something really good on your own. Plan to take a walk around the city and check out some local shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, etc. This is the best way to explore the town.

You will also get a chance to form new acquaintances. You can also rent a bike and take a tour of the city on your own. Get a chance to discover the undiscovered places by exploring the town at your own ease.

12. Shop local

Shopping local from the place you are traveling to is the best option. You should visit the local shops and see what the place has to offer you. Buy souvenirs and gifts for your friends and family from these local shops. You can also try your hand at some of the local street markets that have so much to offer at very menial prices. Shop the best in Murrieta from these below-listed places:

  • Stella Rae Boutique
  • 2nd Hand Treasure
  • Vintage Soul flea market
  • Gypsy Sunset
  • Old Town Night Market
  • Savers

13. Inland Wharf Brewing Co.

If you love tasting different types of ales and beers then you should definitely visit this place. Inland Wharf Brewing Co. offers you the best drinks. Its traditionally and specially crafted beers are served to the customers. This place is amazing and the ambiance is also amazing. Do visit this brewery to taste the best of beverages.

Address: 26440 Jefferson Ave Suite a, Murrieta, CA 92562, United States

Timings: Wednesday to Monday 4 PM to 10 PM

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